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Video: PS3 3Key Optical Blue-ray Drive Emulator Demo Arrives

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102w ago - Following up on the previous update, today Max Louarn and Paul Owen's product marketeer Gary Wayne Bowser (aka GaryOPA) has made available a 3K3y demonstration video with details below.

Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] by jarmster (Note: Leave a USB stick installed when you run the app, it puts a 1kb file called 3dump.bin on the stick containing the decrypted drive keys. Run the app, triple beep + red flashing led... power down with front button = no good but it dumps the key. To get your root_key you must go back to 3.55, funny fact... when using the 3k3y dumper on 3.55 it includes the eid_root_key. ) / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] by haz367 / [Register or Login to view links] by 3Key

3k3y Ripp3r v1.01 Setup and User Guide: Windows software for ripping/decrypting/reencrypting PS3 disks. The user manual is included in the archive.

Changelog [2013-02-01]:

  • Fixed a bug that affected encryption/decryption of very large files.

From zecoxao: I bet people didn't even touch the implementation of libeeid that naehrwert left us, and then these guys come, use flat_z's code to get the eid_root_key on hackables, and grab the necessary part of the code from [Register or Login to view links] to generate the eid4_key from it and decrypt the eid4. Bunch of freaking losers.

People, if you're that desperate to get the drive key (which is in eid4) just memdump eEID, get your eid_root_key with flatz's package and use my program which is adapted from naehrwert's code. you can even see for yourselves what's happening in the code. Don't forget to rename the eEID you get from your console's NOR/NAND to eid (without an extension) and place it on eid folder. same as key and iv (split them up with a hex editor).

You can then try that program and compare your decrypted eid4 with the pkg's dump, and realize it's the same crap.

Here we can see the keys used by the ripper (taken from: ps3devwiki.com/wiki/BD_Drive_Reverse_Engineering#Program and ps3devwiki.com/wiki/BD_Drive_Reverse_Engineering#Information_about_EID4):

[Register or Login to view code]

The keys are in eid4, and yes, we DO need to decrypt it, or else Sony would be the biggest bunch of retards.. the eid4 key is used to verify the cmac hash of the first 0x20 bytes. Naehrwert's code seems to prove this:

[Register or Login to view code]

omac1 basically spits out the digest of the secure communication channel keys. if you compare the digest with the last 16 bytes of eid4, it should match

Corrected some info. and apparently i was mistaken when i thought that 3Dump.bin contained the eid4 ENcrypted. it contains in fact eid4 DEcrypted. You still need to auth with the bd drive. that's the part Cobra/E3 figured out. we can do this normally with hacked consoles, but not with unhacked consoles.

So the ODE dumper package dumps the DEcrypted eid4, correct? now i understand. i was confused because i thought you said the eid4 ENcrypted was the same as 3Dump.bin.

3K3y Key Dumper

Here is the Key dumping Application to on a Ps3 with CFW. This will only work for Fat consoles. You must have a FAT32 USb stick in the first port on your PS3, it will generate a file called 3Dump.bin This is what goes on your micro sd card, or loaded into the Ripper application.

Please note you need Peek and Poke enabled in your CFW to run this app, this is usually enabled by default. Cobra CFW doesn't allow you to run this file so you will need to flash to something else if you are on this.

From jarmster: The eid4 from running libeeid is a decrypted dump. The 3dump.bin is exactly the same. The eEID_Dumper.pkg dumps the encrypted eid4. And from the wiki: EID4 is of size 0x30 bytes: 0x0-0xf bytes = 1st key, 0x10-0x1f - 2nd key, 0x20-0x2f - CMAC-OMAC1 of EID4.

From haz367:

[Register or Login to view code]

should be different.. correct..?

From zadow28 on the 3K3y PKG file: pastebin.com/79V2KdTK

I'm not into VS very much, maybe the devs can have an look. It's the visual source/assembly code for the x3key ps3 software for pc. got there keys and even shows there iso disc codes, plus a lot more. I'm not an visual expert, so maybe there are some visual experts here. shows how the x3key acts like an Bulk. etc

The iso for x3key are crypted, so they only play with there tool.. the source for encrypting the iso are in there too.

