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MGS4 on XBox 360: It's Inevitable, says Highly-Placed Source

314w ago - Following last night's shock news that Final Fantasy XIII will release on Xbox 360, VG247 has been told be a very senior UK industry source that an 360 version of Metal Gear Solid 4 is "inevitable".

"There's only MGS left now: for a few months at least," said the mole. "It's inevitable. Konami knows how many million they'd sell in the US alone. If FFXIII can make it to 360 when Sony owns nine percent of Square, Metal Gear's a slam dunk."

Kojima has constantly said that the game isn't transferable to 360 as the Microsoft console uses DVD as opposed to Blu-ray.

Money, as everyone's mother used to say, talks.

Is the PS3 broken; RAM Expansion Inevitable?

315w ago - We're going to have to say this, so just bear with us for a second, and be aware that we mean it in the best possible sense. We don't want to indulge in any pointless console wars, and we certainly don't want to be tarred with the inevitable fanboy brush.

Okay... deep breath. The PS3 is kinda broken.

Now we don't mean that the PS3 will 'red ring' at any given opportunity, and we're not suggesting it's a console destined for the scrapheap - quite the opposite. When we say the PS3 is broken, we say it with the best of intentions, with a barely contained frustration towards a machine that, in its current state, will never fulfil its full potential.

We're talking of course about processing bottlenecks, and the PS3 has a tonne of them.

The first major bottleneck is a result of the Blu ray drive. Although Blu-ray has traditionally been seen as the major selling point of the PS3 (and to a certain extent it is) at this early stage the transfer speeds are insufficient to match the fastest DVD drives, hence the constant need to install games to the hard drive. So essentially the benefits of having huge storage space are rendered impotent by the need to install games - if the game needs to install then why are discs with a larger capacity even necessary in the first place?
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