PS3 Game Releases List

Date Region Firmware PS3 Game & Release Group Size Nuke NFO
04-16-2014   N/A 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil EUR MULTi6 PS3-ABSTRAKT 66x100 No
04-16-2014   N/A 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil EUR MULTI5 PS3-iND No
04-16-2014   N/A Dai 3 Ji Super Robot Taisen Z Jigoku Hen JPN PS3-HR No
04-16-2014   N/A Short Peace Ranko Tsukigimes Longest Day PS3-ACCiDENT 100x200 No
04-12-2014   N/A 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil PS3-iMARS 64x100 No
04-11-2014   N/A LEGO The Hobbit EUR MULTi6 PS3-ABSTRAKT 68x100 No
04-09-2014   N/A Batman Arkham Origins A Cold Cold Heart DLC PS3-DUPLEX 42x50 No
04-08-2014   N/A Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z JPN PS3-HR 57x100 No
04-08-2014   N/A J-Stars Victory VS JPN PS3-HR 64x50 No
04-05-2014   N/A Atelier Escha and Logy Alchemists of the Dusk Sky PS3-ANTiDOTE 64x100  
04-04-2014   N/A LEGO The Hobbit PS3-ACCiDENT 29x250 No

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