From Abkarino (via Zadow28) comes the 3K3y Ripper (PC Software) hacked source code recovered, as follows:

You could build your own hardware interface to connect PS3 BD-ROM Drive to your PC to rip your games. The 3K3y special hardware is in only a cheap PATA To USB converter board with some modifications, and you can do it yourself. Also you could directly connect your PS3 Drive to your PC by soldering it to PATA bus a.k.a IDE cable and modify the power socket only. You can use the old leaked BD-ROM drive service manual for pinout (ps3devwiki.com/wiki/ODE).

Download: [Register or Login to view links] (Password: Abkarino) / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror: Password Removed)

This is a quick and dirty release for 3K3Y Ripper application including the full recovered source code. So you can build/modify your own version. All you will need is: .Net Framework Runtime v4.0

Message to 3K3Y Team: Do not stole glevand's work again Also do not forget to protect you applications using a good .Net protector like .Net Reactor to prevent me or any body else from recovering your codes. Hope that will help someone to do something useful in the future.

Abkarino (Mohammed Hassan)

To quote: Click the above-picture (HERE) to see a close-up view of the actual 3k3y BETA PCBoard, (the case on the PHAT PS3 used for demo, does not need to be cut-away, that was done on purpose for the video shown below), and the small black box to left is the usb hdd port, power and 3k3y LCD screen interface to select the PS3 ISO on your external USB HDD similar in style to their famous original X360key ODD emulator.

Now sit back and enjoy the video (download it [Register or Login to view links]) made by our Anonymous 3k3y Beta Tester (BTW, Many Thanks Whomever You Are!), as you nurse your video gaming body back into action from all those Happy New Year parties last night!

Below are a few more 3K3y videos / mirrors for those interested as well, from their page:

2013-01-03: 2 new 3k3y videos

As we are very close to shipping we decided to release 2 more product videos. We aim to have one of these great devices in your PS3 by the end of the month!

3k3y is the state of the art of PS3 drive emulation from the defacto leaders in drive emulation.

Feature List

  • Play all PS3 games
  • Play all PS2/PS1 games*+
  • Plug n play installation
  • Compatible with all currently available OFW/CFW versions
  • Original 3k3y app for extracting drive key**
  • User friendly OSD interface for managing your 3k3y
  • Optional remote (compatible with Xk3y remote)
  • Powerful embedded Linux platform
  • Supports most popular file systems such as EXT2.3.4, Mac OS X and NTFS
  • Emulation and transparent passthrough modes
  • Both CPU and FPGA are fully in-system updatable
  • Sleek and beautiful Wifi interface***
  • Movie ISO playback+
  • Not manufactured in China****

* Requires compatible PS3.
** Currently fw =< 3.55 is required for extracting the drive key. After this the FW can be upgraded freely. This holds true for all ODEs, see below for more details
*** Requires Wifi dongle sold separately
**** That's why we can deliver despite CNY + This feature will be added in an upcoming firmware


Quantity 3k3y+Ripper 3k3y only Ripper Only Wifi dongle Remote

  • 1k and up USD63 USD52 USD13 USD10 USD20
  • 500pcs USD67 USD55 USD15 USD10 USD22
  • 250pcs USD70 USD60 USD15 USD12 USD25
  • 100pcs USD75 USD65 USD16 USD14 USD27

Retail Price: US $129.00 ( Ripoff Markup! )

  • PS3 3K3y (3Key) stock available now
  • 3K3y Fat Model version release on 2013-02-08 . Slim version will release soon
  • 3K3y PCB Kit
  • 3K3y Remote (optional)
  • 3K3y Ripper PCB (optional)

Products developed by our team members, such as Xk3y, Wode, and Wiikey Fusion have outsold products in direct competition by a factor. The same thing goes for many of our other products such as Qoob and Wiikey.

The question many people are asking about it compatibility with various firmwares and PS3 models. Let us state the facts here, which are true for 3k3y as well as any other PS3 ODE:

Key extraction

Currently a firmware <= 3.55 is required for drive key extraction. We are very close to completing a relatively user friendly hardware method for extracting keys from PS3's on any firmware. Until we have it working in a commercial environment we will not promote this as a feature, even though it is very likely to happen in the immediate future.

As of now there are no PS3 ODEs that works with a PS3 that cannot be put on 3.55 firmware for key dumping. Period.

Compatible models

3k3y was developed for the fat ps3, which is supported out of the box. Now when the hardware is finished we will start working on adapter boards for the Slim models which do not have the drive controller integrated on the motherboard.

