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Video: OpenCobra Cobra USB Dongle PS3 Payload by Oct0xor Demo

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101w ago - Following up on the PS3UserCheat and True Blue unnecessary DRM-infected dongles being hacked alongside zadow28's work, today PlayStation 3 developer oct0xor shared a video of his OpenCobra Payload which aims to render the current Cobra USB dongle from Max Louarn useless.

Below are the details from his [Register or Login to view links], as follows: "First I am going to say that this is not going to be an article, just a first blog post and some info about my recent project.

Finally I got my hands on cobra it was quite a lot of time since I touched this last time. There was s good things happened since then eg. I reverse engineered usercheat and true blue, had done a lot ps3 and not ps3 related hacking. There was a bad things eg. BlueDiskCFW, lv0 leak, a lot of devs leave the scene...

Cobra was for me really "the last" thing I have to do.

The last time when I worked on this I didnt had a dongle, and all what I had was a dump by JaiCraB. I reverse engineered it as much as possible, figure out almost all tricks, encrypton and etc. And figuare out that it reads a lot of data from dongle, and I cant do much without dongle itself. Thats why I put this project to the back burner.

Well... I had never buyed anyone dongle, and I never was not going to. All my dongles was donated (thanks again ) but not that time.

it was hard for me to make this decision but a few days ago cobra finally shipped to me...

3 days and now its all over.

Security is good enough, but not without big security risks. But it still the best crypto/obfuscation what I had seen on ps3. Sony have something to learn from this guys, especially now.

Cobra / True Blue almost identical, have the same source code, if you ever hacked 1 thing, 2nd wouldnt be a problem. The main functionality, honestly, not changed since original jb. Thats a shame. Thats why I cracking them like nuts

On the fourth day I taked a decision to make my own "OpenCobra" payload. only clean code without drm and garbage, to be able to port it to any new firmware, and change/add features. It taked 2 days, 3000 lines of asm, and you had seen the result.

Atm it based on 4.1 payload, plans for future is check/add new features from 4.4/5.0. Port to a new firmware (if cobra will not do this for me), and realize all nice innovations from new version of psp emu, such as better emu accuracy, 3D and etc...

In video you had seen Payload Loader. Thats the all code it has:

[Register or Login to view code]

This tag related patches handled by mngr. So far I want to move it in payload. First I have to check how it handled in 4.4 / 5.0

Not sure yet when it will be released, if it will be, but we will see.


[Register or Login to view code]

If this subject will be interested for people, maybe I will write a full article about True Blue / Cobra analysis and hacking.

btw: Me and ~ some psp mysterious dark figure ~ reverse engineered algo for generating valid psp isos back to jule. But saves and a lot of games dont work without patching. So cobra's patched emu much better there imho."

Below are some additional pics from his blog which simply states: Usercheat + Cobra = <3

From flat_z: Here is some explanations to make things more clearer. If you read my twit about ps2_netemu you can see that I reverse-engineered it. It includes almost all things which are required to make custom disc images of original PS2 discs and run them on the PS3 if everything will works fine. So it can lead us to the process of remastering PS2 discs which includes making of ISO.BIN.ENC (the encrypted version of original image which can be read by the PS3), creation and encryption of .VME files (virtual memory cards), ISO.BIN.EDAT (includes the title ID of disc).

The only thing which is not currently known is the format of decrypted CONFIG file (I can decrypt the file and encrypt it back but it have a complex format). It is optional and can be empty but I'm afraid that some games requires it to run on the PS3. My plan was the creation of PS2 remastering tool and I wanted to share it. Although I even not sure will it work or no but there are many chances that it will.

But something happened before I started to do it. My HDD on the laptop died and I have all information regarding PS3 on it. Although I was able to restore some important files but not all. So I need a time to buy components for a new computer and build it. For the same reason, I have a delay on my real job (I'm working as a free-lancer) so I will going to do my job before I start to do something new for PS3.

P.S. I see many questions about compatibility. You don't need a backward compatible PS3 console to run PS2 games through ps2_netemu because it is software emulator and doesn't require any PS2 hardware components. Also I think that ps2_netemu is more better and stable than ps2_softemu but this statement requires testing.

