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Amazing New In-game Alan Wake XBox 360 Images Arrive

249w ago - Today Gamersmint shared some amazing new Alan Wake screenshots, which confirms the fact that this is going to be one of the finest titles to be releasing on Microsoft's XBox 360 this year!

The story will play out in an episodic format, with a television show-style presentation. Remedy has confirmed that Alan Wake is only the first season of a bigger story, opening the door for future sequels.

Light plays a significant role in gameplay and strategy. The enemies, called "the Taken" in the game, are sensitive to light, encouraging the player to take advantage of environmental light sources and placing significant emphasis on the flashlight as a primary weapon.

Players also have the ability to set traps that illuminate when triggered, either damaging or temporarily immobilizing an enemy. They are then destroyed and turned into batteries.

Finally, Alan Wake is slated for release on Microsoft's XBox 360 console on May 14, 2010 in Europe and on May 18, 2010 in North America.

Alan Wake XBox 360 Demo Story Details from GamesCom 2009

283w ago - From GamesCom this year, the Alan Wake demo starts heading out to find Rusty, a local lawman who seems keen to give you some information on finding the pages that will appease your love interest's kidnappers.

It's made clear that light and dark play a very important role in Alan Wake, and it's not long before enemies are attacking and need to be taken down by way of torch and gun combination.

It's truly gripping and as more and more enemies attack we have to rely on holding a lit flare above our heads to aid us in wading through the crowd of foes. The game seems to have a slow motion effect to enhance dramatic situations and it works perfectly.

Just as things had settled down, and it was feeling as if we could finally relax, a nearby bulldozer starts up and begins to charge.

It's being controlled by the darkness that's consuming the area. A frantic combination of torch light and a flare manage to bring it to a halt just before Alan is crushed beneath it.

Eventually we discover Rusty. Near death and bloody, he mutters that the pages we are searching for are hidden behind the life ring near the lighthouse. Having passed on his message he finally breathes his last breath.

The quickest way to the lighthouse is by car and, conveniently, there is one nearby....

Video: Alan Wake SDCC '09: Waking Nightmare Gameplay

287w ago - Scheduled for a Spring 2010 release on the XBox 360, a new Alan Wake 'Waking Nightmare' Gameplay video is available from SDCC '09.

For those who didn't know, Alan Wake is a "psychological action thriller" inspired by Twin Peaks and the works of Stephen King.

The plot? Alan Wake, a bestselling writer, hasn't managed to write anything in over two years. Now his wife, Alice, brings him to the idyllic small town of Bright Falls to recover his creative flow.

But when she vanishes without a trace, Wake finds himself trapped in a nightmare. Word by word, his latest work, a thriller he can't even remember writing, is coming true before his eyes. He somehow knows its his story without any memory of writing it.

The video's caption simply reads: Will Alan wake from this nightmare? Be afraid of the dark. Check it out below!


Alan Wake: The Real Mystery in This Thriller is When It'll be Out!

317w ago - It's hard to remember a game that has been glimpsed so little and yet generated so much discussion. Admittedly, not all of that discussion has been positive.

In fact, mostly talk of Alan Wake is followed by arguments about whether it will ever come out, if it can possibly live up to three years' worth of hype and - whisper it - if it even exists anymore.

Well, after a year of silence, a new trailer landed last month so we know, at least, it exists. But can it live up to expectations - and when will the game actually arrive on shop shelves?

Release date first, then - because there isn't one. As is Remedy's wont, the game will only see the light of day when completed. The Finnish coders have consistently shaken off any vague seasonal release pushed their way by publishers Microsoft, repeating on their website that the game only debuts once it's done.

That said, almost a thousand days into development and they are, at least, prepared to attach the year 2009 to the project. And, if we were to take a bash, we'd say autumn is a good bet.

In a weird way, Remedy have tried their best to downplay expectations, showing little of the game, revealing nothing of the story and never once, in three years, giving anyone a chance to play it. It could be argued the sense of anticipation...

E3 will be Showing Alan Wake for XBox 360

344w ago - Alan Wake has been "coming soon" to the Xbox 360 since before the console even launched. Billed as a "psychological action thriller" which finds its roots in dramatic television, the story follows the titular horror novelist as he copes with the sudden disappearance of his fiancée.

Plagued by writer's block and an inability to sleep, Wake sequesters himself at a clinic in the small town of Bright Falls, Washington. Terrifying nightmares give the writer fresh inspiration, but things take a turn for the sinister when the horrific visions begin to manifest in his waking life.

More screenshots can be seen via the link at the top of this article!
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