Once that is done we will look into whether is it possible to make an adapter board for the Slims with integrated controller that can be installed with a reasonable effort.

Super Slim

Due to the size constraints and different interface (SATA instead of PATA) we have developed a super small hardware especially for the Super Slim model. Final testing and release will commence once we have hardware key extraction working.

ISO file format

3k3y, as well as any other sane ODE uses a full ISO file. Scene releases were in this format up until the jailbreak dongle came along. Currently it is more popular to release the decrypted file system, as it may be smaller than a full ISO.

However, decrypted file system backups lacks essential data necessary to emulate the disk properly and are very easy for Sony to detect on PSN. In fact Sony has made a public statement warning PSN users about this. We are currently looking into the possibility of creating software to recreate the ISO from decrypted dumps, but this is WIP.

Game Ripping

This is an essential feature as the full ISO is needed. We have high speed hardware that connects to Mac or PC and dumps a full size ISO in no time. Its right here and now.

An upcoming firmware for 3k3y will include in-system disk ripping, but disk ripping with 3k3y or any other ODE will be extremely slow compared to using our dedicated hardware.

To avoid delays and missing out on sales please contact us ASAP. Both 3k3y and Xk3y are time consuming and labor intensive to manufacture. We need timely forecasts to avoid disappointments.

Additionally, the first 3K3y ODE iSO release appears to have surfaced under the name PlayStation.All-Stars.Battle.Royale.READNFO.ISO.PS3-TL with details below from the PS3 NFO file:

[Register or Login to view code]

From CaptainCPS-X: Size difference between old ISOs and new ISOs - From my experience coding my personal (unreleased) disc reading library for Windows, from what I understand, I will assume that the size difference its because the ISO is not really created following the ISO9660/MODE1/2048 (+UDF/Joliet/...) standard, but probably created as ISO9660/MODE1/2352 (+UDF/Joliet/...) or BIN (binary). So each sector will have 'synchronization data', and 'Error Check Data', found on Discs to allow recovery / re-creation of sector data in case of Disc Surface damages and such.

Such 'extra' data located on ISO/MODE1/2352 BIN (binary) disc images is not so evident on regular old school CD (700mb) images, size of the ISO/MODE1/2048 version of it will always be less. I bet they didn't even include a .CUE file as well, since they are "probably" not following any standard.

Anyway, ISO9660 disc images in binary form should always be named .BIN and include a .CUE file. There is a probability that I am wrong, maybe it is some kind of new ISO that doesn't follow any Standards (I really doubt it ), but I will try to acquire the released "ISO" to verify it myself. I hope that if my theory is right, these release groups choose to release future disc images as BIN/CUE, just to avoid any confusion with already circulating ISOs.

Reason to Release new "ISO"s - I doubt that the reason of releasing such "ISO"s is because Sony could detect regular ISO/MODE1/2048 (LOL ). The Cobra Optic Drive Emulator, was probably designed to read data as the real BD-Drive reads it, so when it cannot find the original 'synchronization data', 'header', 'error check data', etc... it will most probably give read error.

Just to confirm my point, I made a custom disc image following ISO9660/MODE1/2352 standard of "BCES01435-[PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale]", and the resulting size is 6.75 GB, very similar indeed to the one released by "TL" group. If I made the custom disc image as ISO9660/MODE1/2048 then the resulting size would be approx. 5.84 GB.

I just need to acquire one piece of the release made by "TL" and I will be able to confirm if the ISO is a BIN named and published incorrectly without proper CUE. The difference between their size is approx. 13.48% [ ((6.75 - 5.84) / 6.75) * 100 ]. So if this difference rate is same in all PS3 disc images ripped as ISO/MODE1/2352, then a 40 GB game would have approx. 5.39 GB more when saved as BIN/CUE. SeeYa!

Still can't get too excited at tearing apart a PS3 console, soldering tiny wires inside and requiring additional hardware to play PS3 games with the advent of PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware a few years ago though.

From zadow28 on the 3K3y PKG file: pastebin.com/79V2KdTK

I'm not into VS very much, maybe the devs can have an look. It's the visual source/assembly code for the x3key ps3 software for pc. got there keys and even shows there iso disc codes, plus a lot more. I'm not an visual expert, so maybe there are some visual experts here. shows how the x3key acts like an Bulk etc.

