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Video: OtherOS Supported on 3.21OO PS3 Custom Firmware

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246w ago - Here is a video demoing my "custom firmware". I would have added something showing off the new features of 3.21, but oh wait, there aren't any.

This can be installed without having to open up your PS3, just by restoring a custom generated PUP file.

It's possible this CFW will also work on the slim to actually *enable* OtherOS; I'll know when my infectus gets here.

No release date yet, use the proxy hack to play online with 3.15

Note to the people who removed OtherOS, you are potentially turning 100000+ legit users into "hackers."

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#254 - Ceni - 237w ago
Ceni's Avatar
2 months since geohot post on this blog... I update today... 3.30 and Playing Super Street Fighter 4 now...

#253 - SiZMiK - 238w ago
SiZMiK's Avatar
It's been a long time since Geohot last left an update. I hope he hasn't shelved the cfw, that would be a shame.

#252 - XuHi - 238w ago
XuHi's Avatar
Yes i saw this on GeoHot's blog. I hope he releases this hack soon because i miss my Linux. I don't even know why i updated.

I can't believe that Sony have remove the other os function because that was one of the main reasons i purchased the PS3. This is only going to lead to more people using custom firmwares because i know a lot of people that liked the use of other OS.

Thanks, XuHi.

#251 - benere - 238w ago
benere's Avatar
The PS3 is very close to becoming hackable. Soon who knows what the hackers would have found and what they could do.

#250 - AnAngryTaco - 239w ago
AnAngryTaco's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by dante489 View Post
The only way to cover up this hole is removing otherOS. BECAUSE geo's exploit isn't software based, it's hardware based it's a memory bug you know? unless they either remove otherOS or return every ps3 in the market open it and change it lol and that would be impossible of course... I'm not defending them!

what they did is considered illegal in some countries, but it was a stupid move anyway because why bothering? when in reality a gameOS hack isn't really that impossible, who needs the otherOS when he already dumped the gameOS?

They could have added more HV security and checks, and patched the holes. It wasn't completely hardware based, and with a little effort from PS3 devs, it wouldn't be impossible to fix.


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