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VHBL for PS Vita 2.61, Uses Jikkyu Powerful Pro Yakyu 2012 Ketteiban

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61w ago - Following up on the previous updates, today PSP developer 173210 has released VHBL for PlayStation Vita 2.61 Firmware users, which uses an exploit in the Japanese title Jikkyu Powerful Pro Yakyu 2012 Ketteiban.

Download: [Register or Login to view links] (initial release, 2013/10/16 - vhbl261.zip) / [Register or Login to view links] (initial release, 2013/10/16 - Password: B8iEUNgDcjLImQFDqxBd)

To quote: As I type this, I believe the exploited game for this release, Jikkyu Powerful Pro Yakyu 2012 Ketteiban, is still available on the JP PSN store. The Game is fairly expensive and probably didn’t attract so much attention. If you really want to run emulators on your Vita, it might still be possible for you to get that game.

VHBL is a homebrew loader running inside the PSP emulator on the Playstation Vita. It lets you run PSP homebrews, including several emulators (SNES, NES, GBA, etc...), but will not let you run PSP isos, let alone pirate PS vita games.

Many thanks go to developer 173210 for his work on his exploit, and for providing the result of this work to the community. I’ll go with the typical disclaimer: VHBL comes free of charge and with no guarantee whatsoever.

In order to run VHBL, an exploit is required, and exploits exist in commercial games that you need to buy from the PSN. When you buy such games, you buy the game, not the exploit, not the promise that VHBL will work for you.

Update (via wololo.net/2013/10/21/developer-173210-ports-vhbl-to-yet-another-game-talks-about-tn-v-compatibility/ and twitter.com/173210/status/391883389982085120): Developer 173210 ports VHBL to yet another game, talks about TN-V compatibility

There were 4 undisclosed exploits on Vita’s firmware 2.61, until Japanese developer 173210 kindly released his VHBL port, “reducing” the number to 3 “yet to be revealed” exploits. But we’re back to 4, as 173210 confirmed one of his other psp usermode exploits wasn’t patched yet.

With apparently the help from Qwikrazor87, famous for being involved in pretty much every single VHBL port nowadays, 173210 was able to port VHBL to his exploit fairly quickly.

173210 shared screenshots of his work on twitter, these screenshots being taken on a PSP for now. VHBL exploits are typically found in PSP games and run on the Vita through the PSP emulator.

The typical development process involves doing most of the work on a hacked PSP, and do only the final verifications on a PS Vita. The screenshot below shows 173210′s port running the default VHBL menu on his PSP.

It is unclear at this point if and when any of the 4 devs with those hidden VHBL exploits will release their work. There’s a possibility most of them are waiting for Total_Noob’s TN-V upcoming release (majorly expected since it would be the first psp kernel exploit release for the vita since last year in December), in order not to “waste” their exploit for now. PSP usermode exploits allowing to run homebrews on the PS Vita have been revealed in 12 games so far (more than 20 if you count their variations), since the Vita release 2 years ago.

Speaking of TN-V, Total_Noob has been asking the community to help porting TN-V 4 to existing usermode exploits, an initiative being tracked on our /talk forums.

173210 mentioned that he was able to port his recently released exploit to TN-V 4, as confirmed by the heart warming green screen displayed by Total_Noob’s tool developed for that purpose. Again, this was done with the help of Qwikrazor87, it seems.

173210 had also been recently looking into possibilities to connect the Vita to a PC with direct usb communication, by exploiting some specific PSP games that had USB with PS2/PS3 communication mechanisms. Sadly, it appears the Vita implementation of that driver is made of dummy functions that do not work, so progress on that finding last week apparently led to a dead end.

With 2 exploits, work on TN-V compatibility, and some additional work on usb drivers, 173210 has been extremely active recently

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#9 - PS3 News - 57w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Following up on the previous exploits for PS Vita Firmware 2.61, today PlayStation Vita developer Yosh (aka wth) released another PSP Usermode 2.61 exploit for Half Minute Hero with details below.

Download: Half-Minute_Hero.zip (Half Minute Hero VHBL

#8 - babyjoe00069 - 68w ago
babyjoe00069's Avatar
ok i'm just a lil confused, i have arcade darts n i'm on 2.60 vita firmware, i was waiting for the exploit to be released, is this it? is this like the uno exploit or??

i'm happy staying on 2.60 if i can play homebrew and psp iso's, i have another vita still on 2.02 with the uno exploit, i'm just a lil confused, last exploit was here download this save data n put it in folder n load, this one seems different, can we have an ez noob tutorial please

#7 - rianchio23 - 68w ago
rianchio23's Avatar
anyway to install this thru my pc? I did an official update and bricked. Now my safe mode only has 2 options the first and last one. none of the update options have worked for me. 2 vitas broken so far lol my first white one was put to sleep and never woke up and can't get into safe mode on it... damn you sony

#6 - cojelo9 - 68w ago
cojelo9's Avatar
Today PlayStation Vita developer Total_Noob has made available a PS Vita 2.60-2.61 kernel exploit with details below, roughly translated:

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

Yes, you read the title right. As most of you know its been some time since the last PSVITA pspemu kernel exploit was released; with the last one being released on firmware 2.02 with the UNO exploit. Waiting is over.

It can be easily ported on every other exploit, all you have to do is to rename the folder destination of h.bin with a hex editor [ms0:/PSP/SAVEDATA/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/] to your savedata.

Example; If the game you own is Arcade Air Hockey & Bowling , download the vhbl version of it, copy, paste and replace the h.bin , edit the h.bin [ms0:/PSP/SAVEDATA/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/ > ms0:/PSP/SAVEDATA/NPEZ00054SLOT00/ ], copy paste flash0.tn and your fav menu inside as menu.pbp and you are done.

Do not ask me were I found the files, everyone has the right to have access on such job. happy piracy

Source: PSItaly

#5 - StanSmith - 68w ago
StanSmith's Avatar
In other words, it blocks the latest exploit. Dont they realise the longer the exploit is out there the more people buy Vitas and use Vitas? Its their own stupidity that removes those users from their PSN which brings them money and more sales.

It looks like updates with single digit updates are just exploit fixes where double digit updates bring new features.


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