Finally, from naehrwert (via twitter.com/naehrwert) comes some related Cobra ODE EID0 information (ECDSA from pastie.org/6169158) , as follows:

[Register or Login to view code]

While this is definitely interesting news, odds are it's just a ploy for the Cobra Team to release a new dongle that will be 'required' for their upcoming PS3 4.3x CFW unfortunately or the PS3 ODE in order to further line their pockets with PlayStation 3 sceners' hard-earned cash once again... as always, time will tell for sure.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene updates and homebrew releases!

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PS3 News's Avatar
#605 - PS3 News - 61w ago
26 - 09 - 2013: Cobra ODE News - Update 1.3

We are releasing today a new update for the COBRA ODE. The bootloader is being updated to v1.1 which should fix everyone's problems with USB thumb sticks not being recognized. Please refer to the user manual for instructions on updating the bootloader.

Also, the MCU update is now at version 1.3 which also fixes the USB thumb stick access, as well as a few other small fixes. Please refer to the Changelog.txt for more information.

The COBRA manager has also been updated and is now at version 1.2. You can now load games without rebooting your console or ejecting the disc. Simply quit the manager after selecting your game and the manager will make the PS3 restart automatically. If you wish to quit the manager without rebooting, simply press X to discard the yellow dialog before quitting the game and it will not restart the XMB.

The third-party library is also being updated with many changes which break the previous API, and to better parse the new files available from the ODE. ODE Manager developers should read the documentation and review the new API when integrating. Also, please refer to the user manual to understand the changes to the file structure.

Note that initial orders may not recognize all the USB drives, so if the LED does not flash purple, the update may not have been performed. Use a thumb drive or hard drive which works with the ODE to install the initial bootloader update which will then fix support for all other drives.

We are working hard everyday on improving the COBRA ODE, most critical day one bugs are now fixed. We have just discovered a data corruption in the DISC.ISO file when dumping the original disc which we will fix as soon as possible. In the next releases, you can expect the following features:

geniso: IRD support
manager: Disc dumping support
MCU: PSX and PS2 iso support.

Downloads (attached below):

  • Cobra ODE BootLoader v1.1
  • Cobra ODE MCU v1.3
  • Cobra ODE Manage v1.2
  • Cobra ODE Library v1.3
  • Cobra ODE User Manual (English) v1.3

Finally, from Cobra developer deank comes multiMAN 4.46.04 BASE (for BD-R and ODE).iso

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

  • Supports ODDE v1.0 to v1.3
  • Game names, parental level, version, etc are now displayed from the .SFO and not using the ISO names
  • MCU version is displayed in "System Information" menu
  • Support for display and download of game covers (test)
  • It will reset the PS3 after you use "Quit game" after you select a game

Let me know if you can test it and if it works (I don't have ODDE to test with).

One simple final attempt - this one includes all the covers I have - hopefully mM will show them without downloading:

multiMAN 4.46.04 FULL (for BD-R and ODE).iso (154MB) - contains ~ 6800 covers (some are generic "No cover available).

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

Let me know if you see covers with it.

Make sure to DELETE "multiMAN" game data from the XMB -> Game Data utility before you load the iso.


p.s. I may try something else tomorrow morning, related to access permissions to mM's folder.

PS3 News's Avatar
#604 - PS3 News - 61w ago
Today PlayStation 3 scene developer Kakaroto has ported his PS3 homebrew manager Eleganz to the Cobra ODE with details below.

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

To quote: Hi everyone, A while ago I've promised I'd port Eleganz to Cobra ODE if it ever gets released. I finally got time to take care of that, and I think it would be great if it worked as I think Eleganz has a lot of potential but noone is using it apparently.

So anyways, I've ported it to work with COBRA using that manager library they released, but since I don't have an ODE and don't plan to, I have to depend on you guys to test it for me.. and I suppose there are people here who have the ODE and are willing to test it.

You can download the eleganz.iso from this URL ([Register or Login to view links]) and replace your manager with it.

Could you please test it and let me know if it works or if it has any bugs (like not showing the list of games or not selecting them properly). I've tested this a bit on my DEX system so I think it should at least run without problems but I don't know about the integration with cobra.

