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Beware of the fake PS3 HDD ISO Loader

369w ago - Update: It now appears the auction was pulled, go figure The page currently shows only, "This listing (250201066945) has been removed or is no longer available."

Our attention has been brought to an auction which is promoting what is undoubtedly a fake PS3 HDD ISO loader.

The seller in this claims that you just install the software and from there on in play your games directly from the HD on the PS3... obviously this is fake, but it makes a nice laugh for the day.

Custom Firmware 2.01-DC for PS3

371w ago - The first Custom Firmware for the PS3, made by DC-Team!!


Multi-Boot Loader for Pandora's Battery released!

384w ago - Booster has released an enhanced version of his normal boot loader tool, which enables users to boot normally with a Pandora battery inserted.

The new release, dubbed Multi-Boot Loader, now allows users to choose from up to five IPLs installed on the memory stick. This means that it is now possible to have a Pandora memory stick which boots normally, but also can enter service mode when needed. From the ReadMe file:

Download: Multi-Boot Loader For Pandora's Battery

How to use:

1. Copy bootfile to "ms0:/ipl/ipl_xxx.bin" of MsProDuo which installed Multi-Loader. (see "RECOVERY_LOADER/readme.txt" to boot pandora's "Magic Memory Stick")

2. Power off the PSP.

3. Hold LTRG and allow key to select boot file, or LTRG off to normal boot.

LTRG+UP -> load/run "ms0:/ipl/ipl_up.bin"
LTRG+LEFT -> load/run "ms0:/ipl/ipl_lt.bin"
LTRG+RIGHT -> load/run "ms0:/ipl/ipl_rt.bin"
LTRG+DOWN -> load/run "ms0:/ipl/ipl_dn.bin"
LTRG -> load/run "ms0:/ipl/ipl.bin"
other -> normal boot from internal NAND flash.

4. Insert "JigKick Battery".

The MS and WLAN LED are flashing when boot file are missing or boot error.

Normal Boot Loader for Pandora's Battery Released for PSP

385w ago - Booster of DevHook fame has released a normal boot loader utility for anyone who has converted a PSP battery to Pandora.

Download: Normal Boot Loader For Pandora's Battery

Essentially, what this tool can do, is write a special IPL to any Memory Stick PRO DUO (no, 32MB sticks won't work) so that when inserted in conjunction with a Pandora's Battery, the PSP will boot to the XMB as normal. Quite useful if you have any spare memory sticks laying around.

How to install:

1. Double click "install.cmd" in Windows XP/2K(Administrator).
2. Connect MsProDuo to PC via USB.
It is possible to use PSP USB Connection,or any USB MsProDuo Reader.
3. Press "Y" key to "Are You Sure ?[Y]" message.
4. Disconnect MsProDuo after few seconds.

Or, Write the ipl_ms.bin to absolute sectors 0–10-0–17 of MsProDuo.

Rumor - PS3 HD/USB loader to be released on 9th September

387w ago - There is a video floating around the net of a possible PS3 loader loading from the OtherOS function and works on latest firmware. Apparently, the team haven't released it yet as it has issues with the latest games that require >1.7 firmware.

Is it real? Who knows. No doubt the video will be picked to bits until the release date.

I for one, hope it turns out to be real.

See the video at http://www.gametrailers.com/umwatcher.php?id=95179
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