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CWCheat v0.2.2 Rev D released for PSP!

332w ago - Weltall has updated CWCheat today, from his e-mail:

Here it is a new version of cwcheat: 0.2.2 REV.D

This release is primarly centered on optimizations which allowed to reduce the binaries of about ~15kb. Additionally there were some fixes in the check of the fw version for the sony msfatmod bug, a function which shows when a defined adress changes (check the cheat search menu) and command line support for the pointer searcher.

Download: CWCheat v0.2.2 Rev D


- [ALL] Now > 4.x firmwares are checked for the sony msfatmod thread suspend bug and the check of the memory stick space is disabled to avoid a freeze situation.
- [ALL] Optimizations in the firmware checking
- [ALL] Added support in the gui for setting a button combination to open the text reader directly
- [ALL] Added the possibility to have cwcheat look after a certain adress and show changes happening to it (you can access it from the cheat search menu)
- [ALL] Updated the pointer searcher to allow use from the command line. These are the arguments it takes in order to use it this way: -cli
- [ALL] updated the toolchain to the latest version
- [ALL] Various optimizations which...

CWCheat v0.2.2 Rev C released for PSP!

346w ago - Weltall let us know he has updated his PSP cheat utility dubbed CWCheat today. To quote from his e-mail:

Here it is, a new version of CWCheat: v0.2.2 REV C. This isn't a big release and it's mainly directed to cleaning up the situation created with the Rev. B version and fixing various problems.

Additionally a bug which locked the dump function after the use of the USB mass function is finally fixed, the pointer codes can now use the q part also alone and the 3.x build of the db download now has the support for the Web browser: this allows you to download the database also where it's required to login trough the browser in order to be able to connect to Internet.

Download: CWCheat v0.2.2 Rev C for PSP

Changelog: v0.2.2 REV.C RELEASE

- [ALL] Fixed a timing bug which could lead to the dump function stop working after enabling the usb mass device because the memory stick device wasn't mounted when the dump was taking place: making the function fail.
- [ALL] Removed some optimizations which made some regressions (rev b)
- [ALL] Changed slightly the behaviour of pointers codes. now the q part is effectively usefull by itself (this change is be needed for upcoming cheats)
- [ALL]...

CWCheat v0.2.2 Rev. B released for PSP!

354w ago - Today weltall mailed in to tell us CWCheat v0.2.2 Rev. B is now out for the PSP! Per his mail: The main things featured by this update includes the possibility to define (through configuration file for now) a button to directly open the text reader and an important bug fix of remapsp which didn't report correct values on read/peek buffernegative calls and so applications/games using them didn't work correctly.

This fix allowed remaPSP to be finally completely working in POPS. Other than this the classic series of bugfixes (including one which didn't allow to use the text reader till next boot if you tried to open a missing file) and the various size optimizations.

Download: CWCheat v0.2.2 Rev. B for PSP

Changelog: 0.2.2 REV.B RELEASE

- [ALL] fixed a bug in RemaPSP about buffernegative functions which returned invalid values being returned.
- [POPS] Now REMAPSP works perfectly in POPS
- [ALL] Various optimizations in the remaPSP initialization code which reduced the size of more than 200 bytes
- [ALL] Some optimizations in the memory edit/disasm functions which reduced the size of more than 32 bytes
- [ALL] Added a check aganist tries to open a non existant text file with the text...

PSP CWCheat v0.2.2 Rev A released!

357w ago - Weltall has updated his popular Universal Cheat Device for PSP today to v0.2.2 Rev A.

To quote: "Here it is a new version of CWCheat: v0.2.2 Rev A. I did this primarily because of the request of a new code type which was required for some new games like God of War. This new pointer code type allows you to go trough various levels of pointers till the interested area."

As always, the changelog details and download are below:

Download: PSP CWCheat v0.2.2 Rev A


- [ALL] fixed a bug in the difference search which could lead to an evaluation error making the difference function unusable in the case that the game allocates more than entire user ram - 50kbs
- [ALL] Removed allocation of user ram for the difference search. This should increase compatibility with never games and reduced the plugin size of about 200 bytes.
- [ALL] Various optimizations in the controller management in the menus, additionally some menus now auto repeat just like most. This alloved to reduce the size of the plugin of 632 bytes
- [GAME] Added multilevel pointer codes. This will allow you to track a point in ram by going trough a series of pointer like those seen in god of war.
- [GAME] some...

CWCheat v0.2.2 Update for PSP released!

357w ago - Weltall has released a major update to CWCheat, a cheat device for PSP. New to version 0.2.2 is a PC support tool called CWCheat Pointer Searcher, which allows users to easily search for pointer codes and generate new cheats.

Additionally, the included database downloader has received a substantial update with 3.X kernel support, featuring on-screen dialogs to connect and manage requests for user input. As always, the full changelog is below.

Download: CWCheat v0.2.2 Update for PSP


- [ALL] Now cwcheat checks if you are using the ms driver patch by dark alex which uses the 3.7x prx on 3.8x/3.9x and disables protections enabled
in the main menu to avoid the bugs of the original 3.8x/3.9x driver. I suggest installing the 3.7x driver if possible.
- [ALL] really added the polish translation by Bolec. (there was a wrong one in the release before this)
- [ALL] renamed 360- folder to ALL as it contains builds for all firmwares except 3.7x
- [PACKAGE] Renamed cwcheat-IRSHELL.prx to cwcheat-LOADER.prx as it's usefull also with other loaders
- [PACKAGE] Added a full cwcheat-LOADER.prx (ex cwcheat-IRSHELL.prx) build. The build available before is in the lite folder, it's called
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