NFL Tour for PS3: Hands-On

340w ago - NFL Street is dead, long live NFL Tour! Okay, so the official word from EA Sports isn't that the Street football series is dead and buried, but we do know that the publisher is focused firmly on its new arcade pigskin game, one that is reminiscent of the old Street series but not without a few twists of its own. At a recent EA Sports press event, we got our first hands-on look at the game, and managed to score a few touchdowns and blow up a few QBs in the process.

In some ways, NFL Tour will feel familiar to Street vets. It's still seven-on-seven arcade football, full of spectacular moves, (a bit toned down) wall-running jukes, and exaggerated character models. Consequently, what sets the game apart is the approach. First, from a presentation standpoint, this is an NFL game through and through. (Did you see the San Diego Chargers' Shawne Merriman on the cover?) In the game's single-player career mode, you'll create a character from scratch and then send him across the country to take on all comers in an effort to gain the grandest of grand prizes: an NFL contract. Will you be able to upload your created character to next year's Madden after you beat the single-player game? Producers said it's something they are investigating at the moment,...

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