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Rumor: white PS3 available in US this March

356w ago - According to rumors Circuit City has stopped receiving shipments of the current 40GB PS3/Spider-Man 3 bundle.

Instead they have been receiving shipments of boxes with the model number CECHH01 on the side, which is know to be the model number for the white PS3.

It is believed that once the Spider-Man 3 bundles sell out, then the white PS3 will be offered for the standard price of $399, which could be as early as this March.

Official Metal Gear Solid 4 site online!

356w ago - The Official Metal Gear Solid 4 site is now online. The site currently has wallpaper, a countdown timer and a Metal gear Online teaser page.

Also there is a link for an integrated site which has details on all the characters, trailers for the game and details on new features of the game.

There is also a link in the features section that says "Play playable demo" but it doesn't appear to be working properly at this time.

Warhawk Gets Monster Bubble Shields

356w ago - Warhawk's upcoming booster pack, Operation Broken Mirror, will feature an armored personnel carrier which can serve as a mobile spawning point and weapon producer and also create the "mother of all bubble shields," the game's producer, Dylan Jobe told me in a recent interview.

"You can roll this around a map and it's like this clean blank canvas for combat," he said. "When it's driving around it works as a mobile forward spawn point and when you spawn into it you get additional equipment."

Jobe said the APC will also be able to deploy a piece of equipment that is "like the mother of all bubble shields" and is a couple of hundred feet wide.

Enemies won't be able to shoot into it but allies will be able to shoot out and when a Warhawk gets too close to it it came become unstable and explode.

While the APC won't have a weapon of its own it does have a turbo boost, Jobe said, which can turn the entire vehicle into a giant missile of sorts.

"I've had kills before where I've launched through a Warhawk in an APC," he said.

The booster pack will come with a new battlefield which has ten layouts and it will also include new layouts for existing maps.

While Jobe was hesitant to peg a specific date, because the pack is still being play tested, he did...

SouthPeak to freshen up hack-and-slashers with X-Blades

356w ago - SouthPeak Games is taking on the rather ambitious task of freshening up 3rd person hack-and-slash games with their newly announced X-Blades by putting you in control of a blond little anime-styled hottie named Ayumi, a heroine who is both "stunningly seductive" and "tenacious".

The player will have to make his/her way through a number of locations and bad guys using pistol blades, magic spells, acrobatic abilities and "a healthy dose of cinematic flair."

X-Blades features a special combination of cinematic style, beautiful animation and relentless high-speed gameplay. With full anime-style cut scenes, the story unfolds revealing demonic hordes and spectacular landscapes, all ripe for exploration and frenetic supernatural battling.

SouthPeak CEO Melanie Mroz said the "3rd-person 'hack-em-up' genre needs a fresh perspective and X-Blades is poised to deliver it," and that the "unique anime-style backdrop combined with high-octane, multi-discipline combat gameplay really pushes X-Blades into brand new territory."

The game is being developed for PC and "next-gen" consoles, which we can assume means PS3 and 360, and will be released late this year.

Sneak Out: MGS4 Deluge Continues

356w ago - The wave of MGS4 info comes to a crest today as the official PlayStation Blog posts some clarifying details, Kojima Productions launches teaser sites for MGS4 and MGO and the Kojima Productions Report 81 goes live. I'm here to pull everything together and tie up some loose ends.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Foremost, Ryan Payton solidified June 12, 2008 as the simultaneous, worldwide release date for MGS4 on the most recent session of the KP Report (#81). This marks a first for the series, even though regional release differences have usually been modest with the Metal Gear Solid series in the past (North America and Japan anyway).

Payton also gave some details about the Solid Eye item and the voice track for the game. An equip-able, battery-reliant item, the Solid Eye can provide info on enemies including name and faction allegiance, as well as boss health. Also available is at least one image enhancement, Night Vision. Apparently due to space constraints on the 50 GB Blu ray disc (!), North America will not be getting the Japanese voice track–and likewise the Japanese release will not see the English voice track either.

Updated today, the MGS4 Teaser site shows off the new "Dissolve" image featuring Snake.

On the PlayStation Blog, further details...
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