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PicoDrive v1.51: Genesis, Sega CD Emulator for PSP out!

320w ago - Notaz has released a bug fix focused update to his PSP compatible port of PicoDrive, a Sega CD and Genesis (Mega Drive) emulator.

In addition to several minor tweaks and fixes, version 1.51 adds the ability to configure ABC turbo actions. The full changelog can be found below.

Download: PicoDrive v1.51 for Custom Firmware / PicoDrive v1.51 for Firmware 1.50


* Improved bin_to_cso_mp3 tool, it should no longer complain about missing lame.exe even if it's in working dir.
* Fixed a regression from 1.50, which caused slowdowns in Final Fight.
* Fixed some regressions from 1.50 related to sprite limit and palette handling (caused graphical glitches in some games).
* Added ABC turbo actions to key config.
* Some other minor adjustments.

Do we really need another Burnout?

320w ago - Let's face it people... Criterion is churning out more new updates than Spore's Creature Creator has been churning out monsters. With the new and long awaited Cagney update available for the Xbox 360 and PS3, the upcoming Davis update in August, and the Eastwood update in the Fall as well as talk about another update offering planes in Paradise City - one question has come to mind.

Criterion has taken a chance and succeed with their "Massive" updates that makes Grand Theft Auto IV's "Episodic Content" look like Oblivion's ever so useless Horse armor. Adding several gameplay additions like new gametypes to motorcycles, outer islands, and maybe even planes. It seems like they gotten things down good enough where they don't even need to release a Burnout 6. There hasn't even been much talk, speculation or even rumors on a Burnout 6.

These upcoming updates are surely promising as well. They can turn a game from a simple car crashing arcade game into a huge expansive game with the addition of motorcycles, a night/day cycle, a new island, and possibly planes. Transforming Paradise into a game that can reach more players of other genres: like the flight sim crowd.

Another important question comes to mind as well. If Criterion can continuously update their game to add more aspects to it's gameplay:...

The Five Things You Need to Know About Legendary

321w ago - The 10-Cent Tour: Griffins and werewolves have invaded modern-day New York City, and all that stands between you and a Game Over screen is your shotgun and your magic hand. Can Gamecock's first FPS survive in a post-BioShock world?

1. You play through the game as a thief known as Deckard. Like Cher, Deckard apparently only goes by the one name. Deckard/you break into a museum after hours to steal, and during his thievery, he inadvertently opens Pandora's Box, unleashing all sorts of things he'll have to shoot.

2. Though the frame rate chugged at times, the game features destruction on an epic scale. Buildings crumble around you. Cabs sail over your head. So much crap is exploding around you in the game's early levels that you'll often have trouble figuring out where to go next. Confused? Lost? Click the left analog stick and a faint indicator will appear on-screen, telling you what direction you need to be heading in. (Thanks, clever developers!)

3. From what we could tell, weapons are all pretty standard-issue: You've got shotguns, pistols, assault rifles, etc. But your left hand is apparently good for more than just pleasuring yourself. During our demo, while being attacked by a griffin during a cut scene, the left hand fended off the beast by sending some fiery magic at its beak.

Burnout Paradise' Cagney Software Update is now available for PS3

321w ago - The 3rd FREE update to Burnout Paradise, codenamed Cagney is now available in Japan and will be hitting the rest of Asia, North America and Europe tomorrow morning (10th) at the same time... that's:

9:00am GMT
1:00am Pacific Time (US)
4:00am Eastern Time (US)
10:00am BST (British Summer Time)
11:00am for the rest of Europe

We look forward to seeing PS3 fans in Paradise City tomorrow, and trying out our 3 new online game modes, special calendar events, new cars, 70 multi-part, timed Freeburn Challenges and a wealth of improvements to the existing game.

Burnout Paradise' Cagney update delayed on Xbox 360

321w ago - The 3rd and most ambitious FREE software update for Burnout Paradise will arrive later than expected for Xbox 360 players.

We've picked up some additional bugs in our final test phase for the 360 version of Cagney and will delay until these issues are resolved.

We're unable to give an exact timeline for release, but as soon as we have confirmation, we'll post here on the criteriongames.com. For the moment, we're expecting this to have an impact of around a week-and-a-half. Right now, we're looking at 24th July as a projected date.

Big thanks to Microsoft for picking up these last few bugs. Nothing's more important to us than Burnout fans getting a great service, which is why we won't pull the trigger on Cagney until we're happy that it's bug-free.

The Cagney update is our first major content-based release. It contains 3 all-new game modes and 70 new challenges featuring multiple parts, timer and leaderboard. We're also bringing new cars and designs, live broadcast gameplay through calendar and the best of the blog through our live front page plus a mountain of additional revisions and fixes.

It's an ambitious and complex overhaul of Burnout Paradise, and it's this scope that's caused a few last-minute delays. We'll bring you more news as we have it.
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