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XBReboot v0.05 8955_1 for Zephyr, Falcon and Jasper-16 is out!

268w ago - As a follow-up to the previous release comes XBReboot v0.05 8955_1 for Zephyr, Falcon and Jasper-16 today.

They are all available with the latest 8955_1 patch revision now, so each 16mb motherboard can now run XBR v0.05 8955_1!

Only support for Jasper 256/512mb motherboards is still missing now. Don't forget to inject your own KeyVault and Config before flashing.

Download: XBR Zephyr 8955_1 / XBR Falcon 8955_1 / XBR Jasper 16 8955_1 / 360 Flash Tool v0.90 / FindSecData v0.61

XBReboot Block Layout:

Ox00 - 0x2F 4548 boot FW
0x30 - 0x3F Backup Xell
0x40 - 0x4F XBRfw.bin Rebooter core
0x50 - 0xBF Patch.bin Kernel and patches
0xC0 - 0x?? Flash file system

Version: XBRfw 0.5beta Initial
The fw version need not change for any given Patch.bin


Free60 JTAG / SMC XeLL Hack for Jasper 16MB Motherboards

272w ago - After the release of the hack for Xenon, Falcon/Opus and Zephyr XBox 360 motherboards, today we get the Free60 JTAG / SMC XeLL Hack for Jasper (v4) motherboards with 16MB NAND chips (so NOT compatible with 256 & 512MB NAND yet).

Download: Free60 JTAG / SMC XeLL Hack for Jasper 16MB Motherboards

This NAND image will boot your Jasper XBox 360 right into XeLL, which allows you to launch linux distros or run libxenon homebrew software, as long as you never upgraded it via the normal MS upgrade procedures to kernel 849x or higher.

To quote from the NFO File: Finally the Jasper JTAG Hack is here

This is XELL (compiled 11.09.09) inserted into 6712 Jasper-Kernel.

Don't wonder about the Filesize, its correct like that. It just flashes the beginning of the NAND so your console specific data like MAC adress will stay.


New Jasper XBox 360 Consoles Come with a Smaller PSU

288w ago - The image below shows a regular Jasper PSU and right below the PSU (which is about 1/4th smaller) from an Arcade Jasper-based Xbox360 with 512MB internal MU manufactured in May 2009.

The new PSU is still 150W, so no change there.

To quote legueux, roughly translated from French:

nono85 us back information on the power supply for Xbox 360 which has seen its size reduced by a quarter compared to blocks distributed so far.

The block at the top of the picture corresponding to a distributed power 150w with Jasper in March 2009.

The block at the bottom of the picture corresponds to a 150w power supply after a pack containing the new Arcarde Jasper revision in May 2009 with 512MB of onboard memory.

New XBox 360 Jasper Motherboard with 512MB Internal MU Found

293w ago - There's a new XBox 360 Jasper motherboard with a 4gbit Samsung NAND inside. This will give users 512Mbytes internal Memory Unit compared to the old Jasper motherboard which came with 256Mbytes.

Braza has [Register or Login to view links] pictures of a new Jasper motherboard with a 4gbit Samsung NAND inside.

To quote: This XBox 360 is a Japanese Arcade SKU made on April 9th 2009. The motherboard still seems like a Jasper-model, only real change seems to be the NAND.

The extra space is all used to give you a larger internal memory unit. The original Aracde Jasper has a 2gbit NAND and gave users an ~214MBytes of usable internal memory as around 16MB is used by Microsoft for kernel/keyvault/dash etc.

So we guess the new one should give you ~496Mbytes of usable internal MU.

Jasper XBox 360 Pro Acquired: the Photograph is Proof

317w ago - So yeah, finding an Xbox 360 Jasper in Arcade form isn't all that difficult these days, but we certainly haven't seen a glut of Pro models shipping out with the supposedly cooler, smoother and altogether more melancholy Jasper hardware within.

A lucky soul over at PDAToday has acquired one such unit, and while he may just be incredibly fortunate, we'd say it's about time you to-be Pro owners start looking out for a few telltale signs.

As you can see in the closeups in the read link, there here FDOU team Pro -which was ordered from Amazon on December 22nd- boasts a 12.1 amp rating and the unmistakable Jasper power port.

Of note, it did come bundled with a Falcon revision (175-watt) power supply just like Ben Heck's Jasper Arcade, though we suspect Microsoft is just clearing out excess inventory given that the older PSU won't damage the Jasper machines.

Any others out there run into any holiday luck? Let us know!
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