I've also included in the iso comgenie's file manager and showtime and it should be able to run them without problems, but I'm not sure if it will work from dev_bdvd. As they are bundled with Eleganz, they shouldn't require a reboot or anything. You can extract the iso and add any other homebrew you'd like in the /dev_bdvd/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/HOMEBREW/ then recreate the iso and it will appear in Eleganz and should be able to run it.

Oh, something else I'd like you to test. While testing Eleganz, I've noticed that I had a bug when you quit the application, and it caused the PS3 to reboot, I thought that it might be used to cause the ode to load your game selection without having to do the reboot manually, so after I fixed the crash, I've added a bug on purpose to make the application crash, forcing the PS3 to pseudo-reboot.

If you chose the "Quit" option from Eleganz's menu, it will quit normally, but if you choose the "Quit game" option from the in-game XMB, it will crash and reboot. Assuming that the cobra integration works, can you please also test doing that. Select a game then select the quit game option from the in-game XMB and see if it does load the game or if it still shows Eleganz in the XMB.

Let me know about your results and if you found any bugs so I can get them fixed before official release.


From hyappon: It works and loads game without any problem. Comgenie's file manager also works but after that you can't switch to manager again I guess or I couldn't find the way. Sorry didn't try that before. But tried it now. It works. It's good in a way. It's automatic. Just quit game and after a while it loads.

But well, if I say how much time it takes to load it, I would say it's between eject disc and shut down the system option. I'm close to my ps3 so ejecting disc is faster and better option for me. But it's a cool option nevertheless. If you could remove the bug and add it as an option after you choose the game, it would be a great deal.

And I don't know much about the use of homebrews in CFW but navigation between menus seems a little bit "slow". I mean its nowhere close to the speed of navigation in XMB. Like I said I don't know much about it, but just saying it because of feedback. It's still much faster than ODE version of multiman.

From KaKaRoTo: Cool, thanks for the feedback! There is no way of going back to eleganz once you start a homebrew other than quit and reopen it. It's kind of the same as with the god of war collection, once you chose god of war I, you need to quit and reopen it in order to access the main menu again.

So it lists the games and loads them without problem ? and launching homebrew works! It's great news ! How about that "quit game" from xmb, does it work in loading the game you selected or does it still show Eleganz when it returns to the XMB?

Cool! Great news! I was hoping it would do it, but I wasn't sure the ode would detect that as a reboot or not. It's a bit slow yes because the ps3 needs something like 10 seconds to detect that the app is 'frozen' and then it's a reboot. I think it's faster than an actual reboot, but it's mostly convenient that you don't have to do it manually. I was wondering if I'd make that an option or not, but I don't think it's necessary.. if you don't want the reboot, you can just choose the Quit option from eleganz's menu instead of the in-game xmb.

If you think it's worth adding it as an option I'll try to find a way to do that. As for the speed, yes it's slow because I'm using the software renderer. I used the RSXGL one (hardware accelerated) initially, but igor from tortuga-cove IRC reported that it didn't work in SD.. it was rendering 1080p and showing only the top-left part of it on his 480p TV. So I switched to the software rendered which does the auto-scale automatically. I will fix that by rendering in the right resolution of your screen and switch back to RSXGL which should improve performance.

Thanks a lot for testing and giving me the feedback! Let me know if you find anything else that needs fixing before I release.

Update: Cool, thanks I've updated it with a new icon and added some more homebrews to it. I used the latest version of their library so I already knew about the ode version and I put it there already. It shows up at the top of the list of games as "Cobra ODE v1.0" or whatever your version is. I thought about showing the iso filename but I don't really see how to do that without making the UI ugly. I don't think it's really important anyways.

Download: [Register or Login to view links] (53 MB)

Thanks! The crash to reboot was actually accidental, I wanted to use the syscall to reboot but it didn't work probably because a normal app doesn't have the necessary permissions to use it. I had a bug that only happened when you quit and that's when I noticed that fake reboot and thought it might work! Feel free to use the same technique in your app.

Cobra ODE Review by racer0018:

For starters I would like to thank cobra (aka Max Louarn and Gary Wayne Bowser) for allowing me to test their new product. I will have to say that they have been in contact with me for awhile after I sent a request to test the product. I received it in a bubble wrap envelope and it was damaged during shipping, so it took me some time to find out what is wrong with it and fix it. It all came down to the main board was bent a little and damaged a trace in the board. After I had fixed it I was ready to start testing.

