Collect Intel in Killzone 2 for PS3, Get Rewards on

271w ago - Killzone Community Editor Victor Zuylen shared the following via PS Blog today:

With Killzone 2 receiving lots of positive attention from the press, I figured now would be a good time to give you a taste of the bonus content which can be unlocked on through the game.

After you€ve uncovered a piece of Helghast intel in Killzone 2€s single player campaign, you can connect to to claim a special reward.

These unlockable rewards come in various shapes and sizes €" some are simply printable versions of the propaganda posters you see in-game, others contain details on the wildlife of the Maelstra Barrens or pages from a Helghast soldier€s secret journal.

PDF Downloads: Example 1 / Example 2

(Please note: To view these documents you will need Adobe Reader.)

If you€re good enough, you can even unlock and download physical objects from the Killzone universe. €That€s impossible,€ I hear you cry at your monitor, €You can€t to download physical objects through the Internet €" let alone objects from a fictional...

Rumor: Want Cash for PlayStation Home? Collect Trophies!

281w ago - There was a rumored meet and greet that took place in the Home closed BETA that released details of PlayStation Home's upcoming release.

The meet and greet was held by the 3 head's of Home (hosted by Locust_Star and CydoniaX, and also they brought in Tdog) and announced the following:

- Home will be for use by those only 18+
- To gain cash in order to purchase things in Home you'll need to collect trophies (Currency System)
- There will be a random weather generator that produces rain, snow, clouds, sun, etc.
- The Home Open Beta will begin December 15th or 30th of this year

Some Home users have called this fake... so like most rumors, this is unconfirmed until it€s officially announced.

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