Assassin's Creed

344w ago - Taking place 101 years after the foundation of the Assassins as described above, and inspired by actual historical events and characters, you assume the role of master Assassin Altair (الطائر, Arabic, "The Flying One"). "You are an elite Assassin sent to stop the hostiles by suppressing the powers on both the Crusader and Saracen sides.

But as you carry out your missions, a conspiracy begins to unfold. You find yourself tangled up in a conflict that threatens not only the Holy Land, but the entire world - Jerusalem - 1191AD." While the game begins in the sprawling city of Jerusalem, you will also travel to the equally detailed cities of Acre and Damascus during the game.

All of the environments in Assassin's Creed are fully interactive. You can climb and go anywhere you wish. If something sticks out from a wall as little as two inches, you can climb it. While you cannot venture indoors too much, the vastness and detail of the outdoor environments should keep most explorers quite satisfied.

Ubisoft has strived to make the gameplay in Assassin's Creed conform more to 'real world' rules as opposed to 'video game' rules. Your abilities are based on real human abilities (albeit, a human capable of jumping, climbing and moving like the world's best Olympic athletes)....

A Hero Must Rise. Believe.

344w ago - A Hero Must Rise. Believe. Landmark "Halo 3" Marketing Campaign Debuts; Ushers in Game's Launch on September 25

Every so often individuals are called upon to rise above themselves and act in a selfless manner - to help, to protect, to defend those in need. We call these people, who rise up in the face of great adversity, heroes. One such individual's story is about to be told worldwide. On Sept. 25, "Halo 3's" epic hero Master Chief will rise once again - he'll face seemingly insurmountable odds with the entire fate of the galaxy riding on his shoulders.

In memory of this hero, and helping build to what promises to be the largest entertainment launch in history on Sept. 25, a series of dramatic and evocative communications elements, created by McCann San Francisco, T.A.G., AKQA, and Microsoft Global Marketing will offer a stirring look at the "Halo" universe and Master Chief.

The first of the films, entitled "Museum," premieres today on and provides consumers everywhere with a reason to Believe in the amazing stories and action within the Halo experience, bringing the epic battles to life in the style of a museum "diorama."

Wii/360/PS3 Media Center via ORB

346w ago - Using the free orb software you can stream media from your PC to your Wii PS3 or 360.

It converts on the fly making it very simple to use.

Older versions do better video streaming though.

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