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Video: Project to Run PS1/PS2 Back-ups on PS3 with a Mod-Chip

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232w ago - The DemonHades Spanish PS3 Development team has been working on a project which aims to utilize a mod-chip to run PS1 and PS2 back-ups on a PS3 console without opening it or using switches and have posted up a concept video today.

According to one individual with a highly questionable reputation, this concept project could work because PS1/PS2 discs are authenticated only once on the VSH though liblv2 and the PIC chip would just automate it.

However, if Sony updates liblv2.sprx and more specifically ps1rom.bin so the emulated mechacon is updated it could be patchable.

Finally, to roughly translate from the video's caption:

"This video montage shows the operation of the chip that we are developing to load copies of PS1 and PS2 (if you're retro) in the PS3.

This video shows how to work, without leaving the console open and without switches etc out.

More information on the development of moddchip www.demonhades.org."

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#80 - PS3 News - 227w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Catching up... Some updates from DemonHades on this project, including a video:

From: [Register or Login to view links]
Ps1/ps2 swappchip map published TeamHades revision 1

We inform Violent Kain again that the level TeamHades has published the first revision of swappchip, as you know the swappchip is meant for loading backups ps1/ps2 console depending on the model you own.

As you know in models with backward compatibility for PS2 bakups You will be able to load and emulators, along with Psmaniaco DanteHades TeamHades are creating both the number of records with all emulators ready to play.

From: [Register or Login to view links]
Swappchip physical evidence are going ahead as Alicante (cani) xDDD

Well, if yesterday you were leaving the plane of swappchip, today we showed a video made by Kain's Violent TeamHades with this makes clear that the project is well advanced.

In the video you can see how the LEDs light up when carrying out the processes scheduled by the pic.

Each time is closer to the end of the project and that many can enjoy again the ps1 and ps2 backups and emulators depending on model.

The first LED that lights up is when you put the hard calls, the second stop the disc, the disc takes third and the fourth gets the hard copy.

#79 - ionbladez - 228w ago
ionbladez's Avatar
Well, thanks to craigslist, today I got my hands on a 60GB ps3 running 2.35 (Wow, I know right?)

Anyways, I'm not sure what I'm gonna do yet (forgot what I CAN do), but it's a bit laggy and only with this hdd in it. I have the hardware to test now, gonna leave my other ps3 sitting in the corner for a bit. I can tell

#78 - Pcsx2006 - 228w ago
Pcsx2006's Avatar

And TeamHades is now showing their true colors (potential) ''who's the dady now !''. Hats off to TeamHades.

#77 - edDdy777 - 228w ago
edDdy777's Avatar
That's simple: You just insert a original PS2 Disk and let the modchip eject it.

Next step you download an ISO of the swapmagic for PS2 (i hope you can - somewhere ) and burn it on a disk.

Final step: use ifcaro's loader


#76 - TUHTA - 228w ago
TUHTA's Avatar
Can't understand, how will ifcaro's iso USB loader boot without SWAPMAGIC?


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