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PicoDrive v1.50: Genesis, Sega CD Emulator for PSP out!

323w ago - Notaz has released an update to his PSP compatible port of PicoDrive, a Sega CD and Genesis (Mega Drive) emulator.

In addition to the usual round of bug fixes, version 1.50 features several enhancements, including support for Sega Pico titles, as well as improved sprite rendering and optimized load times on the Sega CD end.

Download: PicoDrive v1.50 for PSP Custom Firmware / PicoDrive v1.50 for PSP Firmware 1.50


* Added some basic support for Sega Pico, a MegaDrive-based toy.
* Added proper support for cue/bin images, including cdda playback.
.cue sheets with iso/cso/mp3/wav files listed in them are now supported too (but 44kHz restriction still applies).
* Added bin_to_cso_mp3 tool, based on Exophase's bin_to_iso_ogg. The tool can convert .cue/.bin Sega CD images to .cso/.mp3.
* Greatly improved Sega CD load times.
* Changed how scheduling between 68k and z80 is handled. Improves performance for some games. Credits to Lordus for the idea.
* YM2612 state was not 100% saved, this should be better now.
* Improved renderer performance for shadow/hilight mode.
* Added a hack for YM2612 frequency overflow issue (bleep noises...

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed New Screenshots for Wii out!

323w ago - LucasArts has put up a batch of new Star Wars: The Force Unleashed screenshots for the Nintendo Wii. One is below, and the rest are available linked above.

For those who missed it previously, in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed you'll pick up Wii Remote and nunchuk, taking the role of Darth Vader's secret apprentice.

With the fall of the Jedi Counsel and uprising of the empire, the galaxy is falling on hard times, as the dark side sweeps across the stars. We all know the core story of Star Wars, and how the once spunky (and to some people, loveable) Anakin Skywalker was turned to evil by Emperor Palpatine, with the timeless story of his son's rise to eventually topple galaxy-wide evil as part of the Rebel Alliance.

As long as you're that familiar with Star Wars lore - and there are few people out there that aren't - you'll be able to step right in to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Qore Episode 2 now available on YouTube!

323w ago - The official digital PlayStation show that is known as Qore is now showing on YouTube.

Courtesy of SyphonFilter5, below is the first video segment only.

However, if you click the video you will see the other remaining parts as well.

Enjoy, while it lasts!


Initial D: Extreme Stage Japanese village gameplay video out!

324w ago - Another new PS3 video, once again courtesy of GameTrailers today!

This time it's for Initial D: Extreme Stage, and is a Japanese village gameplay video.

The caption reads: "The streets are ablaze with your hot rubber."

Check it out below, enjoy all!


Official CXMB v3.2 for 4.01 M33 PSP Custom Firmware out!

324w ago - Poisonhzkj has returned with an official update to the theme-changing plug-in, adding full support for 4.01 M33 series custom firmware. And that's not all, this version of CXMB is cross-compatible with earlier CFW revisions, including 3.71, 3.80, and 3.90 M33.

The author notes that users who built themes for the unofficial build will either need to re-package their CTF file or hex edit it at the offset 0–10, replacing DEAD0400 with DEAD0401.

Included in the archive below is both the "full" and "lite" edition of CXMB. If you are simply using CTF format themes created by others, it is recommended to install the latter.

Download: Official CXMB v3.2 for 4.01 M33 PSP Custom Firmware


1. Add 4.01 capability.
2. Select the random.ctf, then cxmb will randomly apply your themes in /PSP/THEME/
3. Compile universal binary, cxmb.prx should work on 3.71/3.80/3.90/4.01
4. Fix some wrong io opration (I wrote some sceIoClose where there should be sceIoDclose)
5. Clean up sources (yea... I think I did it..)
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