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PSGroove USB Boards and DIY Teensy Schematics Detailed

230w ago - With the release of PSGroove opensource PS JailBreak exploit for PS3, many are having trouble sourcing the required Teensy++, AT90USBKEY2 or AT90USB162 boards.

That said, today PS3JailBreak.com (linked above) has shared schematics for the Teensy so that users can build their own if they wish.

As always, click on the picture below to enlarge it folks.

Finally, those who aren't into DIY solutions may also wish to look into either the AT90 USB thanks to Fuddster or the BlackcatUSB Flash Memory Programmer (from version 1.2 on) which uses the same microcontroller (AT90USB162) as confirmed by chesteruhi. More on that soon, including a video!

To quote: "The full schematics are available below (1.0 are on the top 2.0 are on the bottom)."

TeensyPSPJailBreaker - OpenPSJailBreak PSP Port in Development

230w ago - According to talmagal on PSX-Scene.com (linked above), the recent release of PSGroove has led to an OpenPSJailBreak project port of the PS3 exploit to Sony's PSP handheld device dubbed TeensyPSPJailBreaker.

It will be awhile before a release, but the project is currently being led by eavpsp via his [Register or Login to view links] and [Register or Login to view links].

Below are some preliminary details, but for updates please use his Twitter until there is a release so that our Forums don't flood with tiny tweets on the project's percentages completed... as that is what Twitter is for, eh?

"This port will be using CWCheats ability to read hex files and hopefully be able to run as a enumerated usb dongle. When ready a public beta will be released.

Actually the plan is:

1. Recode the Remote Joy Open Source to configure the Type B driver
2. Then create a Teensy emulator to be ran on the PSP using the psgroove LUFA source files
3. Then creating an alternate Teensy Hex Installer from that open source so that when the emulator is on, it will, act as a virtual Teensy USB dongle and the Hex will be installed onto the...
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