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PS3 GT Academy 2010 LIVE At Silverstone: Day 3 Highlights

256w ago - Commercial Director Andy Reynolds is back with day 3 highlights today from the PS3 GT Academy 2010 LIVE at Silverstone.

To quote: On Day 3, eight of our competitors were one step closer to their dream but this day started with a nightmare for them in the shape of an Assault Course dripping with water and mud.

Any racing driver underestimates fitness and conditioning at their peril and our guys were no different - they would be pushed to their physical and mental limits to complete the task.

British Armed Forces created and shouted our guys round the track - there was literally blood, sweat and tears as they struggled against the odds to complete the task and impress the Judges.

Throughout the test one man beat all others, Jordan Tresson, a truly remarkable level of fitness, endurance and mental power to drag himself through the pain barrier. Jeroen Kesselring impressed everyone with his effort and refusal to be beaten.

He said: " That had to be the worst moment ever in my life. I hurt so much but I had to finish, I could not let the course beat me and risk the Judges thinking I was not committed to going through."

After the plasters were applied, fluids taken back on board, all of the contestants spent the early afternoon lapping GT-Rs...

PS3 GT Academy 2010 LIVE at Silverstone: Day Two Highlights

256w ago - GT Academy Commercial Director Andy Reynolds has shared another update this weekend on day two highlights from the PS3 GT Academy 2010 LIVE at Silverstone.

To quote: It was not just Day 2 for our competitors but also the last day for 10 of them as we got closer to finding or Champion of GT Academy 2010.

Each of our competitors knew that they had to give their all to catch the Judge's eyes and stay away from a giant, red 'X' next to their name that would see them going home.

Each of the competitors had to show skill, talent, dedication and ability to listen to instruction as they took part in sprints, car control, head-to-head racing, drifting and even a pit stop challenge. If that wasn't enough, they had their first taste of the Nissan GT-R supercar in horrendously wet conditions.

In the early morning sprinting we saw some spectacular speed and handling on a wet Stowe circuit. Giacomo Cunial from Italy catching everybody's eye with a phenomenal run that put him only half a second behind the professional Silverstone racing driver. Fellow Italian Luca Lorenzini and Swiss driver Oliver Simon also catching the Judge's eyes.

Over the day the Judge's were keeping a keen eye out for who was improving the most, who was taking on all the lessons and putting...

Review of GT Academy 2010 PS3: Day One at Silverstone

256w ago - GT Academy Commercial Director Andy Reynolds has shared a review this weekend of GT Academy 2010 PS3: day one at Silverstone.

To quote: In December 2009 over 1.4m people attempted to make it to the final event of the ultimate racing prize. After hundreds of virtual laps our competitors beat all-comers to make the final 18 putting it all on the line for real.

Our competitors entered the world-famous Silverstone track full of nerves and excitement - they had no idea what was about to happen to them, but they all knew that they had to be determined, motivated and extremely fast.

On the first morning they received their first briefing from the Judges. Our Judges Eddie Jordan, Johnny Herbert, Sabine Schmitz and Head of Driving, Rob Barff will be putting all of them through their paces. They want to see only the greatest talent make it through each day for the overall prize of GT Academy 2010 Champion and become a professional racing driver.

After the briefing, they were put through a truly punishing fitness test put together by UK Marines and on-track Doctor's. From endurance running, press-up's, chin-up's to sit-up's. This wasn't just proving to the Judge's that you were fit enough to take part but the first competitive event.

The Fitness Test threw...

PS3 GT Academy 2010 LIVE at Silverstone Update Detailed

257w ago - PS3 GT Academy Commercial Director Andy Reynolds has shared details on a LIVE at Silverstone update today via PlayStation Blog.

To quote: From millions of virtual racers we are down to 18 putting it all on the line for real.

Our competitors raced hundreds of laps each on the GT Academy Time Trial to prove their speed, they beat all comers at the National Championships and now putting their nerves, sweat and skills to the limit at Silverstone.

From Ireland to New Zealand and from Finland to Italy our 18 competitors have a chance to move from virtual champion to professional racing driver.

In front of them lies a 5-day test of skill, physical fitness and pure speed in front of our legendary judges of Eddie Jordan, Johnny Herbert and Sabine Schmitz where only the very fastest will achieve their dream.

Johnny Herbert, GT Academy 2010 Judge, said:

"These next few days will be difficult, different and hard but the potential for the most rewarding prize ever. We are going to transform a guy from the virtual world and bring them to the reality of motor-sport. At Silverstone, they will work and race together but act for themselves. Its a chance they need to take with both hands."

One man has been more responsible for giving pure talent...

GT Academy 2010 PS3 Time Trial - Closing Stages

262w ago - European Brand Manager Penrose Tackie has started winding down the GT Academy 2010 PS3 Time Trial today with a peek at the closing stages.

To quote: We are now edging ever nearer to the closing stages of the Time Trial element of this year's GT Academy.

With well over a million downloads of the GT Time Trial Challenge, its been clear that GT fans and newbies alike have heeded the call of what has proven to be a demanding test of driving skill and nerve.

Racing into this final week, a look at country rankings based on best individual times, offers a fascinating if highly non-scientific gauge as to which countries are currently earning bragging rights on the Time Trial.  The order of merit is as follows;

4th. SPAIN
6th. ITALY
8th. UK

So, what happens at the end of the Time Trial? Read on to get the lowdown....

The Time Trial Challenge will officially end on Sunday January 24th at 23.59 GMT.

From 06.00AM GMT Monday 25th January, you should check [Register or Login to view links] and if you are in the top 30 within one of the participating countries you will...
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