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Xorloser on PS3 Custom Firmware and 3.50 x3Max JailBreak

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211w ago - Recently we reported on a 3.50 Firmware JailBroken PS3 x3Max video, and today PS3 developer xorloser has commented on the hack, as well as explaining why obtaining the hmac key for PlayStation 3 PUP files will not lead to PS3 Custom Firmware.

To quote from his blog, linked above:

"the hmac key for PUPs doesnt magically allow custom firmware. this is because all of the files that make up the PUP are signed anyway, so you cannot make custom versions of any of those files because you cannot sign them.

as for x3max supposedly working on v3.50, i call fake."

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#49 - DeViL303 - 210w ago
DeViL303's Avatar
I'm still holding out that this is real, if we can get 3.50 into service mode I see no reason why it can not be possible to patch back in the jailbreak exploit somehow. I think they will be destroyed as a company if its not true, No company is that stupid. Of course I too will not buy one until proof is released but I still have hope.

#48 - minddagap - 210w ago
minddagap's Avatar
i just wish it's true. i will only buy it after some proofs it's actually working. Then they deserve my money.

#47 - dinzy - 210w ago
dinzy's Avatar
I don't see how they can really protect their solution. Once it is out it will be reversed and duplicated.

While I respect their right to try and make a profit from their work, I am a little doubtful. Their profit margins cannot be too high if you can buy the part shipped for $35. That is what I paid for a blackcat when PSGroove was first released.

#46 - djhazardous - 210w ago
djhazardous's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Mantagtj View Post
Yeh why did we have to wait until Sunday for a paragraph of writing on your Homepage instead of a GT5 video on 3.55 (even 3.50!) or a .bin file !

Exactly, it just sounds like more BS to me.

#45 - Temzum - 210w ago
Temzum's Avatar
nice try to sell their stuff.


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