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Videos: Modern Warfare 2 PS3 Glitches, Hacks and Patch Updates

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264w ago - Update #4: The 1.07 patch for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is now available for download on the PlayStation 3. According to Robert Bowling of [Register or Login to view links], the latest patch (15 MB) fixes the prestige and public "private" match hacks in addition to re-balancing the Akimbo 1887s.

Update #3: IW's latest [Register or Login to view links] states "Update in Test now: 1887s Balanced. Public "private" Match fix. Infinite Ammo fix. Prestige Hack on PS3 fix. Texture Hack on PC fix."

Update #2: Infinity Ward's fourzerotwo has now [Register or Login to view links] that a solution to the Public "Private Match" hack going on in #MW2 at the moment is underway alongside [Register or Login to view links] in the works.

Update: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 patch v1.06 (detailed below) is now released!

Earlier today we reported news of an Assassin's Creed 2 glitch, and this weekend several new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 PS3 glitches, hacks, and patch updates by Infinity Ward have also surfaced.

Some videos of them are below, and IW's Robert Bowling (aka fourzerotwo) has just [Register or Login to view links] that Modern Warfare 2 [Register or Login to view links] will be fixing the Javelin glitch that is still present since the 1.05 patch update.

To quote: "PS3 update 1.06 is the javelin fix, care package glitch fix, and addresses areas where players could get into geo. Like rocks on Afghan.

For those playing MW2 on Xbox 360. The same fixes that are in 1.06 are coming to you, it's currently in Microsoft cert. Out of my hands."

Modern Warfare 2 PS3 Glitch / PS3 Hack Videos and Guides:

Modern Warfare 2 Tenth Prestige Hack: allows the gamer to go straight to tenth prestige.

Modern Warfare 2 Search & Destroy Glitch: a Search And Destroy game with 18 players (9/team). Normally, an S&D match would contain a total of 12 players (6/team) and a game with 18 players would be Ground War, which does not have S&D capabilities.

Modern Warfare 2 Leaderboard / Splitscreen PS3 Hacks By [Register or Login to view links]: Major Credit to: GOFURGOLD! Before you get your programs ready, I have to tell you, there is no need for packet injection... needless to say, the leaderboards will need to be reset.

I found out how to hack Modern Warfare 2 Splitscreen mode. What this hack does is:

• Unlocks all guns
• Makes you level 70
• Gives you all camos
• Gives you all Callsigns
• Gives you all titles
• Gives you all Emblems
• Gives you an insane score
• All Atachments
• 10 classes
• 10th prestige

STEP 1: Watch my tutorial (below) on how to hack Splitscreen, this is recommended or you will not be able to hack it.

STEP 2: You should have a hacked splitscreen PS3 gamesave now. If not download it here:

Level 1 - All Unlocks:

Level 70 - All Unlocks:

NOTE to EUROPEAN Players: The reason it may not work for some of you is because this is a NORTH AMERICAN gamesave, most of you are from EUROPE, so what you need to do is, copy the "MPDATA" and overwrite it with yours.


• Download the hacks.
• Extract the folder with WinRAR
• Now move the "PS3" Folder to your flashdrive.
• Safely remove the flashdrive from your computer.
• Plug in your flashdrive into your PS3.
• Go to "SAVE DATA UTILITY" and copy the gamesave that is in your FLASHDRIVE onto the PS3.
• Start up Modern Warfare 2
• Go to split screen and load up the hacked gamesave profile.
• You will get an error, that's fine.
• After you get the error just go back to splitscreen and start the game. You should have everything unlocked.

STEP 3: It will send you back to the multiplayer menu, now go to Splitscreen again and this time Hold the PS button until you get a black screen with a menu, go to "Controller Settings."

Resign the Controller and change it to 2. Now it should think you are Controller 2, and now, load up the hacked gamesave again, you should receive the error again and it should send you back to the Multiplayer Menu.

STEP 4: Repeat STEP 2! But change your controller back to Controller 1!

Now, go to splitscreen and Load up the hacked gamesave. You should get an error. And it will kick you out, but this time, don't go to splitscreen, go to "Play Online"

You should notice your rank is INVISIBLE! You have done it!

STEP 5: Now if you attempt to go find a game, it will freeze.
If you exit the game now, your stats wont save, so what you must do is Go to your friends list, and Join Session (join their session)

Once you are in their session, you can go ahead and play for a bit, once you are satisfied, just QUIT GAME, your PS3 will freeze and you will be left with a BLACK Screen.

STEP 6: Once your PS3 has recovered from the reset, start up MW2 normally, go to Multiplayer, Play online, check the leaderboards, you should be TOP 50 around that (of course not after this tutorial).

Things you should know:

• Your account will lock up and you wont be able to play online.
• Your rank will be invisible and your score will be huge.
• I do not take responsibility if you lose your account
• You may be banned or booted from the Modern Warfare 2 servers.
• Your PlayStation 3 can break if you attempt this too much!
• You can only play 1 game while you have the hack on, after the game ends the PS3 will FREEZE
• I released this because too much people knew and it was already going to be released.

