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Alone in the Dark: Theatrical Trailer video!

351w ago - Check out the latest Alone in the Dark Theatrical Trailer video.

Video can be seen below, courtesy of YouTube:

Enjoy all!


Rumor: Killzone 2 Levels are to Take 50 Minutes

351w ago - According to a member of the GameTrailers Forum, someone over at NEOGAF learned that Killzone 2 will take about 45/50 minutes to complete each level. To quote:

"I saw Playr this morning too. It's basically the new version of Gamer TV. Made by the same people with the same format but with a different, less nasally, presenter. Airs in the UK on Bravo at the weekend (a satellite/cable channel).

They had a Sony rep demoing KZ2. He spoke about AI advancements although it wasn't abundantly clear that the clips tallied with what he was saying.

Couple of other things though. The dude said there were some new weapons that people would be impressed with. He then cryptically added that we'd see them in the next couple of months. Magazine exclusive reveal or more likely E3?

He also said every level would take about 45/50 minutes to complete"

A One-Console Future: Pray it Never Happens!

351w ago - Competition becomes even more vital in an industry that is technology driven. It's quite amazing that Moore's law, which states that computing power doubles every 18 months, still holds true.

This rapid evolution is primarily driven by competition. People are constantly trying to outdo each other. Consoles typically have a shelf life of about five to six years. What would happen without competition?

Where did the Genesis go? What happened with the PlayStation 2? Having nightmares yet?

In other words, we would potentially skip a whole generation of hardware. So what would make this such a likely scenario? Because when no competition exists, then you have a situation where a company's bottom line is less aligned with consumer needs.

As an example, Nintendo was once clearly dominating the market with the NES. While the Sega Master system was on the market, it had less than 5% marketshare. Nintendo was so comfortable in their position they honestly felt like they could have extended the life of the NES by a good couple more years. From a business perspective it made sense.

If they had a massive install base, then they can easily earn revenue with the fees they charge publishers for every game unit sold, a standard practice for all console makers. If they created a...

Video: Metal Gear Retrospective - Part One

351w ago - GameTrailers have released Part One of their Metal Gear retrospective video.

The video includes the following titles: Metal Gear, Snake's Revenge, and MG2: Solid Snake.

Video is below, enjoy!


Burma's Emergency Telecoms Delay

351w ago - Foreign aid workers dedicated to delivering emergency telecoms in disaster areas have been prevented from going into cyclone-hit Burma. Like many charity groups, the Telecoms Sans Frontieres (TSF) organisation has so far been denied entry visas by the military-run government.

A TSF team has been waiting in Bangkok, Thailand, with its equipment all week. "We're stuck for the moment; so much time has been wasted," TSF spokesman Oisin Walton told BBC News.

If visas are eventually granted, the team will go in to set up phone and other network links. These will be used by many aid groups to co-ordinate the huge relief effort that is needed.

Locals will also be offered "welfare calls", to make contact with friends and family who will have been worried about their safety. The UN fears more than 1.5 million people have been affected by Cyclone Nargis which struck on Saturday.

Tens of thousands have made homeless; communications are down and roads have been washed away. TSF initially scrambled a team of five and 80kg of equipment in Bangkok on Saturday, at the request of the UN.

The telecoms group then waited with other relief workers for approval from the Burmese government to enter the country.

"We are on a list with the UN for visas and we're not getting...
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