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x3Max PS JailBreak Clone PS3 ModChip is Reviewed

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216w ago - Here is my quick x3Max PS JailBreak clone PS3 modchip review, which I got from their official site linked above.

My story begins as I'm listening to speedcore on my computer and conducting business. Suddenly there's a knock at my door - I peer out the window to see a large van on the street.

I get up and answer the knocking only to discover a lady with a clipboard. She illustrates her desire for my signature and while this is happening I start to remember that I had ordered some samples.

After I politely signed my signature she proceeded to hand me a large DHL bag. We part ways and I enter my computer room, from here I proceed to open the bag only to discover a padded envelope.

I gaze upon it and begin to tear though it and I eventually discover what appears to be my JailBreak sample! Happily I open the resealable plastic, and on my computer I open up PS3News.com eager to write this lovely review!

ANYWAYS! This x3Max JailBreak came in an ugly box which featured a guy with tomato sauce on his face playing his PS3 - I have no idea why they used this, when their Web site has a picture of some hot girl holding a ps3 controller.

I wondered why it came with a miniature screw driver until stupidly I noticed two screws on the side- I opened up the USB to discover a miniSD card port.

Once plugged into your PC it starts installing its drivers, and eventually it will come up as "USB Input Device" and then "HID Compliance Device".

The programmer they have "X3 Programming Tool v2.0" seems well and good. Seeing as the USB already has the switch in the ON position (needed for programming) I quickly decided to put a teensy++2 hex file into it and clicked program (seeing as it can apparently program any hex file regardless of its chipset).

I turned the switch to the OFF position and plugged it into my PS3 only to discover its 2 leds flashing red and blue and nothing happening - No message of unknown usb and no JailBreak.

After a quick read of the manual I discover the requirement to program their "x3MAX_Generic.bin" first - "You only need to do this once." I tried this with my PS3 and it failed again, so I closed the program and started from the beginning; programming the bin file first and then the teensy hex file.

Wallah! The leds which resemble police lights stopped flashing and were stuck on; after a short period of time only the blue one was on indicating a successful JailBreak.


• Kinda cheap... Not the cheapest.
• 32bit processor & 16k ram (Interesting - Useful?)
• LOTS of space (128k + Bootloader + miniSD)
• Fast shipping (DHL straight from manufacturer)
• Crap service (This was my... 4th? attempt to order a sample)
• Actually comes EMPTY for once.

From a service point of view the company is shocking, emails are generic, their knowledge is minimal and their overall organization of things is way below standard.

I ordered this sample the DAY they came out with the x3JailBreak from there, I emailed them over and over until eventually they became x3Max. Even then, I had to remind them about 5 times to finally reply to me that the sample has been sent. Argh.

From a software point of view everything is great! It can use any hex file, this is rather awesome as there's no waiting around for the company to release their own versions as most of them do.

From a physical point of view the case is decent, the lid to get to the switch is difficult to pull off and when its off the actual board moves around a little when you flip the switch. Furthermore the case (seeing as its metal) gets extremely hot when left in the computer or PS3 which can actually cause a mild amount of pain.

Overall I suppose I like this x3Max PS3 JailBreak clone as not many, if any, support any hex file nor do they have 128k let alone expandable memory.

This and this only brings the x3Max JailBreak to the top of my list. Hot cases and bad service won't bring it down too much

But I think I will continue to use my Teensy++2. Why? I don't know, love? Respect? Devs use it? It looks cool and rugged? Who knows.

I hope you enjoy my collage posted below!

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#10 - PS3 News - 216w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
I removed a few offtopic posts and banned a few users... please keep this thread on topic of the x3Max review only, no discussion of other devices is permitted here (use their own threads) and anyone doing so will be permanently banned without further warning.

#9 - kamenrider - 216w ago
kamenrider's Avatar
I got my x3max today and cant get any backups to load. I flashed it with the firmware bin file and then tried 3-4 different hex files and get the same result :

PS3 boots up and is definitely jailbroken, i launch open manager select require bluray disc on a few games and when it takes me back to the XMB all i see is the game on the bluray disc and not the game that i chose in open manager. tried with open manager and gaia manager.

#8 - Pcsx2006 - 216w ago
Pcsx2006's Avatar
Very nice review sk group.

#7 - BwE - 216w ago
BwE's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by solrac1974 View Post
Great review, thanks sk group! We need more of this, there are too many clones, it's rather difficult to choose a good one!

Well i've contacted a majority of the companies. Most are unresponsive or useless.

If people would like to make a list or similar it could help with my search for the greatest jailbreak.

But trust me, i've contacted HEAPS.

#6 - solrac1974 - 216w ago
solrac1974's Avatar
Great review, thanks sk group! We need more of this, there are too many clones, it's rather difficult to choose a good one!


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