Studio Archcraft talks Project Exile, WiiWare Plans & More!

312w ago - Studio Archcraft came into the public eye when it originally revealed its plans for an elaborate role-playing experience for the Game Boy Advance called "Project Exile". Now the game has strong backing, has been moved to the Nintendo DS and has been developed considerably since its original conception, as well as receiving a new name, Cubed decided to catch up with the team to see exactly what was going on and what future plans were on the cards€

Cubed€s Adam Riley: First of all, can you tell our readers how big the team is on this project, and how long the game has been in development?

Vincent Dehaut, Studio Archcraft: We€ve been working on Project: Exile for a pretty long time €" we started the basic groundwork in 2001 or so, and began serious production work in 2002. We were still in school at that time, and the team was (and still is) fairly small considering the scope of the project. Overall, around twelve persons contributed to the project, excluding testers, and of those only three (the lead programmer, the lead artist, and the lead businessperson) worked on the project for the full duration of the project.

AR: What made you choose to bring the game from GBA to Nintendo DS? And what are some of the hurdles you have faced during the transitional period?


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