Finally, HERE is a 3K3y PS3Dec (alternative encryptor/decryptor) from bubba (aka red_meryl) for those interested!

From 3Key: 3k3y IRD files 2013-03-15 is a collection of IRD (Iso Rebuild Data) files for 3k3y. Use them to convert PSJB game dumps to full PS3 ISO.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#89 - elser1 - 71w ago
elser1's Avatar
2 of the dodgiest videos i've seen. lol the first is for xbox and the 2nd shows nothing at all. must be so greedy not to even pay a few hundred bux for some decent marketing. lol

For those interested, below is some 3K3y helpful information from SpidaWeb, as follows:

Hey there! I know there is a noticeable lack of clear, precise information concerning the 3K3Y in particular and ODE’s in general. This can lead to quite a bit of confusion and misinformation. I see this is indeed the case concerning the ODE’s, as it has been the topic of much discussion lately.

I thought maybe I could help clear it up a bit, based on what I know, have experienced, or have gathered from the 3k3y site. Some of this info is from the main site, some from the FAQ, and some from me. Let me know what is inaccurate or just plain wrong and I'll do my best ro correct it. My intent is to be concise and precise. As far as I know this is all accurate.

The 3k3y is an optical disk drive emulator, ODE, for the PlayStation 3 video game console. It is installed between the genuine BD drive and the PS3 motherboard. It is used to play backups of your original PS3 game disks from USB media. You can play these backups without the need of the original game disk.

The 3k3y supports most all ps3 models, both phat and slim. The 3k3y for PATA phats is in stock and available. The 3K3Y-S for SATA phats, and 20xxx/21xxx is almost ready and is estimated to be out by the end of August or early September. The 3K3Y-S for 25xxx/30xxx is almost complete and is estimated to be out by the end of August or early September. The 3K3Y-S for super slim 40xxx models is now in stock and available.

There are two versions of the 3k3y mainboard and 3 versions of the 3k3y adapter board. The 3k3y main board comes in a PATA version and a SATA version. SATA Phats and 20xxx/21xxx have an adapter board specific to those models 25xxx/30xxx have an adapter board specific to those models. 40xxx has an adapter board specific to that model. PATA versions do not require an adapter board.

The PS3 phat consoles and the 20xxx/21xxx slim consoles do not require soldering. 25xxx/30xxx slim and 40xxx superslim consoles all require soldering to attach the 3k3y adapter board to the PS3 mainboard.

The 3k3y mainboards all require a micro SD card, 128mb included. This media holds the firmware and allows for easy updating.

The 3k3y also requires some form of external USB media, not included. This can be an external hard drive or a flash / thumb drive. NTFS, FAT32, EXT2/3/4, and eXFAT formatted partitions are supported. The partitions, limited by file system restrictions, can be as large as 4TB.

When in operation, the 3k3y will run in two modes, emulation mode and passthru mode. In emulation mode the 3k3y emulates the BD drive and allows you to load and boot ISO's from your USB hard drive. If you are using the "No Keys" firmware, you must have an original disc in the BD drive in order to load your ISOs. You do not have to have an original disc in order to use the "3Dump" firmware.

When using the no keys firmware, the original disc is needed for authentication. It can be any valid PS3 disc. The D1 of that original disc is used.

In passthru mode, the PS3 functions as normal and the 3k3y is disabled, allowing you to use the BD drive to play your original games and watch movies. You cannot play copied discs or movies on the BD drive using the 3k3y.

The 3k3y allows you to load your games several different ways. You may load your game using the remote, in the XMB, or over the network using the WiFi Dongle. You backups exist as disc images on an external USB storage device and are placed under the directory GAMES/. You may sort your games as you wish as long as they are under the GAMES/ directory.

Using the 3k3y you can play backups of your PS3 games in ISO format and backups of your PSX games in BIN/CUE format. The ability to play PS2 games is not available at this time. However, this feature is in development and testing.

Updating your Sony PS3 system firmware is optional. The 3k3y is tested and working with firmware up to 4.46, the most current at the time of this writing. If you choose to update your firmware, you may do so in passthru mode. Sony makes updates to the system and drive firmware, so the drive needs to be visible and functional. Do not attempt to update your PS3's official firmware while in emulation mode.

Since the 3k3y is a disc emulator, you can access PlayStation Network and other online applications while using the 3k3y. However, one cannot completely assess the level of risk associated with online use. Any modification to your console may or may not lead to denial of access at the console or user level. As noted, Sony will perform system updates. These updates may or may not render a modification of your console unusable online.

