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Prevent XBox 360 HDD Crippling After Ban - NAND Write Protection

271w ago - As a follow-up to the recently posted Guide on unnbanning 8955 XBox 360 consoles from Live comes another countermeasure against HDD crippling.

Godzivan has made available an XBox 360 NAND write protection diagram which simply write-protects the NAND Flash in the XBox 360 by connecting WP to a ground pin.

To quote: "While this modification will certainly be against the terms of service and get you banned if you perform it, you wont be hit as hard as the 1,000,000 users that have had their boxes and respective HDD units rendered useless.

This modification does not stop Microsoft from banning a console but only prevents the deletion of the HD installation certificates required by games which means you can still install them on the hard drive.

Note: In order to update the kernel this mod must be disabled; a simple switch solution comes to mind."

More on XBox Live Bans, HDD Crippling, Possible Ban Causes

273w ago - Update: As expected, Microsoft has [Register or Login to view links] their stance on banning modified XBox 360 consoles.

Reports now indicate that the fresh wave of Microsoft bans on modified consoles has resulted in systems not only being banned from XBox Live, but also removing the ability to install games to the HDD, forbidding the use of Windows Media Centre extender, and not allowing the retrieval of achievements from backups without corrupting profiles.

Thus far, Microsoft has disabled 600,000 accounts (up to 1 million according to [Register or Login to view links]) in the US and Canada.

To quote from Kushan: - What does this mean for you and what can you do about it?

Firstly, and most obviously, you cannot connect to Xbox Live on this console any more. This means no more game updates (aka title updates), XBLA games, marketplace content, netflix/sky player and so on. There is no way around this, all online capabilities are now disabled PERMANENTLY.

In all likelihood, your gamertag has NOT BEEN BANNED. When...
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