GameStop: PS3 Price Cut in 2009 is 'Highly Likely'

252w ago - GameStop has revealed via IGN that it believes a PS3 price cut in 2009 is highly likely.

According to them, a Wii price cut is also expected this year.

To quote: Executives at major retailer GameStop have weighed in with their console predictions for the remainder of 2009, expecting both PlayStation and Wii to receive a meaningful price cut before the year is out.

That's according to a research note from analyst Arvind Bhatia of Sterne Agee, following a meeting with key GameStop executives.

As reported by Gamasutra, GameStop cites the slowing of sales for both Nintendo and Sony's consoles, with PlayStation 3 in most urgent need of attention.

Absurd, Strange, and Highly Improbable Life Goal: Will You Help?

262w ago - So I recently came up with something I can do that would let me die accomplished: I want to play a game that was never programmed.

I've been thinking about it for about a week now, but haven't done much research on it but I came to these few conclusion so far:

€The game will essentially be "randomly" created
€The simplest "terminal" for the project would be NES
€The generated file should be between 5KB and 25KB, and follow the rules for zip compression. (This is the part that makes everything improbable -there are 7.4583407 E1125 possible files that could be produced (expanded example below) (25000^256))
€The production of the file will have a initial seed, and ideally keep a log of tested values
€Ideally a check on the NES ROM should also be performed.
€With the number of possibilities, the likelyhood of a game being produced is just as probable as a picture Pam Anderson loading up or even the first few lines of a Shakespeare play, or Beethoven's Symphony.
€A user in control of the produced random value can copy/paste, a known value, and easily load a game such TETRIS...(I can't quite understand if this would be violation of Copyright Law (I compare it to throwing a tomato on the ground and it coming out being just like Mario))

MGS4 on XBox 360: It's Inevitable, says Highly-Placed Source

301w ago - Following last night€s shock news that Final Fantasy XIII will release on Xbox 360, VG247 has been told be a very senior UK industry source that an 360 version of Metal Gear Solid 4 is €inevitable€.

€There€s only MGS left now: for a few months at least,€ said the mole. €It€s inevitable. Konami knows how many million they€d sell in the US alone. If FFXIII can make it to 360 when Sony owns nine percent of Square, Metal Gear€s a slam dunk.€

Kojima has constantly said that the game isn€t transferable to 360 as the Microsoft console uses DVD as opposed to Blu-ray.

Money, as everyone€s mother used to say, talks.

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