The first ps3 that I did try it on was a model # cech2501a that could be downgraded to 3.40. The install wasn’t hard to do, just remove four resistors and then use the board supplied.

Then I had to connect the ribbon cable that came with the unit and finished by putting the ps3 back together. I went against what the install guide said on where to put the ribbon at when putting the ps3 back together. I figured this way worked better for me. I then finished putting the ps3 back together into it ended up looking this.

I was ready to start testing. I formatted the external hard drive to fat32 and converted a game to iso with the GenPS3ISO program that can be download from their website. I also had to create folders on the External hard drive one called: COBRA and inside of that the cobra.db and the manager.iso files went into. Also another folder called PS3_GAMES and inside of that is where your iso converted games went into.

The cobra worked great on that ps3 and really didn’t want to stop there. I went ahead and installed it in a cech2001a, cech4000 model, cech3001 model and a launch model cech01a. The same above it all worked out great. However there was something that I did run into and that is on the cech2001a I used the stock ribbon cable that came with the ps3 and used it for the cable that went from the drive to the cobra and the ps3 wouldn’t get power at all.

So I took that stock one out and used a cable that they sent with the unit and it worked great. I also have had problems with updating some games and then that don’t work on the cobra, on a side note about that cobra has released an update and has fixed this. I have been playing on line and no ban as of yet.

Some of the pros:

  • Easy install
  • Some models no soldering, other models little soldering is needed.
  • Stay on ofw.
  • Easy way to convert files from old folder format to iso with the program they supply.

Some of the cons:

  • Have to take apart the ps3 on some models to solder.
  • Do have to take the time to convert all your games to iso
  • The restarting when switching from emu mode to normal mode, also when loading a backup. Some of this is fixed in a new update that they released

Overall this is a great unit, the unit does cost a lot but worth it in the end. I will do some more testing with it and then post up more as I find out the new updates work with this unit.

Finally, from Bassflower comes a Step by Step Tutorial for Cobra ODE - 2,5k , 3k & Superslim video:

After Hours of Work I finally got the Cobra ODE working in my Superslim. Watch the video even when I speak german... I think pictures do say more than words

Update 2: From kakaroto: I've updated Eleganz to use the latest version of the library that was just released. The download link is still the same:

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

I've also bundled with it ESKISS and SGT Puzzles. Can you guys do a quick test of it, and if all is good, tomorrow I'll release it officially.


PS3 News's Avatar
#603 - PS3 News - 62w ago
Today the PlayStation 3 scene profiteers behind the Sony protection circumvention device Max Louarn and Gary Wayne Bowser (GaryOPA) have announced (via biteyourconsole.net/scena-ps3-novita-in-arrivo-per-il-cobra-ode/) that some new features are coming for their PS3 Cobra ODE including no restart.

Below are the details, as follows: The Cobra team is preparing to release a new update for the Cobra Ode, necessary upgrade that allows you to validate the selection of the game without having to restart the console.

The team seems to want to follow in the footsteps of the infamous E3 Ode Pro, even if the new firmware still requires removal and reinsertion into the drive, a process that would lead to ruin the player if used diligently.

We want to emphasize some of the problems that have been reported to us in the Official support forum, and the desire to let you know that we are working to release a fix as soon as possible.

The team is currently working to fix various bugs found in some hard drives that are not recognized by Cobra Ode when the data is formatted in NTFS, at the time just waiting for the fix to format the disk in FAT32.

For several backup if there is installed an update that stops working, the team said they had identified the problem and will soon release a new version for the instrument GenIso, the operation involves the use of the famous file IRD recently viewed on 3k3y Ode.

When you try to update the firmware of the PlayStation 3 in order to avoid problems it is recommended to switch from EMU mode PT and disconnecting any USB connection from Cobra Ode, will soon release a patch to fix this problem.

15 - 09 - 2013: Cobra ODE News - Update and known issues

We are releasing update version 1.1 of the COBRA ODE firmware. This update will allow you to validate the game selection without rebooting the console. Once the game selection is done through the manager, the game will be loaded after ejecting and reinserting the disc in the drive. Selecting the game by rebooting the console will also work as before.

