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Is Sixaxis a white elephant?

361w ago - Just in case you're not familiar with the phrase, a White Elephant is something that is more trouble and more expensive than its worth and therefore a liability. Sound familiar? Welcome to our 15 month appraisal of Sixaxis - PlayStation 3's controversial motion-sensitive controller.

After nearly a year and a half, it's hard to use the defence that it's 'still new technology'. There's a wealth of evidence by which to judge its success and second-generation games should have learned from the mistakes of the launch titles.

But we have to say, it's not a very convincing case file. While Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction used the tilt feature sparingly to decent effect, High Velocity Bowling actually used arm motions to control the swing's power level and in-car MotorStorm steering was a lot of fun, these are the few worthwhile efforts.

Who could forget Lair, which didn't only lack the sensitivity and precision to make control anything but a struggle, but forced the player to use tilt, even though the controller has two analogue sticks that would have worked just as well, if not better.

Formula One: Championship Edition had a large dead zone in the centre of the controller making fine direction changes near-impossible, and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was a bit flaky when it came...

IGN's PlayStation Ten: MGS4 Wishlist

361w ago - Seriously, we've been playing Metal Gear games for a long time, and every release gets us more and more excited. There was the killer story in Metal Gear Solid, the bar-setting graphics in Metal Gear Solid 2, the camouflage system in Metal Gear Solid 3 and the squad building mechanics of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops.


But accolades aside, you've filed a tall order when it comes to Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Not only is this title supposedly closing out the series, it's got a truckload of loose ends to tie up. It's one of the PlayStation 3's biggest exclusives, it's got to be innovative while feeling familiar and it's got to live up to the hype.

Whew. We're sure there's a lot of pressure on your shoulders, and we're here to add more. What follows is a list of ten things we want to see in MGS4. You don't have to include them, but as loyal fans, we'd love it if you did.

10) Love Connection: Snake and Meryl
Nearly ten years ago, Konami introduced Meryl Silverburgh, molded her into a character fans could respect and -- if your Snake was a wuss and submitted to Revolver Ocelot's torture -- had Liquid tear her away. If you didn't submit to the thumb-testing torture, Snake and Meryl rode off into the sunset together and lived happily ever after ... at least...

Eight Days Intel: New leaked Screenshots + E3 06' information.

361w ago - First thing's first: The title the BBC reporter saw was a new Tears of Blood game, not Magna Carta or a remake of that title. (That's a misunderstanding on my part.)

Second order of business has to do with the E306 video we saw about 2 years ago. The trailer is part in-game, part CGI "cut snaps". The parts that were CGI were the two dudes opening the trunk, the window-crashing scene and the guy lighting a flame in his hand. Everything else in that trailer was in game.

Lastly, here's a screenshot, a character model of one of the mob members. Of course Sony is going to deny that these are legit, just like they did with Home and the PS3 price drop, but that's fine. If we know when a liar is lying, and they know that, then is it really lying? (Lets leave that question to the philosophers.)

Video can be seen below:


Disgaea 3 Coming Stateside; announced for August 2008

361w ago - NIS America announced today that Disgaea 3 for the PS3 will be coming to the U.S. sometime in August 2008.

The game will have a whole new cast, story and game system.

To quote: For those unfamiliar with the franchise, Disgaea features immensely deep strategy RPG gameplay with a rich amount of humor and fantasy. The press release states that the third member of the series will feature a new object: the Geo Block.

This object will give players access to terrain-altering abilities that will enable them to reach enemies on the battlefield they wouldn't normally be able to reach. Making a return to the series are the Geo Panels and the Item World, the latter of which gives players the option of exploring the world within any item in their inventory.

Although no other major details are given, the press release indicates that "plenty is due to arrive in the coming months."

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Ships

361w ago - Presenting explosive action in a unique and provocative World War II scenario, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, the alternate reality shooter from Spark Unlimited, is now shipping to U.S. retail stores nationwide; the title's UK launch will follow on March 14.

Throwing gamers into a WWII like no other, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty is set in an alternate 1953 where, following the fall of Europe, Nazi forces launch an invasion on the gateway to the United States. Opening with decimating attack on New York City, players take on the role of construction worker Dan Carson caught in the middle of the blitzkrieg.

As the city is taken block by block, players must survive the initial assault before regrouping with a team of resistance workers and lead a fight back against the oppressors. With the Third Reich's sights set on the seat of government, the action takes players to Washington D.C. and, eventually, to a startlingly different London, which has been flying the Swastika under Nazi rule for over a decade.
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