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Video: ProgSkeet PS3 Solderless and Dual NAND Kit Tools Demo

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156w ago - This weekend the [Register or Login to view links] has made available a video demonstrating the ProgSkeet PS3 Solderless and Dual NAND Kit Tools alongside details below.

To quote: We are happy to introduce you the SOLDERLESS KITS for our ProgSkeet device!

The main word is "BE FLEXIBLE" as ProgSkeet project will be the BEST TOOLKIT for the NAND and NOR flashing!!! We present today the NAND TOOL KITS, in few days we will be ready also with NOR TOOL KITS!!! Stay Tuned

1 - PROGSKEET is 100% PIN to PIN compatible with the SOCKET tool sold from this site [Register or Login to view links]

Just connect the ProgSkeet 32 pin special flat cable. (please note that this version don't support programming or reading with out the device is powered on. A new version will be released with the VCC pad to manage NANDS with a self power provided from PROGSKEET) 360-clip.com and also us we will offer this socket in a package together with the 20 cm 32 PIN flat cable.

2 - ADAPTOR PCB: This pcb is an adaptor from 50PIN ZIF PROGSKEET CONNECTOR (necessary for the coming "NOR SOCKET" solderless tools) to 2 x 32 PIN ZIF connector. With this adaptor progskeet is able to manage 2 NANDS on the DEVICE and also extra 2x SECONDARY NANDS (for dual nand feature). The kit include the 50 pin flat cable from PROGSKEET to ADAPTOR PCB.

3 - NAND PCB: This "optional" pcb has a 1Gbit NAND flash on board. Progkseet is able to use it like a backup nand or switch this nand and use it instead the NAND on the board of the device. The feature called "DUAL NAND" allow to support different NANDs ONLINE and test firmwares in a easy fast way. The software will be ready soon to support this feature, user can also attach a switch to progskeet to allow a fast selection of the NANDs without using the PC tool.

Progskeet support max 2 x NAND PCB on each ADAPTOR PCB, the kit include a 32 PIN 3CM flat cable (from NAND PCB to NAND SOCKET)

You can see a FULL PROGSKEET KIT SAMPLE where is clear how is the complete kit with 2x NANDS PCB and 2x NANDS SOCKETS (on the picture miss one socket sorry J ) but I think the concept is clear.

The big advantage of PROGSKEET is that can work on ANY CONSOLE / DEVICE, is study to be MODULAR and so is MUCH CHEAPER then any other solution that is specific addressed to a device.

The nice special FLAT CABLES are also easy to be fitted inside the device without bit problems, and also the KIT is removable in few minutes and is not PERMANENT.


We will send tomorrow more infos and pictures regarding PROGSKEET V1.1 "CRYSTAL BLUE LIMITED EDITION" in production in these days and available in the market soon!

Nice news also about the PROGSKEET software, that now support new nice features.


Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene updates and homebrew releases!

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MikeCF's Avatar
#67 - MikeCF - 99w ago
Seems it has been released. I found the ProgSkeet V1.2 full kit is available now.

Dojjen's Avatar
#66 - Dojjen - 105w ago
Quote Originally Posted by maaz1 View Post
can i use this to unbrick my ps3 that was bricked by e3? i have a valid nor dump.

i can't use e3 to unbrick becuase i have stuffed up the nor point.

I have the same problem a useless ps3 that i tried to downgrade with the E3

Anger007's Avatar
#65 - Anger007 - 105w ago
friend you missed his point - his solder point is stuffed which means almost certainly no it wont work even if the dump is converted. this is because progskeet 1.2 will use qsb to attach to the board, so unless they use alternate points (possible but not probable) it cannot work for him. having said that all he would have to do is find an alternate point for his e3.

i am eager to get another progskeet (sold the last one - bad move) and it appears cheaper however the price may not include the qsb boards required for each model of ps3, 360 etc. and i suspect that is why theres been no knowledge of it until now (possible delays due to manufacture of the qsb boards - fpc maybe? time will tell).

alchybear's Avatar
#64 - alchybear - 105w ago
if you got a 3000 model go trade it in or find a way to get a older one, you need a 2501 and lower to even downgrade a slim.

you have to use flow rebuilder i believe to get your backup from e3 set as a backup file for the progskeet. they both code it differently and flow rebuilder up to date can decode and code it both ways for it to work.

psp joe's Avatar
#63 - psp joe - 105w ago
Just wait and maybe we all surpised which main boards will be working with v1.2

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