360 NHL 2K8 Gets Reelmaker

343w ago - Last week 2K Sports unleashed NHL 2K8 on the suspecting populace, garnering slightly above average reviews all around with the notable exception of 1up, who gave it a 4 out of 10. Ouch. Perhaps they would have changed their tune has 2K released the new Reelmaker feature with the game, instead of dropping 400 Microsoft points worth of DLC a week later.

Reelmaker is an add-on for the Xbox 360 version of the game that allows players to edit together replays of the in-game action, changing angles and adding their own sound and special effects to create highlight reels that can then be shared via Xbox Live. Really doesn't sound like the kind of feature hardcore hockey fans could really sink their teeth into, but I could be wrong. Any budding directors / hockey gamers in the audience?

2K Sports Introduces the Revolutionary 2K Reelmaker to NHL® 2K8

Today, publisher 2K Sports proudly announces that the 2K Reelmaker is now available in the latest edition of the critically acclaimed NHL® 2K series, NHL® 2K8. The revolutionary 2K Reelmaker is the first feature of its kind for any online hockey title and allows gamers to create custom highlight videos viewable on Xbox LIVE.

The 2K NHL franchise returns this year with an entirely new NHL experience featuring revolutionary right stick controls,...

NHL 2K8 Review

344w ago - For years now, 2K Sports' NHL 2K series has been the gold standard for hockey games, both in gameplay and depth of content. But over the last couple of installments, a trend has been developing. While certain strides have been made to improve various aspects of the game in each installment, these changes have become less and less significant. Last year, most of the work went into the presentation, which left the fun yet aging gameplay engine much the same as it was in NHL 2K6. In NHL 2K8, the gameplay has been reworked in some key areas, but many of these changes don't really improve the gameplay so much as change it for the sake of changing it.

There isn't the feeling that 2K8 has really moved the series forward in any major capacity, and in some regards, it feels like a step backward. This is a good game of hockey that's jam-packed with features, but it's nowhere near the level of quality the series has previously set for itself.

Most people's first reaction to NHL 2K8 will probably be, "Wait, what the heck happened to the controls?" That's because the controls in 2K8 have been completely reworked, and not necessarily for the better. For example, shooting and passing have been mapped to the bumpers on the Xbox 360 controller, and to the R1 and L1 buttons on the PlayStation 3 controller. On top of that,...

NHL 2K8 Preview!

346w ago - The NHL 2K series seemed, just a few short years ago, like a dynasty in the making. But after EA's NHL 07 launched the skill stick, 2K's series felt dated. Trying to play catch-up this year NHL 2K8 has completely revamped controls...and they're absolutely confusing. Even after a few games of hands-on time, we were passing when we meant to shoot, deking when we meant to shoot, and on rare occasion shooting when we meant to shoot.

The basics aren't that difficult: deke with the right stick, pass with LB, and shoot with RB. Easy, right? If that was all, yes. The complications come when you're speed bursting with the right trigger, or super speed bursting with the A button. You slap shot with the left trigger and RB. All those button presses get very confusing, and more often than we liked we passed up on the chance to wallop a slap shot because we couldn't sort the necessary combination in a sport that requires split-second decisions. (All control mentions are for the Xbox 360 version.)

Though there were other reasons the slap shot didn't happen; mostly, the game is way, way too deliberate. Shooting, passing, receiving the puck -- all of it happens way too slowly. Again, hockey is a split-second sport. If you can't rip off a slapper in a hurry, you're going to miss the chance. And the hitting is like a WWE...

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