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CNET: PlayStation 3 Firmware 2.50 Flash 9 Update Disappoints

306w ago - CNET has reported disappointment with the PlayStation 3's Flash 9 support stating that it is not working correctly with some sites.

To quote: Flash 9 should allow the PS3's Web browser to access more sophisticated Web video sites, including Hulu, ABC.com, and our own CNET TV (YouTube worked well enough with the browser's earlier version of Flash).

And, indeed, you can now watch those sites, but it's short of a perfect experience.

We couldn't get Hulu or CNET TV to go full-screen, and had trouble accessing the high-resolution versions of both (Hulu's 480p version was inaccessible, and the CNET TV "HD" stream produced a very low framerate).

What do you think of the latest PS3 firmware update: useful additions, or just an incremental upgrade? Is Hulu access a big deal, or do you use something like PlayOn instead?

PlayStation 3 Firmware Update 2.50 adds Flash 9 Support

306w ago - Slated for release tomorrow, PlayStation 3's upcoming 2.50 firmware includes support for Flash 9 via the console's Web browser alongside various changes.

Eurogamer has also been told that you'll be able to see optional EXIF (exchangeable image file format) information while viewing photos.

And finally for the things that weren't mentioned yesterday, the Y and Z and Q and A keys have been remapped for the German on-screen keyboard. Gut.

Things we already knew about Firmware 2.5:

• Pads and the PS3 itself now have tweakable power-save settings for turning off after a period of inactivity.
• You can tell the PS3 to power down once it's finished downloading or installing content.
• In-game screenshots can be taken in compatible games.
• It enables high-quality mode for the official PS3 Bluetooth headset.
• The Trophy interface has been improved, so you can see you and your friends' progress more easily.
• Friends now have their last login time listed.
• Videos now have a scene search feature.
• There's a button on the PlayStation Store frontpage for redeeming codes.

Newer PS3's go to 128MB Flash from 512MB, HDD Storage Used!

308w ago - We recently purchased a new 80GB PlayStation 3 console, and our very own PS3 Dev Courier dissected his new system.

The item that peaked his interest the most was that it had one single 56-pin Flash chip, the S29GL128N90TFIR2, and was 128MB in size in contrast to older PS3 consoles utilizing dual (2x256MB) 48-pin chips totaling 512MB. So, he bought a new adapter, and some blank chips and proceeded to pull the 56-pin flash, and dumped it.

To our surprise, he was unable to dump more than 16MB of it! At first, we believed that the other blocks in the flash were protected via password, however there was something else brewing.

He took the 16MB dump that was made and flashed it onto a completly blank chip, and reinstalled it in the PS3.

To our surprise, it worked!

Now, if you recall, newer version PS3 Firmwares have asked for a PUP file after formatting/inserting a larger HDD - This may be why! After flashing back just the 16MB of data, it also asked for a PUP file. So, the PUP was given, it installed the missing files fine, and then booted.

Basically, the system is now storing the majority of the flash contents on the hard disk drive, away from prying...

PlayStation 3 Flash ECC Algorithm Reversed!!

309w ago - Well this week we have some exciting news that we hinted about last week.

First, a small technical explanation. We were not able to modify any data on the PS3's flash chips due to the ECC. The ECC is a checksum basically, that ensures whatever data is in the block is not changed or corrupted, and if it is it errors.

So, the problem was since when we tried to alter data, the ECC would then in turn be invalid, causing errors, making the system not boot.

We did develop a way around this, however, it was time consuming and quite slow. We used the PS3 to write data to the flash, then dump it, with its proper ECC, then rewrite to where we needed it. This would take hours on end! We were not able to regenerate the ECC since we did not know the proper algorithm.

But now, we can!!

After multiple tests done by NDT to see what the ECC algorithm was when the block was filled with some magic data, our very own RPS was able to reverse the algorithm!

What does this mean? Simple, we are now able to in minutes properly edit a flash dump, regenerate the ECC and flash it onto the PS3 in order to experiment with flash changes. Using this, we have already found where the...

Geremia: New XBox 360 Liteon Drive is Flash Updateable

310w ago - Some news from Geremia for XBox 360 users, to quote:

Got a drive as gift for testing (thanks Raiden)

Some small update:

It's an embedded spi flash, exactly an MX25L2005 and dosflash1.6 can write it. The bad is that you can access it only if it's completely erased, this seems to be the "check module" mentioned into the patent

About reading the fw, i can just get 3-4 256bytes chunks in a tricky way, but can't have a complete dump this way.

reading dvdkey: ok
reading unique drive data: ok
erasing flash: ok
writing flash: ok
reading flash: missing
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