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Nintendo Wii Homebrew Channel updated!

330w ago - The popular HBC has been updated today, with the following changes:

What's New?

* you don't need to eject your memcards anymore
* switched from IOS35 to IOS21, this makes the hbc usable on older firmware
* improved SD card loading performance (thanks, svpe!)
* improved some translations
* the IP label isn't cut off anymore
* fixed argv support when loading SD apps
* fixed a minor wiiload issue
* the SD app entries are now sorted alphabetically
* wiimote rumble support
* installer overhaul, it now warns you if your System Menu is too new (future updates)

Those interested can download it from the link above, or via the update function in your previously installed HBC.

Pure - updated impressions

335w ago - Rarely have we seen a game that made us want to throw up in a good way. Watching director Jason Avent preload up a gravel-laden peak and launch off amidst gondolas and hot air balloons in the cloudy New Mexico sky was all at once mesmerizing and lunch rejecting.

The soundtrack mutes, the trash-talking rider Supermans his body while barely grasping the seat. Quickly, he plummets down to earth. Jason's trajectory is off and the rider crotches himself on the seat before painfully smashing into a boulder.

Such is the life in Pure, a more-than-basic ATV racer with shades of SSX. If our new screens are any indication, Pure will speed away from the pack of other drab racers.

We already got a good look at Pure's racing dynamics earlier, but today we were able to get a clearer sense of how the trick system worked. On your HUD, the system is represented by the Y, B and A buttons for high, middle and low level tricks respectively.

Tricks and boost are essential to winning races - hence our SSX comparison - and strategizing when to use each will dictate your chance of victory.

You build up boost by performing low level tricks - or the A button tricks. Successfully pulling off one of these can start to build up your mid-level boost, to perform B button tricks and so...
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