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Video: PS Vita Hello World on 1.67 Demo, VHBL Update Incoming

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140w ago - Following up on Sony's PS Vita Firmware Update v1.67, this weekend PlayStation Vita hacker wololo has announced news of a new Hello World on PS Vita 1.67 alongside details of a VHBL update with a demonstration video below.

To quote: Hope you didn’t wait too long since our last VHBL release a bit more than 2 weeks ago… This is a new PSP user mode exploit by thecobra (also discovered a while ago by WosRet), which I confirmed runs on a PS Vita with Firmware 1.67. Unlike Motorstorm and Everybody’s Tennis, this game is available in the US store as well as some other countries (details to come). Check the video and details below.

Thecobra already ported VHBL to this exploit, and we already have something running, that just needs a few tweaks here and there before being released. So far I didn’t see anything that would prevent HBL from running on Vita 1.67, but that will need to be fully confirmed in the days to come.

The name of the exploited game is obviously kept a secret until the public announcement, and if you don’t want to miss the release, remember that history repeats itself. Sony will most likely remove the game within hours following the announcement, so stay tuned.

Congrats and thanks to thecobra!

Update: Below is another brief video update (via wololo.net/wagic/2012/04/17/vhbl-on-vita-1-67-tweaking-in-progress/) to quote:

Hey everyone, quickly showcasing the work in progress for VHBL’s port to thecobra’s exploit. To be honest, thecobra’s really done most of the work here, and I merely tweaked it to clean up the code, before compiling and giving it a try.

On the video below, I’m playing doom (again? I should be a bit more creative...) on PS Vita firmware 1.67.

The release should happen soon, although please keep in mind that I also have a real life to deal with in addition to this release, so please be patient while we’re getting ready.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#37 - tophead420 - 127w ago
tophead420's Avatar
Good news to hear. Not totally sure I'll ever use any hacks on my vita atleast not till there is an exploit that doesn't involve a PSP game to use. But I am happy to see progress being made on the vita unlike the ps3....

#36 - PS3 News - 127w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Today PlayStation Vita developer wololo has announced news of VHBL success using a new PSP game exploit courtesy of [Register or Login to view links] with details below.

To quote from his blog: Sometimes, it’s just that simple...

Neur0n has been kind enough to share with me the details of his latest user mode exploit, so that I could help porting VHBL to his game on the EU and US versions (yes, the game seems to be available on all stores, and don’t stop reading here, it gets better).

Sometimes porting VHBL to a new game can be a pain in the rear. Many times, as I discovered the hard way, we hit a wall and have to give up after dozens of hours of investigation.

On this exploit too, had I been alone working on it, I would have given up. It seemed impossible to free most of the ram (VHBL basically needs to cleanly remove the game from the ram, in order to load homebrews instead), and the exploit ended up with about 2MB of free ram, instead of the 24MB that we usually expect.

But hey, that’s where comes the joy of working with talented people like Neur0n: he figured out, within 24hours, how to free the additional 22MB. I am not sure really how he found out, and why it works, but it damn works.

So I can proudly show you a picture of my work in progress on the EU version of the game. But honestly, neur0n did all the hard work on this one

This is running on a PSP with Pro CFW, which is were all the initial development always happen for VHBL. I haven’t tried to run anything else than the menu yet, but getting to the menu is usually a very good sign.

There’s still lots of work to be done: confirm it works on the vita (which should not be a problem since neur0n already confirmed it on the Japanese version), code cleanup, homebrews tests and bug fixes, port to the US version of the game...

As far as a release is concerned, I’ll synchronize with neur0n, but I think it’s clear to most people that we’re all eagerly waiting for ps1 classics support before a new VHBL version is released. As you know, each VHBL release is quickly followed by a patch from Sony, so I’m sure everybody wants the next VHBL release to happen on a “useful” firmware. In this case, I’m sure everybody’s ready to wait for firmware 1.80.

As usual, don’t ask for hints on the game, or its price, or anything like that, as I won’t answer these questions.

Stay tuned.

Finally, in related news PS Vita developer Kylin12 has released (via psvitacfw.com/tank-war-0-40b) Tank War version 0.40b.

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

To quote: v0.40b: Added double battle mode, also changes in the maps.

  • PS Vita connects to your PC *.
  • PS Suite Launches Dev (PlayStation Mobile Developer Program (Open Beta)) in your PS Vita.
  • Runs the application * VitaConnector.exe (found in the * RELEASE).
  • Click “Refresh Devices”: Select your PS Vita of the list and click ‘click’ on * Connect to Device.
  • Now select the package you want to upload to the PS Vita, in this case * TankWarPSV.psspac.
  • Upload you give and expect to complete the transfer, after which you will receive a confirmation message and you can run the game on your PS Vita.

More PlayStation 3 News...

#35 - PS3 News - 132w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
This weekend wololo has updated his blog (wololo.net/2012/06/08/vhbl-4th-release-work-in-progress/) with details on the VHBL 4th release: work in progress, as follows:

VHBL is a homebrew loader for the PSP and the Playstation Vita. Since it relies on exploits in specific games available on the Playstation Network, Sony usually removes the exploited games within hours following my announcements.

In order to allow a maximum number of people to benefit the exploit before Sony pulls the games, we are regularly doing “confidential” releases (a.k.a. Ninja Releases) to trusted members of our forums at wololo.net/talk, using new exploited games.

We’ve done 3 releases this year so far, using exploits in Motorstorm, Everybody’s Tennis, and Super Collapse 3.

I recently ported VHBL to a 4th exploit, and confirmed it works fine on the Vita. This time, you’re going to have to trust me that I am running VHBL on a new exploit, since I cannot easily prove that this is not running under the Super Collapse 3 exploit. Here is a short video showing the PSP emulator GPSP, running Advance Wars:

The author of this exploit wants to stay anonymous for now, and hasn’t taken a decision on a release yet for personal and technical reasons. In particular, the exploited game is not available in all stores (something that’s become the norm now, we usually suggest people to bypass that limitation by buying PSN cards from some online retailers).

That being said, I am (and hopefully, other people are too) working on porting VHBL to other games in parallel. If one of the ports is successful, I’ll try to discuss with the various devs involved which exploit would be the best to release, so I am confident we will have a release ready soon enough.

My current goal (but that might change), is to wait for Sony’s next move (firmware 1.68?) before doing a new release. This is, of course, if I am done in time with the port, and if I can convince one of the owners of the exploit(s) to do a release.

Just to repeat myself, I am tired of people who come to this blog 24h after the public announcement and tell me “but I didn’t know how to get the info in advance”. So don’t let your friends be “the only guy who didn’t know about it”, and let them know about our ninja release process.

Alternatively you can yell “Ninja releases happen on /talk!!!” from the top of your building’s roof, but I heard that nowadays this is less efficient than social networks.

Stay tuned.

#34 - StanSmith - 136w ago
StanSmith's Avatar
At least we are getting somewhere with the Vita. Pity the PS3 scene is dead.

#33 - dragonbleu82 - 136w ago
dragonbleu82's Avatar


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