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Video: Project to Run PS1/PS2 Back-ups on PS3 with a Mod-Chip

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215w ago - The DemonHades Spanish PS3 Development team has been working on a project which aims to utilize a mod-chip to run PS1 and PS2 back-ups on a PS3 console without opening it or using switches and have posted up a concept video today.

According to one individual with a highly questionable reputation, this concept project could work because PS1/PS2 discs are authenticated only once on the VSH though liblv2 and the PIC chip would just automate it.

However, if Sony updates liblv2.sprx and more specifically ps1rom.bin so the emulated mechacon is updated it could be patchable.

Finally, to roughly translate from the video's caption:

"This video montage shows the operation of the chip that we are developing to load copies of PS1 and PS2 (if you're retro) in the PS3.

This video shows how to work, without leaving the console open and without switches etc out.

More information on the development of moddchip www.demonhades.org."

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fastoooo's Avatar
#70 - fastoooo - 213w ago
Very nice videos !

tjay17's Avatar
#69 - tjay17 - 214w ago
There needs to be something that comes out that lets you play your ps2 games on a non bc ps3.

Haksam's Avatar
#68 - Haksam - 214w ago
I didn't read ALL the posts... but is it possible to load ps2 games from the HDD, or only burnt backups? all my ps2 stuff is on a external & i use swap magic to play them.
watch the video in page 1, it was demonstrated on burnt backup.

PS3 News's Avatar
#67 - PS3 News - 214w ago
I didn't read ALL the posts... but is it possible to load ps2 games from the HDD, or only burnt backups?
It's possible if the PS3 supports PS2 games (has 4 USB ports), see here for more details:

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f455tty's Avatar
#66 - f455tty - 214w ago
What a great reason is this guy, we should not go to the most expensive (math and geo) to enjoy the quality (DHorg) jajajajaj

Well the fact is that for those interested in the chip to load copies of ps1 or ps2 I recommend not exceeding 3.40 update, just so we can see if they have any way to change the emulator patented and recognize the functions of the ps1 mediatype or ps2.

The retro holding may: Upload ps2 backups and Homebrew & Emulators **.

The retro may not: Upload and ps1 backups * & Homebrew Emulators


* A failure to investigate Nintendo NES, Sega MasterSistem, Game Boy, Spectrum and Yaroze games are 81.

** Super Nintendo, Mega Drive, etc etc.

Soon more information on DHorg, so that only those interested in the chip as Forewarned is forearmed

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