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Video: PS3 Hacker GeoHot Dares Sony to Exhibit Rapper Parody

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202w ago - Another update from PS3 hacker GeoHot's site, this time with a parody video which has received over 1 million views thus far for [Register or Login to view links] featuring GeoHot rapping and daring Sony to exhibit it.

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

Pictured below, if you check the properties of the MP3 download you will notice what appear to be PS3 file offsets despite some speculating they may be 3.56 Keys.

The video is below, and from his page:

I am subject to the TRO
But they ain't copping my computers
The dongle key tweet was mad funny... can't link to it

Apparently linking to the official PlayStation Blog, referred to as "a site", is a desire to continue circumventing (see this page 4,11)

I'm amazed they would actually bring that up and not be laughed out of court... free speech is dead
It clearly was to parody (protected speech) the ridiculousness of the campaign to censor the internet
Can anyone really not find the metldr key?

geohot lights it up

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#262 - PS3 News - 196w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Some more legal doc updates (courtesy of [Register or Login to view links]) are attached below, which include GeoHot's laywers response refuting Sony's claims that the "blickmaniac" PSN account belongs to him.

#261 - jmthiphop - 196w ago
jmthiphop's Avatar
i think he has been already employed by Sony's Security division.

#260 - pig098 - 196w ago
pig098's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by B4rtj4h View Post
That was not George that made that account... it was me! I was visiting him...

Not really much to stand on there... who is gonna claim that it was George himself that made the account? Maybe his friend made it -.-?

Yea... i bet they use the same logic in other court cases... "i know you found the evidence under my bed, but i am telling ya... it was my friend" Come on dude...
Quote Originally Posted by geowrian View Post
I'm really not trying to be mean here, but you have no idea what you are talking about. In particular...

Ummm you are wrong. If Sony does win, Geo can get some jail time.. they are all in the documents.

But i agree with you on one thing... the case is still very early.

What i really find funny is that this guy is having a time of his life in South America with all that money he received for "legal fees".

#259 - geowrian - 196w ago
geowrian's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by zagan View Post
Geohot won't get out of this and will get wiped on the floor, that is the end result of this court case. His lawyers are clutching at straws trying to get out of this case but it won't work.

I'm really not trying to be mean here, but you have no idea what you are talking about. In particular:

1) This is still in the early stages. they are still in the discovery stage, with a neutral party facilitating the transfer of items and information. I hardly think that qualifies "His lawyers are clutching at straws trying to get out of this case..."

2) I'm not quite sure how jail time comes into the equation here - he was not arrested nor accused of committing a crime at this point. He is being sued. You can't go to jail just for being sued. Actually, anybody can be sued for anything...it really doesn't mean anything until the judge makes a final ruling (and then appeals can kick in).

3) This is a civil suit, so there is no "fee" for him to pay, other than normal court fees. Beyond that, he has to pay his lawyer's fees, but that's a business contract, not a judicial fee. Additionally, you can't go to jail (in the US) for an inability to pay. If he has the ability to pay and a court order to do so, that's different. But if he cannot afford to pay it, he's not legally required to pay it over personal needs. Actually, if SCEA wins and the court orders a huge sum to pay, he could just claim bankruptcy and likely get it discharged. Then SCEA can't even come after him.

4) By that logic, there's really no reason to support anybody challenging a DCMA suit. I agree that the DMCA is horrible and should be rewritten, but that doesn't mean money going towards defending people accused of violating it is being wasted. Maybe there are better DMCA-related causes, but personally, I want to see how this plays out.

#258 - Neo Cyrus - 196w ago
Neo Cyrus's Avatar
Typical Sony and their "Lose millions to make thousands and scare some people" tactics.


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