While you may play PlayStation network title you have purchased and downloaded while the 3k3y is on your system., the ability to back up those titles and play them is in testing and development. It is possible to play some PlayStation Network titles. However, not all games work and no guarantee is made as to the 3k3ys compatibility with PlayStation Network titles. This is true also of homebrew software. Some homebrew will work without issues and others will not.

You do not have to be on a custom firmware in order to install or use the 3k3y. All consoles on and up to OFW 4.46 are able to use the 3k3y. Note, you will need custom firmware in order to obtain your drive keys if you plan to use the 3dump firmware. You cannot use a homebrew ISO to obtain your drive keys.

To obtain your drive keys you must be on a custom firmware with "Peek n Poke" support. If you plan on using the "No Key" aspect of the 3k3y firmware, no custom firmware or drive keys are required. If you already have your drive keys, you can use them. The "No Keys" firmware and the "3Dump" firmware share a common version as of version 2.01

There are several accessories available for the 3k3y. These are not required for installation or operation of the 3k3y, but they add features to the 3k3y that may be desirable.

The 3k3y remote device is a small USB hub and graphical display that allows you to expand the single port dongle. load games, and view important information about your 3k3y. The remote is not required, but it is highly recommended for information and troubleshooting purposes. You can use Version 1 and Version 2 remotes as long as they are running remote firmware version 1.1. These are the same remotes used with the Xk3y.

The 3k3y WiFi dongle is a USB wireless network adapter that allows you to communicate with your 3k3y using any standard web browser. The WiFi dongle allows you to select and load games from most devices that connect to your network and contain a browser, i.e. computers, smart phones and tablets.

In order to limit support requests and keep the Linux OS size as small as possible, only the official k3y (xk3y/3k3y) WiFi adapter is supported. A unique key is sold with each WiFi adapter, this key needs to be configured in the 3k3y.cfg file along with your WiFi network details.

The Ripp3r is a hardware adapter board and associated application. The Ripp3r hardware and software allow you to backup your games from original discs using a PS3 BD drive. The Ripp3r board is available in both SATA and PATA versions. You may choose to use the Ripp3r board with a drive using the "3dump" drive keys or the software's default keys.

It is recommended you use the "3dump"drive keys, but it is not required. If you choose to use the Ripp3r software's default keys with the PS3 drive, that drive will be rendered useless in any PS3 console from that time on. It is suggested you use a spare PS3 drive when using the default keys option.

The Ripp3r application will allow to backup original PS3 discs when used with the Ripp3r hardware. If you are backing up an original disc, you will need to decrypt the ISO in the Ripp3r software in order to use it with the 3k3y. Encrypted ISO files appear as they would be on the retail disc. The "3Dump" firmware can handle both encrypted and decrypted ISOs. The Ripp3r application also allows you to build disc images from JB rips of the disc you own.

ISOs made from JB rips are decrypted when built by the Ripp3r software. You may build these images straight from the rips without validation, or you may validate the image by comparing the JB rip to the original disc structure using an IRD, or ISO Rebuild Data, file. An IRD file contains the necessary information to rebuild a JB rip into a 3k3y compatible ISO file that is a 1:1 match for the original disc. IRD files are not needed to play a game with the 3k3y. Any valid PS3 disc or rip should play using the 3k3y. IRD files are only used to validate JBs.

It is recommended that you use IRD files to create your backups if you do not own the Ripp3r hardware, since IRD files are used to create 1:1 copies of your games, making 3k3y safer to use online. Due to the amount of modified JB Rips floating around the Internet, this allows a way to validate disc images. When using an image created with an IRD file, you shouldn't experience issues booting games while running official firmware. As of version 1.27 of the Ripp3r software, you can build disc images with no IRD file. This is used at your own risk and will not assure you are playing from unaltered files. Hope this Helps! Thanks!

#88 - sethgreen892 - 71w ago
sethgreen892's Avatar
E3-Team releases more details on their PS3 ODE from PS3 scene profiteers Paul Owen and Gary Wayne Bowser (GaryOPA) below:

E3 ODE and E3 ODE PRO coming soon!

E3-Team has released the first pictures of their E3-Demo unit, the current working ODE design they are planning to release soon, along with some more details on pricing and two different models.