Follow the update instructions from our updated user manual. We also want to point out some of the issues that have been reported to us in the official support forum, and want to let you know that we are working on releasing a fix for them as soon as possible.

  • There seems to be an issue with some specific hard drives that aren't recognized by the COBRA ODE when they are formatted with NTFS. While this only affects a small number of hard drive, it is a high priority bug that we will fix as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you are experiencing this issue, you can format the drive in FAT32 and it will work.
  • For some games, if the game update has been installed, the game will refuse to launch. We have identified the issue as being caused by the ISO file being badly generated, and an update to the Geniso tool will be released shortly that fixes it. The updated Geniso tool will give you the choice of using an IRD file to rebuild the ISO. It is however optional, and you can still generate ISO files without the IRD file, for those titles which do not have an IRD file, or for homebrew applications.
  • If installing a PS3 firmware update, the update will sometimes fail when the COBRA ODE is installed and in EMU mode. We recommend you switch to PT mode and disconnect USB device from Cobra ODE while doing a PS3 firmware update Online or from PS3 front USB , until this issue is resolved.

Soon after this update was release, I noticed a few people have problems, the most common mistake is plugging the FAT32 USB stick with the update in the front PS3 ports, this is not a PS3 update, it is Cobra update so it goes into the back USB port that the Cobra ODE device adds to your PS3, and second magento which has been very helpful pointed out the following, that made everyone have success in installing this update:

From magneto: Make sure you remove the power cable from the PS3 entirely, then plug it back in, the update only happens when the PS3 gets powered on, not when it's turned on.

The update takes a few milliseconds to finish, so it will seem instantaneous to you. The LED should flash very briefly, maybe unnoticeable, then becomes solid red to indicate there is no manager or database on the usb stick, or green if the fat32 drive you're using also contains the manager and cobra.db

17 - 09 - 2013: Cobra ODE News - Update

Minor correction for the user manual to clarify update process.

Cobra ODE User Manual v1.1b (English) is attached below.

19 - 09 - 2013: Cobra ODE News - Cobra ODE 1.2 update

We are releasing another update today to the COBRA ODE firmware as well as an updated manager and 3rd party integration library.

The problem reported earlier about the ODE not recognizing some NTFS drives was actually caused by drives using the non default cluster size. We have updated the user manual to specify that we recommend 4096 allocation unit size. Also, with this update, the ODE will now support drives with a cluster size of 2048, 4096 and anything above that.

We have also added another new feature. Now our manager reports the ODE MCU firmware version. The COBRA manager will now print the version of the COBRA ODE firmware. An update to the third party integration library will allow third party managers to display this information.

Downloads attached below:

  • Cobra ODE Manager v1.1
  • Cobra MCU update v1.2
  • Cobra ODE Library v1.2
  • Cobra ODE User Manual (English) v1.2

GenPS3iso v2.1 released for Cobra ODE users

Download: GenPS3iso_v2.1.rar

This release fixes up errors people were having in converting their CFW backups into proper ISO format. Team Cobra announced the new version of this PS3 iso tool for all of you that have your PlayStation 3's hacked.

We have been informed about a new update of the GenPS3iso, version 2.1 released today by the Team Cobra. Check it out:

20 - 09 - 2013: Cobra ODE News - Update GenPS3iso v2.1

Hello! We are pleased to announce that V2.1 of the Genps3iso tool is now available to download. The new version solves the error relating to game updates (8001003e) which some users had encountered. ISO's can now be regenerated with the Genps3iso V2.1 tool to solve this issue.

We are now also working on IRD support to be included in an upcoming Genps3iso tool release, which will be released soon.

StevenTj's Avatar
#602 - StevenTj - 62w ago
Today deank has updated multiMAN v04.46.04 (20130914).

Download: [Register or Login to view links] (4.64 MB) / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror)

Changelog 04.46.04 (20130914):

  • multiMAN BASE 04.46.02 or later must be already installed
  • Minor update to improve a bit the download speeds for updates, covers and other things.

PS3 News's Avatar
#601 - PS3 News - 63w ago
Here are some more videos for those interested... including a Cobra ODE Installation Tutorial 3XXX and 25XX Series:

Some German videos as well:

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