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PSP 6.35 Firmware HBL Arrives for Minna no Sukkiri Demo Exploit

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209w ago - Just under a month ago Sony released PSP System Software v6.35, and over the weekend some1 via wololo (linked abaove) has released a HBL Homebrew Loader for PSP Firmware 6.35 via the Minna no Sukkiri Demo Exploit by Jeerum.

Download: Sukkiri HBL for PSP FW 6.35 / Minna no Sukkiri PSP Demo / Jeerum PSP FW 6.35 Exploit

To quote: some1 had been working with m0skit0 and JJS on porting HBL to this exploit. It is unfortunate that the release has to happen like this, but some1 had to release his files much earlier than expected because of the leak.

You can download HBL for the sukkiri exploit here. I haven't tested it yet, and we will be working on a "proper" release in the days to come. If everything goes well, we will probably drop support for the previous exploits (the golf ones at least), in favor of this one.

This release makes HBL work on 6.35, in theory (haven't tested yet)"

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#33 - severusx - 207w ago
severusx's Avatar
Shortly after the PS3 was hacked to allow custom firmware to be installed. Noted PSP hacker Liquidzigong has been able to add an ISO loader to the previously download-only PSP Go. This will allow users to play UMD only games that were previously unavailable on the PSP Go.

Source: zeropaid.com/news/91953/pspgo-hacked-isoloader-successfully-installed/

#32 - OGroteKoning - 207w ago
OGroteKoning's Avatar
UPDATE: I redid the whole process again ... (and again) ... and somehow it now works! So I can give this an official "CONFIRMED WORKING" stamp of approval. Great work to all involved and thanks a lot!!!

If this is done correctly, the system software under system information reads 6.31 PRO and when you switch off the PSP and switch on again, you don't have to go through the whole process again - the HEN is still enabled.

#31 - OGroteKoning - 207w ago
OGroteKoning's Avatar
Thanks BOSS. I tested on a PSP 2000 with FW 6.31. Without the HEN installed I can use the Minna No Sukkiri exploit to access and use homebrew. After replacing the EBOOT.PBP of HBL in the HBL/MENU/ directory, the PSP hangs for a short while before switching off (crashing I presume). I tried both HEN6_31 (first attempt) and then, just for good measure also HEN6_35. Same result with both HEN's.

So I am stuck here. I know Jes03 was also on FW 6.31 so perhaps he can test and assist me if he gets it right (or anyone else).

#30 - PS3 News - 207w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Another update- Homebrew Enabler for PSP 6.31 and 6.35 with iSO Loader is now released: wololo.net/wagic/2011/01/03/release-hen-for-6-316-35-by-virtuous-flame-coldbird/
Update: many people are reporting problems running homebrews, I'm sure this will be quickly solved in the next revision

Note: the version on this page is an updated version directly sent by Virtuous Flame himself, it is even "fresher" than the one on a9vg

Chinese developers Virtuous Flame and Coldbird posted a Hen for 6.35/6.31 a few hours ago on a9vg.com. Although I tested it quickly and could confirm it works on my PSP3000, I didn't have the time to write a nice download page or even to update any of the Hen FAQs yet.

This Hen includes code to benefit from the extra 32MB of Ram

Many thanks to Virtuous Flame, and enjoy your gaming on 6.35

HEN for 6.31 / 6.35 Installation

1. Download and unzip the appropriate HEN version for your PSP firmware below
2. Download and unzip Half Byte Loader R112 for Minna no Sukkiri
* Copy the "hbl" directory and the "h.bin" file to the root of your device
3. Download and unzip the Minna no Sukkiri PSP Demo
* Unzip UCJS10094.zip (the SAVEDATA exploit) and copy to PSP/SAVEDATA
4. Replace HBL's "hbl/menu/EBOOT.PBP" with the appropriate HEN version
5. Start up Minna no Sukkiri and enjoy!

#29 - xplozion - 207w ago
xplozion's Avatar
I managed to Downgrade my PSP 300x Slim 3g from 6.20 -> CFW

I have all the files and if there is no one working on a Tutorial i can start writing one with pictures and everything included. just let me know.


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