Today, the latest information and E3-DEMO pictures from the E3-Team (the same group that bought you the E3-Flasher and E3 Card Reader) has arrived for their upcoming PlayStation 3 Optical Drive Emulator, the E3-ODE.

E3-Team says they are currently debugging the E3-DEMO ODE design, and the official retail version will be produced quickly afterwards.

In addition, the E3 TEAM have also announced that E3-ODE will arrive in 2 different versions, and announced the official suggested retail price that official resellers should be selling at soon once the retail version ships.

1: E3 ODE

  • Support all PS3, include 3K and 4K version.
  • Support for running HOMEBREW and E3 ODE CFW on unbreakable OFW, include 3K and 4K console.
  • Easy upgradable mode, allow user update E3 ODE new function easily.
  • Support BD movie, PS1/PS2 game (In a future update)
  • Need boot disc to run game (same as other ODE)
  • Need restart PS3 before running game every time (same as other ODE)
  • Need restart PS3 if switch to a new game every time (same as other ODE)

Official suggested retail price : USD $69.80


The E3 ODE PRO uses the very latest in unique technology designed by E3-Team to allow users to play all game without restart PS3.

Compared with other existing ODE's on the market, the E3 ODE PRO enhances the excitement of being able to play a game right away, as it reduces the frequency of restarting your PS3 console, which overall protects the lifespan of your PS3.

  • Select and play ,no need restart PS3 to run game, protected the life of your PS3 effectively
  • Select and switch, no need restart PS3 to switch a new game, protected the life of your PS3 effectively
  • Other function is same as E3 ODE:
  • Support all PS3, include 3K and 4K version.
  • Support for running HOMEBREW and E3 ODE CFW on unbreakable OFW, include 3K and 4K console.
  • Easy upgradable mode, allow user update E3 ODE new function easily.
  • Support BD movie, PS1/PS2 game (In a future update)
  • Need boot disc to run game (same as other ODE)

Because of additional hardware, the official retail price of E3 ODE PRO is USD $79.80. E3-Team will release more details in few days, so stay tuned.

Update: E3 ODE DEMO run game successfully!

E3 ODE DEMO pictures released less than 2 weeks, the real game testing video has been released, compared with other PS3 ODE, the efficiency of E3TEAM is amazing!

Compared with the first test video with our PC, the E3 ODE DEMO speed has increased many times. E3TEAM will continue to optimize the operating speed.

And because E3 ODE processor is nearly twice the speed than other PS3 ODE processors, the final E3 ODE speed will be completely beyond other PS3 ODE.

A special emphasis on E3TEAM, the other PS3 ODE need to restart the PS3 or need to repeatedly pulling BD drive case when playing and switching game, these operations will seriously damage the life of PS3 or BD drive.

While the E3 ODE PRO unique technology, makes the user to completely avoid these risks, user playing the game and switching the game, without repeatedly restarting the PS3, also does not need to be repeatedly pulling the drive case, it protects the PS3 or BD drive life well.

This technology is E3TEAM exclusive research and development, and at present no other PS3 ODE has this function.

Again the E3 ODE PRO's official retail price is USD $79.80, and E3TEAM will be officially listing the unit for sale at the end of August.

#87 - HeyManHRU - 71w ago
HeyManHRU's Avatar
I'm just surprised this was finally pulled off

#86 - elser1 - 71w ago
elser1's Avatar
whats the point now with ps4 coming so soon anyways. they must be really greedy people. at least its a solution for 3k plus models i guess but i bet they will cost as much as the console. lol

Also below is a video from harryoke of 3k3y running PS Seismograph homebrew on a PS3 4k Superslim console followed by a Tutorial on how to make PSN cracked game iSO for 3K3y:

To quote: I built the iso myself & it works great. More homebrew tests to come.. just got blackbox ftp working on superslim ... but suffers from same restrictions as comgenies ... any idea why anyone (can't access lots of folders) also Neo Tanks v0.3 by ThatOtherPerson and Scogger HD v0.1 by Scognito below.

Links to iso's: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links]

Install package files homebrew runs from iso & reads usb ...goes to restart ps3 and just goes to xmb .. no package ??? needs tweaking for 4.46.

