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Warhawk July 4th Tournament & Fallen Star PS3 DLC Discounts!

233w ago - SCEA Senior Producer Harvard Bonin has announced that a Warhawk July 4th tournament will take place this weekend and that Fallen Star PS3 DLC is now discounted at 75% off!

To quote: Get ready for another head-to-head tournament this July 4th weekend. This time around try your skillz on the expansion pack map "Fallen Star" and in the free update mode "Collection"! (see rules below).

Ten Grand Prizes will be chosen between [Register or Login to view links] and SCEA. These top Warheads will receive a three month subscription voucher to the new PlayStation Plus* and a [Register or Login to view links]!

*Voucher can be used to extend your current service or to create a new one. This tournament is short, so be ready to go!

And for those of you that don't already have Fallen Star, we've dropped the price 75%! From June 22nd to July 6th you can pick up this explosive expansion pack for $1.99.

*You must have the full game Warhawk to play Fallen Star.

When: 5:00am Pacific, July 1 to 5:00am Pacific, July 5
Where: Warhawk Fallen Star: Collection Tourny servers (look for the blue Tourny-FallenStar # servers)
Modes: 32-player Fallen Star,...

Happy 4th of July! PS3 TEST Downgrade PUP's in the Wild!

337w ago - First off, we would like to wish all of our American visitors a very Happy 4th of July 2008 today!

But for more explosive news (who doesn't love a pun?) we recently received two special PS3 PUP files from a VERY nice guy. As pictured below, they are PS3 Debug 1.00 (65.5 MB (68,765,224 bytes)) and PS3 Debug 1.50 (72.2 MB (75,762,080 bytes)).

These PUPs, which are the special downgrade PUPs, allow a user to downgrade their PS3 TEST from any version down to it. For example, with the 1.00 SPECIAL Downgrade PUP a user can be on 2.40, install it, and after a reboot be on 1.00!

1.00, which lacks just about every feature but ON/OFF functionality, will then let us upgrade to any DEV firmware above it.

Which brings us to 1.50... Through examining numerous Sony documentation recently, we have read that in the 1.60 Firmware the PS3's kernel memory and user memory are separated, leading us to believe that the kernel memory before hand had much more relaxed access permissions, if any at all.

The current theory (soon to be put to the TEST [another pun] by our resident PS3 Devs) is, using a lower Firmware console to peek around what we can access of the memory, and we might just get lucky!
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