Video: PS JailBreak - Consolewinkel Says to Wait for Free Version

190w ago - We posted up some PS JailBreak videos from DynaModz yesterday, and today another Dutch site known as has shared a new PS JailBreak PS3 modchip video.

According to some of the captions in the video, Consolewinkel feels end-users should wait for a free version of the PS3 USB modchip as the PS JailBreak is overpriced.

To quote: "The Ps3 mounts the dvddrive with a backuped ISO file. Because of this the Ps3 still needs a disk to start the game.

Just want and get it for free ! We think Jailbreak software must be free just like the psp/wii and xbox software."

Those interested can check out the PS JailBreak video below courtesy of ombouwwinkel via YouTube!

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proskopina's Avatar
#31 - proskopina - 190w ago
We don't trust that site, and there will be a cheaper, if not free solution to those who wait.
1: i bought it!!!
2: i trust this site!!!
3: i didnt say you have to buy from this store!!!
4: thank you!!!

Bishoff's Avatar
#30 - Bishoff - 190w ago
We don't trust that site, and there will be a cheaper, if not free solution to those who wait.

Raze1988's Avatar
#29 - Raze1988 - 190w ago
To each his own, but I BET that there is a softmod before this year has ended.

And even if we need to build our own JIG to use it, it'll only be a few dollars.

proskopina's Avatar
#28 - proskopina - 190w ago
i dont think will be a free version!!!! i order it from discoazul last week and i will have it next week!!

i order a lot of things from this site and i trust them!! 109euro including post!!!

laggmaster's Avatar
#27 - laggmaster - 190w ago
you dont even need that to add a modchip to the sixaxis (Intensifire Controler Mod) if one was moddifed to handshake the ps3 correctly then we may be able to do it...

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