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Rumor: British Source Claims PSP2 to Release Holiday 2011

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220w ago - A few weeks ago PSP2 was confirmed by developers, and today according to VG247.com (linked above) a British source claims Sony's PSP2 handheld will be released during Holiday 2011.

To quote: "Developers and publishers have been told that PSP2 will release at the end of next year, a British source familiar with the matter has told VG247.

"We've been told it's coming in late 2011," said our man.

PSP2 is about as badly concealed as a games system can be. It's been common knowledge for much of this year that content is being made for the system, and that dev kits are in the wild. CPU and GPU specs have yet to be confirmed.

Sony has been obviously silent on the chatter, but has gone on the record to say there are "no plans" to include 3D. This tallies with what we've been told in the past month.

The machine has a forward-facing and backward-facing camera, and will come with both touch-screen and physical controls."

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#19 - msr - 220w ago
msr's Avatar
People only have so much time. Its so different than when most of us where kids, when we only had 1 or 2 games to play on our systems, and we would try to complete them, today we are in overload with games all the time.

Like others say, my psp and nds do not really get used, so not sure whether i really want another hand held, except maybe it can run all emulators or something.

#18 - Sterist - 220w ago
Sterist's Avatar
while hopeful in this being true, i will remain a skeptic that Sony would release it while the PSP is barely half way into it's lifespan. that could potentially upset a lot of publishers of new and up-coming PSP games by diluting the market.

on another note, if and when the PSP2 does come out, please wait for a used one to become available at a local store. avoid padding Sony's pockets where ever you can -- let them know that their awful business practices are not going to fly.

#17 - Torrentted - 220w ago
Torrentted's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by WeOutHere View Post
Honestly, my iPhone has replaced my need for a PSP. My old one just collects dust. I am glad they are still making them and trying to move forward but I don't think it a great platform anymore....

Yeah, I'm not really sure how much use I have for either a PSP2 or 3DS. I barely touched my DS and never got around to getting a PSP--I've kinda cooled off on iPhone gaming too, but I still definitely have a lot of use for my phone.

#16 - Skaper - 220w ago
Skaper's Avatar
They've no doubt spend a LOT of time in R&D doing privacy counter-measures. I hope it never gets hacked so we get more developer support this time.

#15 - PSGamer24 - 220w ago
PSGamer24's Avatar
That pic is just someone's concept. It won't look like that as the real PSP2 has two control nubs and touch controls underneath.


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