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Free gift from SONY for PSN users

361w ago - In an official post on the au.playstation.com Web site, Sony is intending to give away some sort of free prize in an attempt to encourage PS3 users to play online via the PSN.

There are no official statements as to what the prize could be, although I guess it will probably be a free game of the PSN or such like. (see quote below)

"In the month of March we thought we'd show you all how much we appreciate having you as part of the Online Community by giving you a prize just for logging on and taking part on the selected nights!

Simply play online on any of the following nights between 6pm - 8pm AEST for your chance to win although you will need to get in quick as we only have a limited number of prizes.


HOW TO REGISTER: Register a friend request with the SCE account below and play online on any of the dates listed above to win. It's that easy!


How Uncharted: Drake's Fortune makes Home really cool

361w ago - While Resistance: Fall of Man's integration with Home should have bonus content fans excited, old school run-and-gun shooter fans should be pretty pumped about what they may be getting with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune's contribution. We hear that the Home portal for Naughty Dog's PlayStation 3 adventure will follow in Resistance's footsteps, allowing Home avatars to explore the game's levels without the threat of being shot at, a nice feature.

But it's the Uncharted mini-game that has us far more pumped.

According to our sources, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune comes to Home armed with a side-scrolling 2D arcade game, described to us as reminiscent of both Contra and Out Of This World. Sounds kind of like Capcom's 2D remake of Bionic Commando in its execution, full of enemies and exploding barrels to shoot.

Sony is apparently pitching features like these to developers to extend the lives of their titles, using strong first and second party development showcases to prove that Home can effectively market outside of traditional means. We hope they take them up on their offer, because we're definitely excited about the prospects.

Is Sixaxis a white elephant?

361w ago - Just in case you're not familiar with the phrase, a White Elephant is something that is more trouble and more expensive than its worth and therefore a liability. Sound familiar? Welcome to our 15 month appraisal of Sixaxis - PlayStation 3's controversial motion-sensitive controller.

After nearly a year and a half, it's hard to use the defence that it's 'still new technology'. There's a wealth of evidence by which to judge its success and second-generation games should have learned from the mistakes of the launch titles.

But we have to say, it's not a very convincing case file. While Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction used the tilt feature sparingly to decent effect, High Velocity Bowling actually used arm motions to control the swing's power level and in-car MotorStorm steering was a lot of fun, these are the few worthwhile efforts.

Who could forget Lair, which didn't only lack the sensitivity and precision to make control anything but a struggle, but forced the player to use tilt, even though the controller has two analogue sticks that would have worked just as well, if not better.

Formula One: Championship Edition had a large dead zone in the centre of the controller making fine direction changes near-impossible, and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was a bit flaky when it came...

IGN's PlayStation Ten: MGS4 Wishlist

361w ago - Seriously, we've been playing Metal Gear games for a long time, and every release gets us more and more excited. There was the killer story in Metal Gear Solid, the bar-setting graphics in Metal Gear Solid 2, the camouflage system in Metal Gear Solid 3 and the squad building mechanics of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops.


But accolades aside, you've filed a tall order when it comes to Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Not only is this title supposedly closing out the series, it's got a truckload of loose ends to tie up. It's one of the PlayStation 3's biggest exclusives, it's got to be innovative while feeling familiar and it's got to live up to the hype.

Whew. We're sure there's a lot of pressure on your shoulders, and we're here to add more. What follows is a list of ten things we want to see in MGS4. You don't have to include them, but as loyal fans, we'd love it if you did.

10) Love Connection: Snake and Meryl
Nearly ten years ago, Konami introduced Meryl Silverburgh, molded her into a character fans could respect and -- if your Snake was a wuss and submitted to Revolver Ocelot's torture -- had Liquid tear her away. If you didn't submit to the thumb-testing torture, Snake and Meryl rode off into the sunset together and lived happily ever after ... at least...

Eight Days Intel: New leaked Screenshots + E3 06' information.

361w ago - First thing's first: The title the BBC reporter saw was a new Tears of Blood game, not Magna Carta or a remake of that title. (That's a misunderstanding on my part.)

Second order of business has to do with the E306 video we saw about 2 years ago. The trailer is part in-game, part CGI "cut snaps". The parts that were CGI were the two dudes opening the trunk, the window-crashing scene and the guy lighting a flame in his hand. Everything else in that trailer was in game.

Lastly, here's a screenshot, a character model of one of the mob members. Of course Sony is going to deny that these are legit, just like they did with Home and the PS3 price drop, but that's fine. If we know when a liar is lying, and they know that, then is it really lying? (Lets leave that question to the philosophers.)

Video can be seen below:

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