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PlayStation Developer Suite Allows NES Emulation on PS Vita

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136w ago - Recently the PlayStation Suite SDK went into Open Beta as part of Sony's Developer Program, and now someone has managed to successfully port the Nintendo (NES) emulator FCEU to PlayStation Vita on the latest PS Vita v1.67 Firmware.

It's pretty easy to do, you need:

1. PS Vita
2. Computer running Win XP/7
3. Files included below.

To quote via glichxp.com/?p=1986 (linked above): How to Play NES Roms on PlayStation Vita SDK on FW 1.67

  • You will need to sign up for the development suite by going [Register or Login to view links] on your PS Vita browser and clicking Try now then clicking download under section 2. (this is a Sony site and the download link will launch the PS Store on your Vita)

  • The NES emulator is available for download [Register or Login to view links]. (Click the green button to start the download.)

  • You will also need [Register or Login to view links]. (will allow you to copy .psspac files from your PC to the Vita)

  • Once you have these two you will need to extract both to a folder somewhere on your PC.

  • The Vita Connect download also contains the source code of the program and a pre compiled program in the “VitaConnector/obj/x86/debug” directory

  • You may need to copy the dll files into that directory from “VitaConnector/lib” directory.

  • Once you have the program running find the file leaf.psspac from the download earlier in this article.

  • Connect your PS Vita using the usb cable to your PC.

  • Open the Playstation SDK app on the Vita before clicking refresh.

  • Click on “refresh devices”

  • Click on “connect to the device”

  • Click on “upload”

  • Restart PS Suite Dev on your Vita

  • You should now have a “Leaf” game

  • Launch this to play NES

NOTE: For whatever reason the emulation only works at 15fps.

Leaf controlls[] and X are your A and B buttons Triangle will change the rom that's loaded. dpad is your movement keys.

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#14 - drug2k5 - 136w ago
drug2k5's Avatar
Wow It works! Thank you! But no in games sound effects.

#13 - moja - 136w ago
moja's Avatar
Is this running in some sort of exploit wrapper? Is it signed for the PSP emulator? I like learning how these things work.

Nice release, especially since we don't all need to download a full game to make it work. Thanks to dev(s).

#12 - PSFreak26 - 136w ago
PSFreak26's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by sxcevo View Post
Weird, the app doesn't find my vita when i am in the developer. but if i minimize it then the app finds the vita. but i try and connect and select upload and it doesn't work, but then i go back into the vita connector and select refresh then the vita disappears and doesn't have anything connected. i did follow the guide and can't get it working, anyone got any ideas?

I followed the tutorial step by step same problem

#11 - fudgelmir - 136w ago
fudgelmir's Avatar
When I switched to PSSUITE, my computer prompted me to install a separate set of drivers. Aside from the ones installed by the PSVita content manager. Maybe try a different USB port then make sure it installs then try transferring.

Maybe it's worth mentioning that I also have the full sdk downloaded which can be found by googling vita sdk (it's around 300mb).

#10 - rylen - 136w ago
rylen's Avatar
I tried it again, still no luck


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