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Sony Aims for Simultaneous Digital PSP Game Releases in 2009

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299w ago - The head of PlayStation US marketing, John Koller, has revealed that Sony is planning on simultaneous digital versions of its PSP titles released alongside their UMD equivalents.

To quote: The head of PlayStation marketing at Sony America, John Koller, has stated that Sony would ideally like to see simultaneous digital versions of its PSP titles released alongside their retail UMD counterparts.

"In the back half of this year, we should see a good rise in the amount of content that comes to PSN for the PSP," he told Wired. "We're aware that most of the content thus far has been for PS3, and that's based on the usage model and who has been demanding that content.

"But as we continue, and there's more of a desire from the consumer for PSP content, we're going to really increase the size and amount of content that's available."

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#6 - Veritech - 299w ago
Veritech's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by AuronVII View Post
Also higher capacity Memory Sticks are way too expensive.

Not really there fairly priced nowadays, especially if you were a launch PSP owner you'd really understand how much the pice has dropped for memory.

#5 - AuronVII - 299w ago
AuronVII's Avatar
Also higher capacity Memory Sticks are way too expensive.

#4 - DrFrankenstein - 299w ago
DrFrankenstein's Avatar
The only problem is that the second hand and reduced games market will also vanish so you will end up paying a lot more in the long run, And you dont ever actually own the content you are pretty much renting it until PSN or the next console comes out.

#3 - Shrink - 299w ago
Shrink's Avatar
Hear you god!

In Germany it's not THAT bad. But we have slower connections here as well. I don't like DLC anyway. Brick your console and you might not get your content again (if they make it console bound - like mac-addresses or something)

Gimme a nice disk or maybe a storage card (costs a daim if even) and I'm a happy f'in puppy.

#2 - D3M0N2009 - 299w ago
D3M0N2009's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Veritech View Post
This seems to back up the rumors on the new PSP lacking a UMD player a bit. If they offer dual launches of titles, digital, and UMD, it would not hurt owners of the older units and save money on the amount of UMDs needed to be produced, shipping and receiving, ect.

I belive digital game downloads are the way of the future. It will save countless amounts of money on production, shipping, and retail sales. Just think how much Wallmart or Gamestop pays for each game unit.

If they cut out the middle man and just payed for hosting there product instead of shipping it they would really be able to invest more into development. And thus we will become beneficiaries our selves.

The problem with Digital game releases is that it will only be good for certain countries, here in Australia we have possibly the worst broadband network, I get about 2mb/s download 0.5 mb/s upload, and a total of 80gb Download a month for $70, which is pretty pathetic when compared what you guys get in the states.

Digital downloads would only work here if they where available in store, that is you pay a small fee, and you download from a instore computer directly to your PSP.


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