New ripp3r will be released for homebrew apps and games without the need for ird's, but home brew needs a bit of tinkering with. first the eboot use scetool in command line and enter:

[Register or Login to view code]


[Register or Login to view code]

that's the eboot sorted !!!!

next you need a lic.dat & PS3_DISC.SFB edited in hex with the game id changed to your homebrew's... then edit the param.sfo to DG (Disc game) ... make sure you have the right folder structure for a game disk and use ripp3r to make iso.

From the 3K3y Team: Ripp3r software coming for 3k3y this week!

New Ripp3r software coming this week! This is a major update with 3 new killer features:

  • IRD files no longer needed for rebuilding 'jailbreak/scene' rips!
  • Build homebrew ISOs!
  • Build ISOs from PSN games!

Another update from the 3K3y Team: 3K3y Firmware 2.01 released

3K3y Firmware 2.01 released! From this version the disk key is automatically detected.

Download: 3k3y_firmware_02_01.zip‎

  • Merge 3Dump and NoKeys
  • Support for for PSX img/bin/cue files
  • Improved support for PSX img/bin/cue files
  • Support for homebrew/no IRD game ISOs
  • Override drive type in 3Key.cfg (3Dump only)
  • Improve bad BD handling
  • Improved ISO detection time (400X)
  • Remove Autoeject & D1 options from 3key.cfg
  • Add support for gyo.db & auto detection of disk key

#85 - PS3 News - 72w ago
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Below are some new details and pics from bubba / Scrano and video footage on the 3K3y ODDE Web Interface and more, as follows:


  • AES encryption in HW to allow playback of unencrypted ISOs.
  • Superslim adapters are in mass production.
  • Boot decrypted ISOs.
  • 698 IRD files for 672 game. (around 10 games a day)
  • App for android/ipod/ipad working = [Register or Login to view links] (you will need to use 01.99B6A firmware). You can choose to use the Web app or just your Ip and magic happens. See Web interface.
  • Superslim production devices = Done.
  • Passthru & emulation are working. Final test was update = Done and working.

The Web interface that you can use with any of your devices. Android/Ipod/Ipad/etc you can control all from there.

Here is the adapter install on 4Xxx, red & black go to main 3K PCB:

3k3ystart, 3k3y 4k Superslim Review and 3k3yhomebrew Videos by harryoke

There might be another way but this is how I achieved it. Before you start update the game via PSN. Then follow these steps:

1. download the pkg & edat fix (found on various forums)
2. extract pkg to a folder
3. replace edat file with the fixed one
4. place folder on usb/external (mine was BLES01717)
5. launch filemanger homebrew from 3k3y
6. copy folder from usb to dev_hdd0/game
7. turn off ps3 and put into recovery menu
8. restore filesytem
9. rebuild database and your done... enjoy free DLC working 100% online.

Another video for you showing the xmb iso selector ... No more having to choose the game/homebrew from the crystal display adaptor: 3k3y ISO menu test

PS1 games booting on 3k3y enjoy

Here is another video by harryoke showing a PSN game running in ISO format from external harddrive using 3K3y.

3k3y Running PSN HOTLINE MIAMI Game on External as .ISO

More sales propaganda from bubba: Seems to be a lot of confusion about when 3k3y will be ready for your model

3k3y team have figured out how to use the device without KEYs, which means you can use the device on OFW, tested up to 4.46 firmware. There are 2 motherboard types

  • 3k3y Fat, for PATA based consoles (fat consoles with the really wide ribbon cable coming off the DVD drive)
  • 3k3y-S (3k3y Sata Slim) for All other units, including Fat consoles which have a Sata dvd drive.

The Sata Fat consoles, and the 2000/2100 models have the Blu ray drive board INSIDE the Blu Ray drive. This means the 3k3y can sit in the middle and is solderless. The 2.5k, 3k, and 4k models all have the Blu Ray drive board inbuilt into the motherboard. The Blu Ray drive using just holds the motor, and laser.

