Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X Cheat Device for PSP out!

335w ago - Durka Durka Mahn has released a cheat device plug-in for use with Capcom's Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X on the PSP. The plug-in is compatible with custom firmware 3.71 M33 and enables various in-game cheats, all of which are detailed in the release notes below.

Download: MMMHX Cheat Device PRX / MMMHX Cheat Device PRX for 3.71 M33

Version 1 Info:

FlyMode - Allows you to easily fly around the level as X or Vile.
Infinite Health: You will never die! (Unless you fall down a hole or land on spikes)
Infinite Lives: You will always have 9 lives
Infinite Ammo: Infinite ammo for all weapons!
Always Charged Shots: All shots will be charged when the Square button is released!
Display Coordinates: Allows you to see your Coordinates while going through each level.
Vile's Weapon Changer: Allows you to go over budget and choose weapons you don't have. Even change them in the middle of a level!
Triangle for Hadouken: Hit Triangle to shoot the famous Hadouken, killing everything in its path, even Bosses!

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