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WTFiction!?: Street Fighter Series

366w ago - Street Fighter IV is on the way, and Capcom tells us that its story is set between the second and third games. What's that, you say? You didn't know the Street Fighter series had a story? Ah, well, it does...but good luck sorting it out. Due to the dozens of characters, each with multiple (and frequently contradictory) endings, it can be tough to know exactly how these things work out. Especially since Capcom isn't saying.

We've given it a try, though. We've grouped most of the World Warriors into categories by motive, clarified their rivalries, and weeded out the completely useless ones. We're still not entirely certain how the overall storyline has gone down, but after extensive play, reading, and research, we're pretty sure it goes like this:

Ryu and Ken participated in the original Street Fighter tournament along with a bunch of scrubs; Ryu defeated Sagat to become the champion. Then M. Bison created the Psycho Drive to conquer the world and grant himself immortality; when the Psycho Drive was destroyed, he initiated the second Street Fighter competition to bring his enemies together and kill them all, only to be thwarted by secret character Akuma. Later, a guy named Gill founded a third version of the tournament, hoping to locate the world's ultimate fighters who would populate his new utopian world....

Street Fighter IV leaked details emerge!

368w ago - The Brazilian site linked above claims to have leaked details on the on the upcoming Street Fighter IV game. They say:

  • The game runs at 60 frames per second.
  • Street Fighter IV will have online play.
  • The game takes place after Super Street Fighter II Turbo and before SFIII.
  • There are two new girls on the list. We will probably not see any SFIII characters.
  • Shen Long may appear in the game.

  • To quote: The graphics aren't the way they are in the teaser that everyone watched. The game's still pretty, but it has nothing of that ink-splashing or anything. Art direction is interesting. Unlike all the other 3D fighters, SFIV is not meant to be photo realistic.

    Street Fighter IV runs at 60 frames per second.

    Street Fighter IV will have online play.

    The game takes place after Super Street Fighter II Turbo and before SFIII. The good news is that the character roster will be made of many old-school brawlers and some entirely new ones. There are two new girls on the list. We will probably not see any SFIII characters.

    The stage you saw at 1Up, if you didn't figure out, is Chun-Li's Stage from SF2.

    The excellent Parry system form SFIII is gone. The new system seems to be called Saving or Revenge (we're not...

    Super Street Fighter 2 HD - First Screenshot

    375w ago - Capcom has revealed the first in-game screenshot of Super Street Fighter 2 HD, a high-definition remake of Super SF2. It will feature redrawn graphics at 1080p HD resolution and online play, and will be released on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in 2008.

    Prepare Yourself: Street Fighter 4 debut trailer

    375w ago - The first new Street Fighter game in about a decade was announced today, and now we have a trailer straight from Capcom and GameVideos, as promised.

    The highly stylized video shows Ken and Ryu beating each other down in a moonlit forest setting. It looks more like an animation than anything else, and it doesn't tell us much, but it does a pretty damned good job of getting Street Fighter fans like myself excited. The Hadoken at the end gave me a million nerdy goosebumps.

    Video can be seen here!

    Vote on Street Fighter II HD Achievement

    380w ago - Several weeks back, Capcom Digital kicked off a community voting process in which gamers could suggest potential unlockable Achievements for the Xbox Live Arcade version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. After sifting through the mountain of submissions, Capcom today launched the official vote, presenting seven potential Achievement options to choose from, which are:

  • Beat Akuma (Arcade Mode)
  • Win with every character in an Online Ranked Match
  • 5 Perfect Rounds in Ranked Online Matches
  • 5 Perfect Rounds in Story Mode (Any difficulty level)
  • Defeat an opponent in under 15 seconds, Arcade Mode
  • Perform a 7-hit combo or higher (any mode, including training
  • Defeat Sagat with Ryu's Fierce Dragon Punch (any mode)

    Voting will take place at the Capcom-unity forum (registration required to vote) until October 1st, when the winning Achievement will presumably be announced. The alias (or aliases) of the person (or people) who suggested the Achievement will be added to the credits of the final release.
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