NOTE: You should make a new account because this locks your account and wont let you play online afterward.

Modern Warfare 2 Javelin (Suicide Bomber) Glitch Plus Tutorial: You can do this glitch with any launcher and works with no ammo.

For PC and PS3 users:

1. Have javelin (or other launcher) in your hands
2. Hold down grenade button (semtex or throwing knife)
3. While still holding grenade, hit your switch weapons button
4. Now your launcher should be back in your hands and you can let go of the grenade button
5. You are ready to explode, you can knife, sprint, and jump, but anything else you do cancels it and the process has to be repeated.

Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) XP Boosting Glitch - Search And Destory: New glitch appeared with him yet up to 150,000 you can get XP in a match. Like all goes down you can see in the video:

Modern Warfare 2 Veteran PS3 Hack - Veteran: PS3 Trophies when playing on recruit.

This hack allows you to get the veteran trophies when you are playing on recruit. The hacked/modified file:


From this point I am assuming that you have never played the single player yet.

1. First play the first mission of modern warfare 2 on recruit.
2. Then save and quit, and then copy your save file to your usb-drive.
3. Plug your usb drive in your computer.
4a. When the root of your usb drive pops up go to:
4b. Root usbdrive:/PS3/SAVEDATA
5. Now backup the folder called: BLES00683-AUTO- (just in case you do mess up something)
6. Download the modified file (link can be found in description)
7. Now go to: Root usbdrive:/PS3/SAVEDATA/BLES00683-AUTO-
8. Replace the file called GPAD0_SP.PRF with the modified file also called GPAD0_SP.PRF.
10. Now put you usb stick back in the ps3, and copy the modified gamesave to your ps3.
11. Start up mw2, and go to single player mission select.
12. If done good it will now say you have completed the first two missions on veteran.
13. Now just select the first mission when you get to select difficulity select recruit.
14. And play it out totally, the trophy system will now recognize that you have completed the first two missions on veteran and give you the trophy.
15. After you played that mission all missions should be unlocked and say that you completed them on veteran.
16. Now just select a next mission that you can get a trophy for play it on recruit and you will get the trophy for veteran.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#6 - rickylo - 264w ago
rickylo's Avatar
cool hacks, thanks for the leak

#5 - adrianc1982 - 264w ago
adrianc1982's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by hydro5135 View Post
what kind of person would want to cheat it ruins it for the people who enjoy playing and leveling up.

yes, cheating in this game at least automatically makes you a loser. The game is pure awesomeness and rewarding to play and level up. Sure it will take you a lot of hours maybe 40 - 50 hours but thats the point to keep you entertained. The game really shows its value on replayability and trophy hunting and anyone using this hacks just doesnt like the game, why buy a game to kill its replaybilty is beyond me.

Maybe this hacks would be more appealing to if you had an illegal copy which didnt cost you hard earned money. And I only see little brats using this hacks to show off how pathetic they can be, thank god the ps3 has a very small teenager comunity. Anyway thanks IW for the patches and by the way did anyone notice that with patch 1.05 more maps show up in multiplayer? I was playing today and swear I played 2 - 3 maps that Ive never seen before.

#4 - victorinox - 264w ago
victorinox's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by hydro5135 View Post
what kind of person would want to cheat it ruins it for the people who enjoy playing and leveling up.

There are a lot of reasons... I started playing recently and most of the time i fight people whom are 40+, and when youre level 1 just starting the game gets boring fast, im currently 29 and have yet to play 1 full game without atleast 4 officers in the room... How is that anymore fun?

Since Call of Duty is a level = Power game, i can understand power leveling its not like me getting 55x whatever is gonna make me good at the game, have anyone respect me, or care about me in the least... but it does help you enjoy the game a bit more, and maybe someone who could do the trophies didnt feel like doing them to enjoy Multi/Special Op's more? theres a lot of side reasons like that, but with anything else, nothing = skill

I can beat Vet in this game via this glitch, and i'll be viewed the same as someone who did it legit
I could get all the trophies normally in Buzz quiz world, or glitch not like anyone cares that much or does that say much about skill
I could grind for 300 hours on disgaea, or download a save and unlock them like that
I could grind for hours on demons souls looking for pure bladestone or trade for it
I could spend time/effort mastering trine to get the better than the devs trophy or do it for a friend because he cant

its not like anyone is really affected on the methods that you decide to use, its more so the same logic people use cheat codes/action replay

#3 - hydro5135 - 264w ago
hydro5135's Avatar
what kind of person would want to cheat it ruins it for the people who enjoy playing and leveling up.

#2 - PS3 News - 264w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
A lot were patched in the 1.05 update and the rest will be in 1.06 according to IW. However, this has been all over the mainstream media for the last 2-3 days if you check any IW/COD: MW2 sites, GameTrailers Forums, N4G, YouTube, Twitter, etc and so on a site like ours (who caters to PS3 hacks and mods) trying to "hide" the info would make no sense.

If it wasn't on all those larger sites already then I'd agree with ya, but most of them are 20x larger than ours based on Alexa ranking making our small niche site a drop in the bucket to spreading the info before the rest are patched.


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