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Sony's long term plan, hit or miss??

345w ago - Sony is planning to keep the PS3 for around 10 years just like they did with the PS2, they built it with the lechnology to last, so they say. However my worry is that, because Microsoft aren't in it for the long term this could cause problems for the SONY strategy.

The 360 was brought out earlier and was built with "in between gen' " tech. I fear that microsoft will only keep the 360 around for a few years before bringing out another console. I recon somewhere around 2010 we may see the 720 or whatever else they come up with but, but this new unit may be, and probably will be, superior to its counterpart, the PS3.

Now this puts SONY in a very difficult situation because there initial intention after the poor start to the PS3 was that they weren't going to let MS pull out another early release, so either SONY plays the PS4 or hopes that the developments on the PS3 can match up to or better this new rival. Which I think it may struggle to do.

If SONY did decide to bring out the PS4 prematurely they will lose loads on the PS3, or they keep the PS3 and hope it can keep up with the 720.

The advantage they have is that most of the gaming market still currnetly owns a PS2, now by the time these people want to upgrade to a next gen console, in a few years time, the PS3 would have improved...

TNA iMPACT! New Screenshots Released

345w ago - Today Midway released six new screens for TNA iMPACT!, the highly anticipated video game based off the fastest growing professional wrestling brand in the world and its flagship program TNA iMPACT!.

To date Midway has announced the involvement of the following wrestlers from the TNA stable: Abyss, Kurt Angle, Christian Cage, Jeff Jarrett, Booker T, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Rhino, Scott Steiner and Sting. A complete roster will be available closer to the game's launch.

Midway will soon unveil the cover athletes and box art for TNA iMPACT!

In addition to the more than 25 wrestlers, TNA iMPACT! will feature a top notch create-a-wrestler system that allows the player to interact with game's story mode. TNA IMPACT! will be available for the Xbox 360â„¢ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PLAYSTATION® 3 computer entertainment system, Nintendo Wiiâ„¢ and PlayStation 2 this summer.

Game on! More screenshots can be seen at the link at the top!

The countdown to GDC and the games we want to see - PS3!

345w ago - So, this years Game Developers Conference is just around the corner beginning February 18th, and ending Feb 22nd, and these are the games we are hoping, no begging, to see!

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Dev: Kojima Pro | Publisher: Konami | Release: Q2 2008 | Platform: Playstation 3

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots has been playable at pretty much every major gaming related event since it's gameplay debut at the Playstation Premier, so hopefully at GDC not only will we get a demo, a new demo or hopefully another trailer as Ryan has been promising, but perhaps we might get the solid release date as Konami said they hope to have one "Near the end of Feb". Perhaps they will also shed some light on the 4 yet-to-be-announced characters.

Final Fantasy XIII
Dev: Square-Enix | Publisher: Square-Enix | Release: TBA | Platform: Playstation 3

Ever since its debut in E3 2006, Final Fantasy XII has been looking more and more interesting, expanding what can be done on a home console and will no doubt revolutionize the RPG genre with it's new, high speed battle system. However, Square seems very tight-lipped on the project, and apart from various screenshots and scans, they have only been releasing trailers for FFXIII once every year. It has so far been...

PlayStation Store Update Europe/Japan for Feb 07

345w ago - Here is the much desired weekly update PlayStation Store Europe.

PlayStation Store Europe:

Go! Skydiving: 4.99 € £3.49

Pixeljunk Monster
Lost Planet(UK only)

Motostorm - Painting of celebrating Chinese New Year.

Conflict: Denied Ops
Turok(only UK)

Japan Store:

Motostorm - Painting of celebrating Chinese New Year.

Lost Planet - Multiplayer demo
Patapon(PlayStation Portable)

Ok, we are pleased. Let's buy Go! Skydiving.

Jaffe: PS3 Twisted Metal Next Project

345w ago - When David Jaffe released Twisted Metal Head On: Extra Twisted Edition he promised that there was a hidden message in the game that would reveal the next project for Jaffe's Eat Sleep Play development studio.

Well it may have been "hidden really, really, really well" but you know how hardcore fans can be. A group over at Gamefaq managed to decipher the message in record time, discovering that it reads: METAL IS COMING ON PSTHREE.

I contacted Jaffe, who's hanging at DICE this week, to see if the gamers were on the money and he confirmed they were, adding his chagrin at how fast the code was discovered and cracked. Unfortunately, he hit me with a big fat no comment when I asked him if the upcoming PS3 version of Metal was going to be hitting the console via a disc or as a downloadable.

"As for how it gets distributed, no comment "
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