New PSN cards to hit Japan in Mid-December

332w ago - Sony has revealed that their new PlayStation Network Cards will be released in Japan from December 13th.

Two versions will be available, retailing at 3000 and 5000 yen respectively and will work just like the Xbox 360 and Wii cards to make purchasing content that little bit easier.

SCEE PS3 Brand Video showcases the PS3's features

332w ago - Here is a video which is reportedly a PS3 brand video created by SCEE, uploaded courtesy of Damrock.

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Comparison shows significant edits to Gerstmann's Kane & Lynch review

332w ago - The editor's note at the bottom of Jeff Gerstmann's controversial review of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men notes that "this review has been updated to include differences between the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions and a clarification on the game's multiplayer mode." While this is true, a comparison between the original and edited versions of the review shows that the edits went significantly further than that.

An archived version of the review found in a Google cache of an EBGames page shows that, while the review's overall determination remained the same, significant changes were made to its tone and focus. Nowhere is this more apparent than the very first paragraph, which was changed whole cloth to remove references calling the game "ugly" and the artificial intelligence "clunky." While the new introduction still says the game "squanders much of its potential and just doesn't come together as well as it probably should have," the new version is unquestionably less harsh than the original.

Some edits to the text seem shoehorned in to point out potential positives for the game. Consider a post-edit addition that specifically notes the game "does a good job of moving the action around, and you'll see a variety of different environments ..." and another that suggests, "if you've been waiting patiently for a game to really...

Mark Rein: Why Is Unreal Tournament 3 Slower on PlayStation 3?

332w ago - SPOnG caught up with Epic's outspoken bossman, Mark Rein (pictured here) recently for a full and frank chat about the latest Epic, err, epic - Unreal Tournament 3 out now on PC and on PlayStation 3 (in January) and on Xbox 360 (in, gods knows when).

Not one to hold back on his forthright opinions, Rein is that rarest of creatures to be found in the world of game development - a high profile studio boss that is not afraid to call a spade a spade. When asked why the console version of UT3 was noticeably slower than the PC version, Rein told us:

"When you play Halo on PC, you notice the difference too, yeah? This is also the reason why we don't have cross-platform play, between PC and PS3, because you have got to make some compromises for each platform. But you play Halo on console and you find that it's slower too, right...they have to be slower, because your fingers are just not as precise as your whole arm, right? To me the movement and speed as a console gamer is just right."

On appealing to a much wider audience of casual gamers, Rein explains that Epic has, "simplified the game... in the last game, we had like seven game types... this time, we said instead of having 'onslaught' and 'assault' lets meld them together into this 'warfare' mode, let's just do the things...

Warhawk Omega Dawn: Dropship first flight

333w ago - Gamersyde has posted this exclusive video of Dropship first flight.

Video can be seen below, which has a length of 6 minutes, 20 seconds.



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