The laser cable goes directly to the motherboard. For this reason you will need to solder the adapter board onto the motherboard. For this reason the 3k3y team have made 1 x main board for Sata based models, and are making 3 different adapter boards for these models. The adapter boards are just attachments (daughter boards if you will). Details of the progress are below:

3k3y Fat (aka 3k3y PATA) - Available


Works on models



3K3Y-S for Sata Phats, and 2000/2100 - ALMOST READY, ETA MID AUGUST


Works on:

CECHL (open to make sure its sata model, might be PATA)


CECH 20xxx
CECH 21xxx


REQUIRES SOLDERING to motherboard to attach the 3k3y to the drive interface

Works on:


CECH 25xxx
CECH 30xxx

3K3Y-S for super slim 400x models - In production - 12th of August

REQUIRES SOLDERING to motherboard to attach the 3k3y to the drive interface

Works on:


CECH 40xxx

Update: 3K3y: Firmware v2.00 Final (SATA/PATA) Released

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

You want Superlim PS3 support or a tight webinterface? You got it! See all the other most recent changes that come with the 3k3y fw 2.00 attached below:

Firmware 2.00 - This update is currently only for 3k3y Fat, and the New 3k3y for 4000 models. Do not update to this if you have a 3k3y for 2000 model (New firmware for 2000 models will come out in a couple of weeks when the new adapter boards are ready for this model)

  • This is 3k3y update and contains 2 x different FPGA updates.
  • 1 of the fpga updates is for Fat 3k3ys with PATA drives(this is in the 3KF FPGA folder)
  • 1 of the fpga updates is for the 3k3y-S for 4000 models (this is in the 3KS FPGA folder)
  • If you apply the update on the wrong motherboard type it will brick your device.

NOTE: You need to get the D1 of the original game you use as a boot disk (use the Ripp3r to view the IRD, its on Tab3 Authorizations and labelled data 1), put that in the 3Key.cfg and update

In the 3key.cfg you will see a line like this:

[Register or Login to view code]


Replace 'YOUR_GAME_DISK_D1' with the D1 for your game disk

NOTE2: I had to change the way the ISO Menu works, you must open the image full screen for 3K3y to select it.

3k3y Firmware UPDATE v2.00


1. Extract the files "rootfs", "uImage" , "fpga.vme" and "3key.cfg" (please use the appropriate fpga.vme for your 3k3y type)

2. Open 3key.cfg with Notepad and configure it if needed. If you do not wish to change the settings on your 3k3y then you do not need to edit OR update your 3k3y with this file, leave it out!

2.1 Add the files to the root folder of a Flash Drive or HDD. (Make sure to "eject" the drive properly from the PC, it may otherwise cause corrupt files)

3. Connect the Flash drive or HDD to your 3k3y remote and wait for the 3k3y to start the update.
3.1 The remote OLED will now display "UPDATING - PLEASE WAIT" for about 35 seconds. (Do not turn off your PS3 or disconnect the remote while updating. FPGA updates will take a little longer)

4. Once the update is completed, the OLED will display "UPDATE COMPLETE - RESET" Reboot your PS3 and the 3k3y should now be updated to the latest firmware.

5. That's it! Continue to enjoy using 3k3y with the new features!

NOTE! If you use the same drive as you store content on to do the update with, then its recommended (not needed) to remove the "rootfs", "uImage" & "3key.cfg" from the root of your drive after a firmware update. Since keeping them there will cause the 3k3y to check the files if they are a newer firmware version then stored on your 3k3y micro SD card, and because of that take longer time for your HDD to be recognized.

[20/02/13] v01.02 Added support for BLD/BLF ISO files
[03/03/13] v01.03B2 Fix for older PS3s
[04/03/13] v01.04 Enhanced stealth
[14/03/13] v01.05 XML root node fix
[04/05/13] v01.07 3KS support


  • Fix for error 8001050F
  • Add Web Interface
  • Add eject physical disk when emulation is idle
  • Add diags via on board LED (1-Passthru, 2-Emu, 3-Bad FPGA, 4-Bad BD)
  • Add Alt D1 to 3k3y.cfg / About Info
  • Add option to use PC generated ISO MENU in 3k3y.cfg (experimental)
  • Add option to boot decrypted ISOs
  • Support for Super Slim
  • Add Advanced LED diagnostics
  • Fix remote with bad FPGA version

3k3y-S 4k Install Guide PDF is also attached below: 3k3y-S for PS3 Super Slim (CECH-4xxx aka 4k). Note: This installation requires soldering.

Remember this for-profit commercial product is being peddled by PS3 scene profiteer Gary Wayne Bowser (aka GaryOPA) who is also behind the True Blue DRM-infected dongles with financial backer Max Louarn (convicted Phone Card scammer) and manufactured by Xecuter con-artist extraordinaire Paul Owen who also illegally manufactured PS2 mod-chip circumvention devices under the NeoTechnology brand name.


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