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Video: PS4 Music Player App Revealed by Shuhei Yoshida's PSN Profile

40w ago - Following the rumors that MP3 playback is coming soon to the PlayStation 4, today what may be a Sony PS4 Music Player application was revealed by Shuhei Yoshida's PSN Profile!

To quote: There have been rumors of MP3 playback support coming to the PS4 with a future update, and something found by one of our readers that snooped on Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida's PSN profile definitely seems to add solidity to those rumors:

Apparently Yoshida-san ran a "Music Player Demo" app yesterday, and it left very visible tracks on his PSN profile, as you can see in the pictures at the bottom of the post:

Of course we don't have clear information on what the "Music Player" entails, or if it'll really play MP3 files, but now we know that it exists, and it's being tested internally at Sony Computer Entertainment.

It's worth mentioning that normally this kind of unannounced app is kept hidden from profiles, but apparently someone forgot to flip that switch.

We'll have to stand by and see if the app will be announced any time soon, or if it'll make it in the upcoming 1.7 firmware update.


PS3 Homebrew CDG Player Released, Supports MP3 & CDG Files

189w ago - Today PlayStation 3 developer Ole has released CDG Player r1 with source code for the PS3, which is a simple program compiled by the PSL1GHT SDK and libraries that plays MP3 files and displays graphics stored in CDG files (the format is used in many karaoke disks).

Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links]


  • simple file selector
  • mp3 and cdg playback


  • PS3 ready to run homebrew programs


  • CROSS - select a file or directory
  • CIRCLE - go to parent directory
  • SQUARE - exit the program


Q: does it play CD disks ?
A: no, use a ripping program to convert your CD to audio tracks in mp3 format

Q: does it play OGG, WAV, etc. (your favourite audio format) ?
A: no, just mp3 format is supported (16 bit, stereo, 44100 or 48000 Hz) along with the cdg format

Q: does it support zipped files ?
A: no

Q: does it support microphone plugged in the PS3 ?
A: no, to amplify your voice you need an extra hardware (mixer)

Rumor: Nintendo DSi May Be Region Locked, Can't Play MP3s

330w ago - And now we come to the final part of our show, wherein you asked questions, and we put them to Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime, and he answered.

First up came a question regarding region locks on the Nintendo DSi handhelds. And Reggie's answer? "To be honest I don't know for sure, I will look into it." He added that he thinks that the device will be region locked, purely on the fact that the downloads for the system are region based.

Man, I am going to be so damn disappointed if I can't play my copy of Tingle's Balloon Fight on there. Especially after the trouble I went to to get it!

Nintendo has said they will look into it for us, so we'll keep on it sometime in the coming weeks.

Another question was a simple one: The DSi can play music, so can it play MP3s? And the answer is "no, it plays the AAC format. It's an easy conversion."

That may be true, but let's face it, MP3s have the run of society; are people going to be eager to have to switch their music before loading it to the DSi?

And there you have it.

PSP LightMP3 v2.0.0 BETA 1 released!

358w ago - Sakya has updated LightMP3 today, a lightweight audio player designed to save the PSP's battery life while you playback a variety of digital music formats; including MP3, FLAC, ATRAC3+, and OGG Vorbis.

The latest release features a number of improvements and bug fixes. As always, check below for the complete changelog.

Download: PSP LightMP3 v2.0.0 BETA 1 [Right-click, Save As]


* libMAD is now streamed, no more file size limit (based on Ghoti MusicEngine.c in pspStacklessPython).
* Added FFWD and REW to libMAD
* Added volume boost to ATRAC3/ATRAC3+ format.
* Added volume boost to MP3 format via Media Engine.
* Added "Browse dy rating" in Media Library
* Added: Coverart from folder.jpg and albumTitle.jpg
* Fixed: USB connection
* Fixed button autorepeat time.
* Fixed numerous crashes (hopefully!)
* Fixed minor bugs...probably...I don't remember :P

LightMP3 v2.0.0 Alpha 4 for PSP out now!

361w ago - Sakya has issued an update to LightMP3, a lightweight audio player for the PSP. In addition to the usual bug fixes, Alpha 4 features shuffle and repeat playback modes, support for the PSP's remote control peripheral, and an increased playlist limit - up to 3000 entries can now be saved per playlist.

The complete changelog is detailed below.

Download: LightMP3 v2.0.0 Alpha 4 for PSP


* Playlist limit raised to 3000 tracks
* Added support for remote control (untested, my remote is broken)
* Fixed many crashes caused by ID3v2 tag reading (mostly cover art)
* Added support for png file for ID3v2's cover art
* In the Media Library you can now enter a selection, play it or add it to the current playlist (please refer to the README for controls)
* Fixed Shuffle
* Added Shuffle/Repeat play mode
* Faster opening of MP3 file.
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