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Video: Stereophonics Came to PS Home - See What Happened!

246w ago - SCEE European Product Manager Rob Rutter has posted a video today of the Stereophonics event that recently took place in Sony's PlayStation Home.

Last week some pictures were posted on the gig, and below is the video footage follow-up.

To quote: Hi everyone, check out the video below to see highlights from last Thursday night when Stereophonics visited PlayStation Home.

Their exclusive gig is still on in The SingStar Rooms VIP until 6th April, so you still have time to check out the event and soak up the atmosphere.

Those interested can check out the video below!


Piracy on PS3: Human Traits Explain Why it Has Not Happened

291w ago - Piracy of computer games is something we have all come to live with over the years. It has been around nearly as long as the games themselves, even being blames for the collapse of some consoles way back in the day. The Commodore Amiga was one such console.

I was amazed when reading a really good article on video game piracy on a website to see that people who steal this stuff, or infringe copyright as they prefer to put it as they get a little squeamish about the word thief, really do think they are justified.

Some of them see themselves as some sort of a modern day Robin Hood, and claim that it is victimless crime. Ask the people who lost their jobs at Commodore Amiga when that console went under if it is victimless.

Anyway big companies such as Sony and Microsoft spend a lot of money trying to beat these thieves and for a while it seems to work, then the pirates crack the formula and it all starts again. It must be said though that the PS3 seems to have been one of the most successful consoles ever at avoiding this problem.

There seems to be some common sense reasons for this, mainly related to things we already know about how people work. Let's take a look at how Sony have used human nature to thwart the pirates.

People are cheapskates: This may seem...

E3 2008: Microsoft's E3 Conference - Everything that Happened

335w ago - We've heard some rather interesting rumors from camp Microsoft this year, ranging from the mysterious Lips, to MiiToos aka Avatars, a new Dashboard that might be navigated using a motion controller etc. Microsoft has just wrapped up their E3 press conference in LA, and it's time to see which of those rumors were dead on, and which not so much.

Below is everything that Microsoft announced during the briefing.

* Don Mattrick takes the stage and opens the conference, talks of past successes for Microsoft's Xbox business, and leads in a reel showing Fallout 3.

* Bethesda's Todd Howard takes the stage, plays Fallout 3 on-stage. Announces extensive downloadable content exclusive to Xbox 360 and Games for Windows.

* Jun Takeuchi from Capcom, the producer of Resident Evil 5 takes the stage and demonstrates a live gameplay of the game, including the online co-op mode. Release date announced: March 13 2009.

* Peter Molyneux from Lionhead takes the stage, says (with utter satisfaction) that Fable II is finished. Says "innovation" a lot. Introduces one button press jump-in co-op. Will be released in October.

* Gears of War 2 reel plays. Cliff Bleszinski takes the stage and shows off the 2-player co-op. Shield, flamethrower seen in action, some new wretches-type...

What has happened to Final Fantasy Dissidia for PSP?

338w ago - Final Fantasy Dissidia is a game being developed by Square Enix for the PlayStation Portable. It was officially announced on the 8th of May 2007, after the trademark "Dissidia" was registered on te 6th of April 2007.

The purpose of the game is to help celebrate 20 years of Final Fantasy and as such, it will feature memorable characters from the fabled series. However, given a really quick start to its development, things seem to have slowed right down.

Up until last week, when Famitsu had a brief section on the game to announce that Jecht would be joining Tidus in the game (instead of Seymour, as many thought), there hadn't been any news on the game for a good three months. It was then, that they released a glut of new characters, including what appeared to be Golbez, Exdeath and Kefka.

We then have to go back another three months for the last piece of news, which was that Tidus would be joining the cast alongside possibly a Judge from Final Fantasy XII. This has been coupled with a new trailer and a brief interview in Dengeki magazine. This still doesn't really explain the slow progress though.

The overall lack of news has been coupled with Final Fantasy Dissidia's apparent no show from this year's E3, as it is currently not scheduled to be shown, which is puzzling...

System Shock 3, whatever happened to it?

340w ago - Back in June 2006 American gaming magazine Game Informer's Loose Talk column mentioned System Shock 3 was in development at Electronic Arts, who in January 2006 had renewed the System Shock series trademarks. The creators of the original two games at Irrational Games, who now worked for Take Two after a takeover, weren't developing it but instead the team who made The Godfather game.

In August 2006 the PC Gamer UK magazine also revealed the project has been assigned to EA Redwood Shores (The Godfather), since the series creators were working on a spiritual successor of their own called BioShock. This reveal was made all the more controversial when as part of the magazine's interview Irrational Games' Ken Levine (designer of the original games) said:

"One of the reasons I wasn't interested [in System Shock 3] is EA just didn't give a darn about that game... I think if EA were to do it, it would've been just a regular first-person shooter with a boss monster at the end. They [EA] didn't see it as big brand and I didn't want that uphill battle."

The Official Xbox Magazine later in 2006 remarked that the original lead designer, Doug Church, of the series is part of the development team for System Shock 3. – In July 2007, the month before BioShock's release, creator...
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