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FCC Docs Reveal PSP Go Clock Speed Maxes Out at 480Mhz

291w ago - Some [Register or Login to view links] from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are suggesting that the new PSP Go may be packing more power under its sliding exterior than what Sony has officially revealed.

Contrary to official statements from Sony that peg the PSP Go's top clock frequency at 333 MHz, the FCC's test reports indicate that the PSP Go actually maxes out at 480 MHz.

Perhaps the extra power is for the in-game XMB. Games would likely still be locked at the 333MHz max for uniformity across all of the PSP SKUs.

The 480MHz max clock frequency is mentioned in page 3 of the Test Report 1 pdf above. The official tech specs can be viewed here.

Red Faction Maxes Out XBox 360 - Volition Turn to XBox 720

317w ago - Red Faction: Guerrilla is one of the marquee releases of early 2009 and easily one of The 60 Hottest Games of 2009. We caught up with producer Rick White to talk about life, the universe and well... everything Red Faction.

Gameplayer: How important is Red Faction in general, and particularly Red Faction: Guerrilla, to Volition?

Rick White: I think for me personally it extends a brand that a lot of Volition is known about, and so for us it's been important to kinda go back to that root, of where Volition came from, and bring that IP back to life in a big way. I think strategically at THQ it's as important as any other project, but I think it's of more personal importance to the team at Volition.

Gameplayer: You've left one competitive genre to enter another, going from a linear first-person shooter to an open-world third-person shooter - how has the team responded to this challenge?

Rick White: I think early on they responded, to be honest, in shock. I was the new kid on the block and once I started seeing the destruction engine and seeing how you were taking damage from this physics-based system I was getting frustrated. We'd bring in testers from the local college and they were getting frustrated because they were getting knocked down by...
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