Free Undead Knights PSP Demo Contained Full Game

237w ago - According to both ratboy3124 on our boards HERE and GameSpot (linked above) it appears Sony mistakenly released the full version of Undead Knights for PSP instead of the demo for free!

Although GameSpot claims it's been pulled from the PS Store, it appears the download link is still working at the time of this writing... so leech away while you can guys!

To quote: "Earlier today, Sony launched the UMD-less PSP Go and added over 100 downloadable titles to the PlayStation Store. One more title could have been on that list, as a "demo" of Tecmo's Undead Knights included in the early morning update apparently included the full version of the game instead.

The 486MB download has since been pulled from the online storefront, but not before GameSpot was able to get it. The downloaded game gives no indication that it is limited in any way, with full access to all menu options, a working save function, customizable characters, and multiple playable chapters."

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Wonderkik's Avatar
#13 - Wonderkik - 237w ago
In order to play from the pkg, first you have to install it on the PS3, just like any demo.

Then, you connect your psp (via usb) to your Ps3, then select the undead knights "demo" and it will install the game on your Psp...

In fact, and to put it simply, you just use it as any Psp demo downloaded from the Ps3 store ^^

ratboy3124's Avatar
#12 - ratboy3124 - 237w ago
Yes, the ISO is already out there and they are using that tool to decrypt games that require OFW 5.55 and 6.00 to play on CFW's lower than 5.55.

Neo Cyrus's Avatar
#11 - Neo Cyrus - 237w ago
I should have read what was written on where I found the ISO. Apparently there is a program called NPDecryptor which can be used to crack the protection on downloaded games on the PSP. I'm not sure whether or not it converts it directly into an ISO if that needs to be done manually afterward.

If there wasn't an ISO of it before, there certainly is now that Sony put the game up for free. People have already used NPDecryptor to redistribute what Sony gave out for free. Thanks Sony!

ratboy3124's Avatar
#10 - ratboy3124 - 237w ago
Never seen a .pkg file and I do keep up with the PSP. I am assuming that is the package you get directly from the PSN and it installs the game. The original download that you would have got from the PSN does come with a license, so even if you were able to download this you would need a license. It is out there tho for people running CFW if you do a little searching.

PS3 News's Avatar
#9 - PS3 News - 237w ago
Ahh hehe.. no wonder most PSP people probably don't care about this then, it makes sense now.

If the ISO is already in circulation and playable, then why bother with a PKG file, eh?

This just goes to show how "out of the loop" I am with the PSP scene these days.

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