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Sony: PSP Go Firmware Prevents Piracy, Unable to Rip Games

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282w ago - Sony's John Koller has stated that the PSP Go has new firmware which precludes piracy and won't allow anyone to rip games.

He added that there is now no external battery either, which is part of the 'protections' for the system.

To quote: "We've had a lot of success with the 3000," Koller says when I bring up the issue. While the earlier models of the PSP were incredibly easy to use with ripped or downloaded games, the PSP Go is going to make things tougher on the pirates.

"You won't be able to rip your games and play them on the system, the firmware precludes that," Koller explained. "There's no external battery, so there's a number of protections put into place on the system."

Although this is sure to protect the PSP Go, this may come of as one slight downfall for the PSP Go now. When that battery starts to wear down, that means sending that sexy device to sony for a couple of weeks with a fee.

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#6 - PS3 News - 282w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
No it does not, so PSP Go games will be stored internally or via Memory Stick... meaning they can be updated immediately by Sony to patch exploits.

Here are the full PSP Go specs:
PSP(R) (PlayStation(R)Portable) go (PSP-N1000)

Product Name PSP(R) (PlayStation(R)Portable) go

External Approx. 128 x 16.5 x 69 mm (width x height x depth)
dimensions (excludes largest projection)

Weight Approx. 158g / 5.6 oz (including internal battery)

CPU PSP(R) CPU (System clock frequency 1-333 MHz, Main
memory 64MB)

Display 3.8 inches (16:9) full-transparent type, TFT drive,
480 x 272 pixel, Approx. 16,770,000 colors displayed

Sound Built-in stereo speakers
Built-in microphone

Main Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11b) (Wi-Fi)
input/ Bluetooth(R)2.0 (EDR)
output High Speed USB (USB2.0)
Memory Stick Micro(TM)(M2(TM))
Analog Video Out

connectors Multi use connector
(DC IN / OUT, USB, Video Output / Input, Sound
Input / Output)
Headset / Microphone connector
Memory Stick Micro(TM)(M2(TM)) slot

Key / Switches Directional buttons (up/down/right/left), analog
Action buttons (triangle, circle, cross, square),
L/R buttons
START button, SELECT button, PS button
POWER/HOLD switch, WLAN switch
display button, sound button, volume (+ / -) buttons

Power sources Lithium-Ion rechargeable internal battery pack
AC adaptor
USB power supply

Internal memory 16GB (Flash Memory)

Supported PSP(R) Game

Access Control Region code, parental control

Wireless Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11b) (Wi-Fi)
(Infrastructure mode / Ad hoc mode (connect up to 16
Bluetooth(R)2.0 (EDR)

Supplied AC adaptor
accessories USB cable
CD-ROM (Media Go)

*Design and specifications are subejt to change without notice.

Supported coded (in Memory Stick Micro (M2(TM)) / Internal memory)

Video * Memory Stick Video Format
o MPEG-4 Simple Profile (AAC)
o H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Main Profile (AAC)
* MPEG-4
o MPEG-4 Simple Profile (AAC)
o H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Main Profile (CABAC) (AAC)
o Baseline Profile (AAC)
o Motion JPEG (Linear PCM)
o Motion JPEG (u-Law)

Music * Memory Stick Audio Format
o ATRAC3(TM)*8
o ATRAC3plus(TM)*8
o MP3
* MP3 (MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer3)
* MP4 (MPEG-4 AAC)
* WAVE (Linear PCM)
* WMA (Windows Media(R) Audio 9 Standard only)*9

Photo * JPEG (DCF2.0/Exif2.21 compliant)

*8 Content protected by Open MG can be played back only when it is
stored in M2.
*9 WMA Playback feature needs to be enabled.

#5 - everglow21 - 282w ago
everglow21's Avatar
Does the PSP Go run on UMD's?

#4 - SuaveAfro - 282w ago
SuaveAfro's Avatar
I'm not the one to pirate games but I thought with the psp go I could get ripped games online that I already own. I had the original one and have all my UMD's. I have not heard anything from Sony what they are planning to do about the people that own a PSP, guess if have a psp now you might be out of luck until Sony announces something.

#3 - semitope - 282w ago
semitope's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by D3M0N2009 View Post
The ease in which games could be pirated on the original PSP is really what caused less developers to develop for the system, so since that has been fixed for now hopefully more developers will be interested in making games for the console.

I always thought the system failed before piracy. Maybe the software developers couldnt get the margins they wanted but the hardware sales are something to boast about now. I thought the reason software wasnt doing well was because there were few quality games on the system even early in its life and it had to compete with gba and ds. Honestly I never heard anything good about the systems games (at least not much) in those times.

This will be hacked unless its got security like the ps3. And an internal battery doesnt seem to prevent what an external battery might have been used for, you just open it up. if there has never been a psp mod chip they still have the option to use it if needed.

#2 - victorinox - 282w ago
victorinox's Avatar
so those people who owned a psp for 4 or so years prior... will be able to easily do it =P im sure it will be cracked over something stupid, and that will be that.

#1 - D3M0N2009 - 282w ago
D3M0N2009's Avatar
The ease in which games could be pirated on the original PSP is really what caused less developers to develop for the system, so since that has been fixed for now hopefully more developers will be interested in making games for the console.


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